Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Same Difference ... not this week

So, Nay and I decided to give "Same Difference" post a rest this week. We're just hammered this week with life, kids and life...But get this.  We were texting back and forth last night and discovered...

Her daughter is getting her braces on TODAY.  My daughter Busy is getting her braces on TODAY. Both have to wear the top braces for a year before they put on the bottom set.  Weird.

Same... but different.

Yah, I'm tired.  But how weird/cool is that?  Busy said, "Hey, we're twinning!"

Have a good one ... you know where Nay and I will be.

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Monday, June 24, 2013


Once again not much to say.  Friday funnies didn't have enough to stand on it's own.  It was more Friday than funnies so I held off until this week.

Last night Busy and I were on our way home at dusk and you could see the fireflies lighting up the trees, the ditch, the driveways as we drove down our country-esk road.  As soon as we got inside the boys were on it.  They had seen them too, jumping out like little torches on the yard and edge of the woods that boarder our homestead.

So of course my 3 youngest pidglets asked, "Can we go catch 'em?"

I loaded them up, each with a mason jar with the deal being we release them before the night gets late.  I listened on the front porch as their (not so quiet) voices echoed through the woods and they coached each other on the lightening bug's locations; the dark closing in.

A few minutes later the moon had laid it's claim on the night's sky and my 9, 12 and 13 year old pidglets were gathered around the kitchen table hollering for me to come admire their bounty.  We turned off the lights in the kitchen and giggled around the table as the fluorescent bugs flashed and glittered the dark room.  A bit after that they were once again releasing them back to their natural habitat; the humid night air.

It's times like this when I love to watch my babies.  It's times like this when I realize we're not growing too fast.  I love to watch them still appreciate the small things, let go of the worries of the world and simplify; enjoying the grand luxury of beauty Heavenly Father has created for us.

Fireflies; easily one of the best memories of any one's southern childhood days... right along side with honeysuckles and playing outside until 9pm on a sticky Summer night.

I love ... I just love.  Today as they ramble and rumble through this house I will still be grinning at the light-less kitchen as lightening bugs sprinkled their fluttering lights from hand held jars - reminding me in this life; we are right where we need to be.

Have a wonderful week.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just stuff...

Today Busy headed out to beehive camp.  It's a church camp with the 12 and 13 year old girls.  My mom went with her because she's one of the young women's leaders.

They were so cute.  Mama bought them matching hats and PJ's because she's just so cute like that.  On the way Busy and I were texting back and forth teaching Mama Jode about Busy's glucagon (an emergency shot you have to give Busy in the case of a Diabetic reaction that she's not breathing or unconscious  Basically a shot she won't be able to administer to herself)

Busy was texting me saying, "Okay, I told MMJ how to do it and when to use it and what the signs are and she repeated everything back to me."

Oh what a lil grown up that Busy is.  I love that they're getting to share this time together.  I remember when my Mama and I went back when I was in youth.  Most girls were like, ughh my mom is here and I was like...  HEY! MY MOM IS HERE!!!! YAY!

It got me to thinking when I was texting Nay this morning how great it would be if she and I could go to camp together.  But our camp would be on a ranch, with a lake, without mosquitoes, with an air conditioned lodge... you know those camps.  (wink)

Don't worry Nay, I'll get the matching PJs and hats!

I'm creepily sitting in my dark bedroom because Po is still sleeping. He doesn't have to work until 11am today and he's been workin a 5am-2pm shift all week.  In the most simple terms: Po is NOT a morning person.  He's been like a lil zombie this week.

I was dying the other night.  I was playing Minecraft on my PC and he was playing on his Xbox and he went into this other world and died and lost everything.  Our strategies our different and I wouldn't have done it the way he did, therefore, I would not have lost everything because I am a hoarder on games like this and would not have risked loosing all of my stuff but that's neither here nor there...  So he died.

Oh my gosh, that man was so mad.  He was throwing this lil boy fit.  I was texting Nay at the time and totally received the "bad wife" award because I was giving her the play-by-play of what he was doing and saying because it was so hilarious.

I finally looked at him and spoke in my Mom voice, "I think it's time for you to go to bed."

And he promptly did, without words.  It's funny to me how much sleep he needs and how little I do.  I think it's so I can always be up for these moments of "all" of my children when they're in need of a "go to bed" order.

