Thursday, May 9, 2013

The wall-sit challenge...

The other day I found a recipe for a strawberry and bacon salad online.  I made it for dinner with sandwiches and all of the kids actually tried it.  Po of course was working late; he would hardly even entertain the thought of eating something that was grown from the ground unless it was a potato.  Veggies, not his thing.  Oh I can imagine the scowl if I placed that in front of him.  (Enter evil and oh so satisfied laugh here)

Lil Man not being a fan of salad loved the bacon and strawberries together.  We weren’t crazy about the dressing so I’m working on a new concoction and we felt a little kick like green onions would brighten up it's flavor a bit as well.

It looks pretty boring really and you know my patience for pictures is pathetic but here it is.

As I stood to clean up after dinner Busy got up from the floor as well from her push-ups (grin).  When I say I stood up, I too was getting off the floor from push-ups.  I feel the need to show off my ability (4 being the current record) in hopes that I might once again be able to actually do them fast enough to where you can see that my body is actually propelling me upward.  It’s like watching one of those time-lapsed videos where you see grass grow and they have to speed it up to actually see movement.  I’m certain the sun set in its entirety just as I completed my 4 grueling push-ups. 


The pidglets are getting better at push-ups.  In my brilliance of making them drop and give me push-ups every time they yell and say “shut-up” I thought it would teach them a lesson.  Strangely, I feel like all that has been accomplished is more shut-ups and a more strengthened upper body.  Oh, the trials of motherhood.  Hey in all honesty, the largest problems (so far) I have with them is the fighting and not doing their chores.  When I look at other teens and their parents I’m pretty grateful. 

Moi challenged the kids to a wall-sit adventure.  We do things like this from time-to-time (often) we get an idea, and decide it’s a must.  That night it was wall-sits.  I had important things that needed attending to such as dishes and the fact that my jelly legs would not hold up.  Although oddly enough as we punched each other’s legs in the sitting without a chair position I still had the hardest and firmest quads.
(The kids don’t realize that’s because at my age when you use gravity to your advantage all of the loose and scary fat like skin slinks to the bottom.  It was probably my bone they were feeling!)

You can see it on Moi's face, she's taking her out.  She's applying the pressure.  Talkin' smack to her  sister...  While Moi looks like she's posing for a Senior picture Hanna's smile is starting to struggle.

Oh and back to what I was saying...Same thing goes with arms.  I have pretty good biceps and