Okay, Moi and her friend are sleeping, the dogs have been out (almost pulling me off the porch because of a bunny) the other kids are at their dad's and so far all is okay with the world.

Not much to say, just thought I'd babble a lil and tell you guys to have a great Thursday, not Friday mind you.

I'll be honest, I'll probably be digging out a mine on my game until Po wakes up and I can turn on the lights.  Poor me... (giggle)

Over and out,
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Same Difference... What to do when you don't know what to blog about...

It's Wednesday, "Same Difference" Day with Nay over at Coffee-n-ink.  Same idea, two different posts.  I will start off by saying with confidence, her post will be better and no, you will not hurt my feelings if you cut to the chase and click on her link now.  That will be your only warning.

I'm button-less today because I "still" haven't put Word or pictures on this computer.  Procrastinating at it's finest. In the spirit of this post I felt furthering my lack of proficiency would really drive home the point.  Being unprepared has it's requirements.

What to do when you don't know what to blog about:

First and foremost create a long title so that your readers are immediately distracted with what you may or may not be writing about.  When a long title is involved it allows your readers to get bored instantly so that their expectations are low and don't expect much from your post.

Pretend to clean your house.  I wouldn't go as far as to say clean your house because that would be over and above and no one likes an over-achiever, especially when they're procrastinating.

Read a box of kid's cereal.  Often there are mazes or word searches allowing you to find new words to inspire your writing.  Crunchy, honey, nutty, Cap'n are always good idea starters for posting on things no one  but you might care about.

Annoy your children.  When you're doing something fun it always inspires new ideas and creates a bond with your readers as they listen to your daily routines.  If you have older children; as you frustrate them you might just get lucky enough to come out with some seriously funny phrases.

Text your best blogging BFF.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  She will generally laugh at your folly while expressing her own writer's block.  It's good to conspire together on ideas that would worry or bore your readers all the while fostering a bond with said BFF.  It's always good to seek advice from another close individual who will justify your procrastination and lack of creativity.  After all two is better than one.

Eat chocolate.  This helps nothing as far as creative writing goes; however, it tastes really good and will generally make you feel better about your decision to not do what is intended.

Read other inspiring blogs so that you might fill your time with reading, furthering the lack of cleverness you have yet allowing you to feel justified in your stand-still.  After all, why blog when other's are blogging better?  Then follow with drinking something carbonated.  I go with Dr. Pepper, as it hits the ole blood stream life just looks a  little better.

Ask your husband or significant other what your should post about.  Generally they will stare at you strangely with some type of supportive, "I don't know." response.  This always allows a pick me up to the blogger in knowing that they never have ideas.  You just happened to be out of them. It's always easier to feel better about yourself when another's lack of resourcefulness is larger than your own.

Then when all else fails, write a vapid, flavorless post to say that you blogged.  It will justify the need to write and allow you to go on with your daily routine.  It will give you something to strive for, such as making the next post a little better.  (Although not in this case since yesterday's post was just as bad)

Last but not least it's always safe to put off your post until 4:30am the day it is "due".  When others know you're blogging that early in the morning they automatically set their expectations a bit lower.  It's a win, win situation.

I would like to point out that this might be a good time to go visit Nay over at Coffee-n-ink.  I imagine she might have a real post with real ideas and I'm just about done embarrassing myself... until tomorrow.

I'll be eating chocolate if anyone needs me.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I've got nothin'...

I do not want to blog today said little lazy Pidg McKae...

Oh, what is happening?  My blogging with scheduled (I'm ahead of the game) posts has now turned into....

Do you hear the crickets?  Oh just me?  hmmm

I cannot for the life of me think of a thing I want or much less need to say.  pshhh

So last week computer problems...out of my league.  Then I got sick...then became addicted to the game Minecraft which only fostered my lack of sleep with giving me something to do other than attempt to sleep which is worse than being up because my mind is more frustrated with the act of lying in bed pretending to be something I'm not... which is "asleep".

I've wanted to email.  Then talked myself out of it.
I've wanted to blog then responded promptly to myself with, "nahhh..."
I've wanted to cook.  No, not really, just trickin' so I didn't.
I wanted to clean.  Then walked away from the mess(es).

Who am I becoming?  Who is this unmotivated Pidg?  Ideas?  Anyone?  What do you post about when the world seems so lacking luster to talk about?  Fine, I'm lazy.  But still, what do you do?

I tried to get inspiration from my Nay who is feeling the same thing.  What?!  No, we can't have the same blah blog feelings at the same time... who will nurture the love of writing?  This is bad, this is very bad.

Maybe I should take some out of focus pics that might give me something to write about.

Or possibly, eat some Fritos and hummus; that seems to always pull me out of a slump.  Of course, so does chocolate.

I say I'm going to craft then I find myself not crafting.  This is beyond Procrastinating Pidg.  This is "You can't make me Pidg" or "Not Feelin' it Pidg".

Okay, I'm going back to the drawing board.  (Most likely to make a chore chart for my still sleeping

If you have an idea comment.  Me?  Asking for comments?  Oh, please just please don't let "Boring Pidg" be on her way back.  We don't get along she' much too, well... boring.

This post was not worth publishing.  I know, but I will push the button regardless.  I mean really did you expect anything less?

I'll go and wake up the pidglets, they'll be irritated and that always makes me smile.

Over and out and beyond the inspiration of anything.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Funnies... not really

A quick recap on all that is important.  Fine, all that I feel like blubbering about because no one else is awake to listen to me.

I've been having computer problems like ridiculous and I haven't been online and have been sorely behind checking email on my phone because I'm easily discombobulated.

Thank goodness I had those two posts scheduled or I wouldn't have blogged all week.  (Oh the horror... and delight right?)  

First things first, what the heck happened to my font?  Holy cow I can't read the thing.  I promise to you this was not/ is not intentional.  I don't have word on the computer I'm using right now (refer to lazy) so I'm typing this one straight in blogger and I hope it's better.  I am not joining the ranks of tiny font.  I'm old.  remember this.  (wink)

On to Friday funnies.  I don't have many collected and the ones I did they are on my other computer and then I lost it.  Life is cruel in the posting world right now.  But I do have this lil convo between me and Po last night.

We don't often get into those morbid lil conversations because he thinks they're creepy even though I'm smiling... whatevs.  

So, I was telling him how I think I have brain damage.  (For reals go with me on this one)  I refer back to when that chick at work hit me in the head with a metal cart (that most people would have been rendered unconscious from) I think perhaps that had to do with my breakdown of all that made sense and that maybe, MAYBE... I am actually in a coma and I am dreaming up my life but  Po can't tell me because I'm talking to him in my dream but really he's sitting by my lifeless body in a hospital bed... with me?!  

Which led me to...

"Ohh...Po, are you a plug puller?"
Po:  "huh?"
Me:  "You know if something happened and I was on life support would you pull the plug on me?"  (should have had this discussion before marriage)
Po:  shakes his head, "No.  I couldn't do it."

Well this of course just spurred me on.  

Me:  "But what if I was a vegetable, brain dead and there was no return.  Would you then pull the plug?"

Po: "No."

Me: "My mom would pull the plug."

Po: "Probably."

(hysterical laughter)

Me:  "But you couldn't go on living your life because you were married to a girl in a comma."

Po:  "I would be just fine."

Me:  "At home?  While I'm lifeless in a hospital room - for the rest of my lifeless life?"

Po:  "I'd bring you home."

Me:  "You can't do that."

Po:  "Yes I can."

Me:  "That's depressing.  You'd live your life and raise my children around me lying in a bed doing (enter my interpretation of a breathing slash beeping hospital machine) the kids could never talk to me just see me lying there and you would just, what, play your games with me chillin' on life support on the bed?"

Po:  stares blankly at me as I look back...


Me:  "Well, you wouldn't have to make a decision anyways."

Po:  "Why?"

Me:  "Hanna would probably end up pulling my plug anyway to plug in her iPod charger."

Po:  "True."

Sad little truths we learn about our families huh?  Oh, Hanna... love that kid.  

Okay, I'm off to figure out what is wrong with my font size and why I'm so lame with computers and why out of the 8 keys that stopped working on my keyboard one had to be the "P" button.

PidgApeg... really?  P, why must you betray me?

Lots a loves and self-diagnosis (wink)  Have a great weekend!

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Ughh... why is nothing working?  sheesh...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Same Difference... How to be an unpopular blogger

While Nay over at and I were discussing this week’s “Same Difference” post we started giggling oh so hard once we landed on this subject.  I wanted to name the post, “Don’t follow me” then we started talking about all of the things we do or don’t do right and or wrong we had to finally cut the conversation because we would have ended up writing the exact same post.  Our take on things a lot of times are very similar even though we write it out in two very different ways.  (yah, like the name of the post) 

So without further rambling on the above paragraph I will commence rambling on the subject.

In order to have zero readers and a ginormous lack in followers it is imperative that you take bad photos.  Awful pics are key to causing people to be disinterested in your blog.  This goes hand in hand with having a normal not so amazing camera.  If you’re interested in the type of camera I use, it’s red.

It’s also fitting if you bore your readers to death with random posts that might strike worry into the hearts of said readers that you might possibly be mentally unstable; at the very least unbalanced.  True though it might be I continue these, what to me are important posts considering the doctors might one day need them for an actual diagnosis.

Occasionally you should join link ups with others such as a fashion link up.  Be sure to take awkward pictures that do not belong in any credible fashion blog.  And then, possibly most importantly, be sure to think you’re funny. After a few posts like that you will be sorely unappreciated by those around you. 

Make sure to engage with your readers.  For instance, when 1 of 2 friends that you have met through blogging comment on your post and then zero others comment make sure to smile and be grateful for those 2 friends and their ability to feel sorry enough for you to document it on your blog.

Always embarrass yourself.  When other bloggers tell you silly things but refrain from posting pictures to actually document the occurrence visually don’t let that bother you.  Post those pics that your children will one day use as blackmail.  Don’t hold back, you might gain readers and that’s not what we’re here for is it now?

It is imperative to NOT have a professional design for your blog.  Always keep your blog homemade and allow it to appear that you, yourself have designed it.  It should reflect your lack of desire to spend actual money on something professional and further more display the 

Attention Deficite Hyper-activity  Disorder

you suffer from in that you must change it every 17.9 days.  Branding?  Oh please, that implies you know what you’re doing.

While this next tip is probably out of all of your control it is ridiculously helpful if you are way… waaaaaay older than all of the other bloggers.  It is yet another vital point to not fitting in.  Most of whom I read are “Mom-bloggers.”
Although I might be a mom as well, I’m an “older kid mom blogger” or mostly a “Mom of teens blogger”. 

See how I fit into the other group?  I like to bring weighty subjects to the table such as, “I’m sorry you’re lil ones now will not get better… except for the diapers.  That improves eventually.”  Along with that is the importance of inspiring and supportive posts about kids.  I imagine they appreciate those lil tidbits I help them with.  Such as; your babies now just grow up larger versions of the same babies but with louder mouths and eat more food.  Encouragement… key…

Coin phrases such as: “lewzer” and “lil” and “pidglets” and “pudgwad, dorkwad, pansy muffin and chubble muffin.”  Allow your readers to interpret the thoughts that might flow from your brain and vomit onto your page.  Interpretation is chief so that the reader really doesn’t even know what the heck you might be talking about.  Allow them to leave with the feeling of, “I might just have wasted 2.7 whole minutes of my life on that blog.”  Notable…

Probably the most crucial piece of advice I can give to having a lack of followers and even fewer commenters is this.  Make sure to have a best blogging friend that you might lean on when you realize what a lewzer you are.  She must have the same sense of appreciation for sense of humor and lack of actual readable talent.

She must make fun of you as equally as you torment yourself and must… MUST… appreciate that you make her look good due to having even less page views, followers, and commenters.  Then advertise your friendship so that they know you are two nuts in a shell.  You get stalkers that way too… the creepy kind.  You’re welcome my Nay.

Refer to pic at the top of the post!  Now let’s go visit Nay and see what "Same Difference" advice she has to give 

Make sure not to comment… that would be counter-productive.  (wink)
Have a great middle of the week and I hope you found the help you were looking for.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

They Call Me Snow White...

When I started falling apart physically (like 15 years ago ha.) I realized nature and the birds, that are so large in numbers out here, calmed me down.  I began bird watching of sorts; just from my porch, or window or just strangely staring as I watched them flutter, hunt for worms or soar in the air perfectly catching the air current.

I wanted a bird feeder.   I got one.

Po said I should hang it under our huge tree out by the gardens.  Hello, miss the point much sweet man?  I’m not this generous lover of nature trying to feed the animals.  I want to look at them for my own benefit.  So I hung it on the front porch right outside my craft room window.

This bird, Harriet, is who inspired me to get the feeder.

But this is who came to visit first.
His name is Chico… he likes sunflower seeds.  At one point Chico’s friend Mango came in for a nibble then they both wandered back off to the wilderness.
Chico came back… was eating to his heart’s content and then he thought he heard something.
He was right.
This is my chipmunk, Jasper.  I say “my” because I feed him, personally.  He eats MY body weight in food.  He stores it in his lil chipmunk cheeks/shoulders and takes off with it.  I imagine once he gets through the stores he has stolen from the birds he will be the size of a small house cat.  I’m telling you, this lil thing can clean the place out in a matter of minutes.  And he does.
Look at those cheeky, cheekies….oh he’s so awful and precious, just like my pidglets.
Jasper is ridiculously fast you can barely see him trying to sneak up on Chico in the above picture.  Chico senses it you can tell.

After this lil back and forth goes on for like 45 minutes then the strangest thing happened.
A bird showed up in the bird feeder.  

Then there are the bunnies.  Strange fact about Po; winter, summer, spring or fall Po attracts bunnies.  I kid you not every time he goes outside, gets home, does the lawn, what have you; bunnies show up.  This lil phenomenon has been happening since we’ve been together.  Turns out he’s worn off on me, I now attract them too.
This is Chompers.  We’ve been watching him grow since he was itty bitty.  He’s now about 8 inches long; getting big.  He hangs out with his Mama from time to time though he usually ventures out by himself.  I'll be honest his hang out bunny could be a friend, or a dude for all I know.  But we'll call him Mama.
Hey, here’s Mama now!
Cute right?  They love photo ops.  They’ll come right up to the porch.  When we pull in they don’t even move when the car comes up.  
A lil note on Chompers he doesn’t eat salad stuff.  Just clover.  So I make sure to leave plenty off it…pshh.
So you think those bunnies are cute… check this lil discovery out.
But wait there’s more…

Here’s the best part, Moi petting one.  Wook how itty bitty he is…oh I want them so bad!  But I refrained and let them jump back into their wittle house of bamboo all safe and sound.

And just to redeem myself.  Remember the peacock, Sir Awesome Pants?  Well I found his lair.  I couldn’t get close up to this barn where there were like 6 of them because I was holding up traffic but here they are.  Real and alive; it made my day and probably calmed my doctor down.  (snicker)

I’ll be cleaning the home of the 7 dwarves and singing to woodland animals if you need me. 


Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Best...

Linkin' up with Grace at Camp Patton because she hasn't blocked me yet!  

So, I have to be honest this is a painful post for me.  The majority of the reason is due to the fact that I can’t look at a camera and be serious to save my life.  Thank goodness I don’t have too. (wink)  This is the Sunday Best after church look.

So, it’s a beautiful day and I went out with Lil Red to do a mixed pic fashion post because she is doing a fashion post on her blog (eventually).  She was cute (as usual) eating that camera up and her mother, just strange and awkward.  So Busy took me back out and we took more maladroit pics and for whatever reason I was satisfied.  (smirk)

I’m a fan of the sun, when it’s not in my eyes.  I wish though it would make me tan.  Lil Red says we’re so tan we’re bleached.  I bet I would make my Irish ancestors look kissed by the sun.  (giggle)

Ut oh, she’s feeling it now.  I’m showing off my pirate moves.  Don’t be alarmed at how dangerous I might appear.

I’ll be honest, it had been almost 5 minutes.  And I'm sure you realize by now I have a very short attention span.  (grin)

This is how we show love in our family.  Truth be told, I didn’t know Busy snapped this one, but oh how great it is.  Family bonding at it’s best.

Shirt:  Rue 21
Tank: Walmart (as usual)
Jeans:  My daughter Moi (I’m too lazy to turn around and see where they’re from)
Rings: PidgApeg

Have a wondermous week!  I’ll be … well, it’s undecided as of yet but it will be epic, of that I’m sure.  (wink)

Over and out,


Linking it up: Sunday Best  With

Grace from Camp Patton

Saturday, June 8, 2013

School is out...

First official day of summer.  My boys are at my parent’s house, no doubt being angels.  The girls however, are with me.

This is an old picture, hence the smiling and the fact that Bailey is in it.

Since this morning, I have had to wake up 2 of the 3 - three times.  They made breakfast and trashed my kitchen.
Attempted to turn on games, read and lay across the recliner.
I have since put on my drill sergeant voice regarding chores.  I am the only one doing them however.
I am now back in the craft domain listening to them fight.

Again with the smiling proving it is not today’s photograph. 

Oh wait, Hanna just came into the living room slamming the door behind her:
“I’m not working with her… I’m not... I’M NOT… I’M. NOT!!!!”
As she opens the back door I tell her, “Well then do the lawn while you’re out there.”
(she didn’t laugh.  I however guffawed.)

Busy is now sitting across from me as I type this post.  Moi has joined standing next to her questioning where Hanna is.

Now, Hanna’s back, standing next to Moi flicking water to her.
I can’t keep up with the loud “conversation” they’re too fast. 
Hanna shouldered Moi.
Moi said calmly, “You have a paperclip in your hair.”
Hanna:  “I don’t care.”

I deeply love my children.

All is right with the world. 

Bring on summer.

I’m going to be drinking by the end of the season.  Does that help really?  Or maybe I should just nibble on rat poisoning.

Boys, come home and save your mother.

Over and laid out…


Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Funnies...

So I saw a camera bee outside … what’s a camera bee?  It’s this huge Japanese bee that is like the size of my thumb and we had a time when a certain someone was stalking me and we couldn’t figure out how they knew all of our comings and goings and one day we saw one of these bees out on the porch and we decided it was equipped with a camera that’s how we were being watched; hence, the camera bee was officially named.

So the camera bee was flying around on my porch looking all crazy and the size of my thumb, no joke.   So I with my death spray bravely busted out on the porch (hid behind the screen door) and sprayed him to death. 

Hanna had come out to see my handy work and on the way back in she says in her best gangsta voice, “Yo, MJ is dead yo.  We gotsta find out who dun it.”
So as Moi, Hanna and I sit gazing at its huge and scary body that I’m too freaked out to knock off the ledge until I know it’s good and crispy Moi says, “I wonder if his bee friends are creating like a law and order thing.  You know trying to figure out who killed him.”
Cue the theme song … no really, both girls started humming the theme song.  Dude, we don’t even have TV. 

Lil Man came home off the bus the other day and meanders into the house just like this. 

Me:  “Uhh, Lil Man, where did you get that?”
Lil Man:  “Oh a girl in my class got it with her tickets and gave it me.”
Me:  “Were there a lot of other heads in that thing?”
Lil Man:  “Nope, just mine.”
Me:  (sigh of relief) Then I turn around and Moi is wearing it.

Nice… stay classy kids.

Speaking of classy, we still haven’t grown out of the “I’m Lil Man and I pee in the yard before the bus comes.”  I wonder what the bus driving thinks when he sees him run out of the bushes some mornings.
Just looking for bunnies Mr. Bus driver, just looking for bunnies…

Hanna must have been thinking the same thing because she had gone out to the bus stop with us on the way back in began singing… “Lil bunny foo foo peeing in the forest…”

So Po took me to a movie which is rare.  We don’t escape often and I wasn’t real excited because of course, there are people there.  So I wanted nachos and in the middle of the movie he asked if he could have one.  So he grabs a chip and dips it in cheese then I hear him laughing.  (again man giggling is not really in his nature much) In a whispering tone, I’m like, “What?”

He had taken the lid to my small plastic container of jalapenos and dipped it in cheese.  He didn’t but almost put it in his mouth.  I’m surprised we didn't get “shh-ed” for laughing so hard.
Incidentally Moi found a lid just like that one and is going to give it to him and tell him she made his favorite treat.

While playing “Go fish” with Lil man he asks, “Do you have any Aces?”
Me:  (hesitate to look over the 8,000 cards I’m holding) “Umm nope, go fish.”
Lil Man:  (Looks at me doubtful) “Are you sure?  They have an “A” on them.”
Thanks Lil Man, that tells you how good at games I am.

Without me quoting the text messages I’ll just cut to the chase.  Nay called me Pudg instead of Pidg.  Yes, it seems to be sticking, I am loving that one let me tell ya.

Yes, I am finally gaining some weight, but now I’m like okay, we’re good, let’s stop here.  So to my defense I have birthed 6 pidglets and there are certain parts of my body that just did not go back where they were originally; skin being one of them.

Lil Red comes in as I’m hunched over the craft table and says, “Are you alright?  You look really big…” and then she motions around her stomach.
I happened to be on the phone with Nay and spoke nonchalantly, “Umm, can you call me fat when I’m off the phone please?”

She’s the child without a filter - so much tact that kid, so much tact.  (grin)

Then there was Busy's choir concert where she had a beautiful solo.  But her teacher decided she needed to get a fog machine.

Over the top?  I think yes,  Especially when the fog covered the kid singing and then made its way into the crowd.  Priceless.

Okay, that’s it for this edition.  I will be exercising and drinking water if you need me.  (Which translates to GF pizza and soda) same same.

Enjoy your weekend so I can live vicariously through you.


Thursday, June 6, 2013


Since I’ve been home and begun to blog again… hehe... begun… doesn’t that sound like I made it up?  (puts on redneck accent) “Well dagnabbit fella das a be-gun ya gots der…”

I’m sorry.  I’m done.  I just wanted to say that I’ve been fairly, slightly, nearly efficient in the blog department.  Well, mostly efficiently deficient but it’s whatevs… (yes, I realize I’m too old to use that word.  But it is done.)

I don’t have a post for today.  I don’t have an idea.  Well, I’m lying again.  I do that.  But I didn’t like what I was thinking I would write for today; therefore, no post.  (sits quietly for 2.33 seconds watching her cursor have a small seizure.)  Hmm… that might have been my eye twitch whatevs… (did you see that again?)

Bear with me as I create a post.  Well, the kids are done with seminary for the year so I get to sleep in until 6am.  That’s just an option. My body however, still mocks my sleep-in option while angrily propelling my eyelids wide and not so bright around 5am.  I’m sitting at the computer with no children because their sleep-in clock actually works… for days at a time as a matter of fact.  I took out the dogs so they aren’t even hot-breath-ing on me.  (Not to be mistaken with hot-breathing)  and Po, of course, is getting his beauty rest.  I really believe that must be the trick with him. 

Po = sleep                                                    Pidg = zero sleep 
Po = handsome and young looking for his age          Pidg = the crypt keeper

Did I mention I had no post for today?  I might should have stayed the slow and steady course of that idea. 

Pidg =  no post              Pidg = random no one is interested rambling blechh

I’ll be honest; I can’t seem to stop myself.   No, no caffeine just yet.  Sorry guys.  You know it would be really difficult to function as an adult if I had ADHD.  Wait, what?!  Nevermind…

I will finish this fine specimen of profoundness with these thoughts that occurred to me while insomnia kept me company last night.  Yes, we are great friends.  We go waaaaay back and have spent most nights together chatting since early childhood. 

Pidg = insomnia             Insomnia = Pidg             =  InsomniPidg
(Must get a new cape)

I’m addicted to that for some reason; lack of caffeine?  Possibly.
Here goes:  My thoughts from last night.  Earth shattering, mind boggling, vomit inducing… get ready.

Sometimes I think my laptop screen is a touch screen like my phone. I try to clean a spot off super carefully so I don’t push a button on the monitor.  Wow…

I also believe the more I mow the grass the less it will grow.  Shaving my legs goes the same as well.

I believe that if I sneakily go into the neighbor’s driveway across the street and leave a trail of chicken feed all the way to my house the peacock AKA Sir Awesome Pants, will come back and hang out in my birdfeeder like all of the other woodland animals I name.

I think sometimes if I put my face on just before the kids or Po come home they won’t realize I was running around without make-up all day looking like an escapee from rehab.  The same goes for making the bed (I was not last to get out of) right before he gets home.  I’m slick and always efficient, remember that.

The more I sing along with Adele, the more I sound like her… and then someone else comes in the room.  They just don’t appreciate interpretation. 

I feel that if I think as hard as I do during the day (and night) I will surely burn calories from the exercise of my brainpower.  I think it’s working.

Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music if I’m working on Christmas crafts for the shop?  Answer wisely, I love Christmas music.

When you wake up your spouse to ask if they’re sleeping because you’re lonely and want to talk; is that ALWAYS a bad thing?  I didn’t.  I wanted to.  He sleeps pretty.

There is more; I won’t go on.  Nay is probably huffing right now.  The end.

Over and out,


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Same Difference... Word of the day: Melancholy...

It’s Wednesday, which means “Same Difference” post with my Nay over at Coffee-n-ink.  We pick a theme, or thought or like today a word and give our individual takes on the stuffs that we (usually her because I can never think of anything) pick.

So without further long-winded explanations from me… Melancholy.

I woke this morning with a feeling of glum, sadness, melancholy.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I tried to shake it; began my day.  I took the dogs out, pinched off the yellow leaves from the garden due to the rain and more rain.  I did the dishes and wiped the counter.  (Still feeling it, that sinking feeling)  I cleaned the oven kissed each pidglets and sent them off to the bus… wait… the bus.

That beautiful bright and timely vehicle-O-fun that whisks my babies off to school each day… my thoughts go dark; then, it hit me.  It won’t be coming after this week.  The bus, school, education in a place that has left my home quiet during the daytime; abandoning me to my pidglets all day and night, left to fend for myself against the horrors of what could be explained as a small, self-created gang.

I’m skeert…

I shook the feeling and dusted, swept, folded laundry and continued another load.  I filled the bird feeder, checked email, began forget-me-nots for the cottage shop.  More laundry… snap out of it Pidg.  (snap)

This is the last week of school for my pidglets!  Do you understand what this means?  I will be home with them for the summer!  What?!  Me and the pidglets together again, all day … all day… wait.  Do you know what this means?

All of the chores I do in the morning (where the house stays clean) will be for naught.  They will destroy, desolate, and besmirch every effort I have put into this place; blown away like grains of sand in the dry, dry desert.

Melancholy?  Anyone?  Wait, no.  This is good stuff.  We will bond, and craft and play and argue and fight and bring back phrases like, “I’m bored!”

Melancholy she sits as her world turns to folly. No… nogood stuff

They will wake up each morning or afternoon for the girls - and sit across from me at my craft table and talk and giggle and push each other off the chairs and say, “That was my seat..” even though I have 5 additional chairs in this room that pull into a circle around me… melan…choly….working… oh the craft shops will surely suffer. Ut oh…

I suddenly feel a bit despondent… dismal… cold.  It’s so cold.

They say fear is not real.  They most certainly do not still have 5 children at home and one that calls from college daily.  Now, now Pidg.  Summer is a good thing.  I’ve been told that by the kids.  Oh…

Wait just a second here.  I am alpha dog in this kennel.  I will keep them on the summer schedule just like I used to.  I will task them out and whip out the chore jars/charts again.  I will take control.  I will manage my time and their energy and my energy and their adrenaline and food intake.  Oh the groceries.  I have to shop and meal plan and make and serve or they will destroy the kitchen; my holy room, my sacred place of food making.

Melancholy, no that is not the word.  While it is one of my favorites it certainly does not describe summer with the pidglets.  My heart feels heavy, fear… they can take me.  I am after all sorely out numbered.

Stay strong Pidg, stay strong.  But they will use all of my toilet paper and bread and leave dishes around the house when they’re not supposed to eat out of the kitchen.  Diabetic test strips will liter the ground the entire day instead of just the evening when Busy comes home.  Lil Red will steal my iPod charger for her own use since she somehow strategically (accidentally) placed my last charger in my paintbrush water.  The games, loud and besides that… loud.

No, don’t let it get you Pidg, you can turn the tables.  You will make each meal just like you used to so they don’t touch your kitchen.  You will wake them up early and make them exercise while you talk about exercising with them.  You can do this it’s SUMMER!  Summer… S  U  M  M  E   R… (I might vomit)

There is no need to feel melancholy Pidg, just ground them for the summer.  There’s always that option.  I think it’s a good time to bring back time out oh and nap time.  No?

We can have a bonfire (of the clothes I fold and they don’t put away) Hand out toilet paper rations.  Send them on scavenger hunts of things and clues you didn’t really hide.  Trips to the library (for self-help books). 

I will prevail.  I can do this! 

I am woman…
I am mother…
I am in invincible…
I am scared out of my britches…

Prayers are needed… big ones…

Over and out.. and next week hiding under the table.


Writing it up Melancholy style with my blog BFF Nay from 

Go check out her post; I'm on my way!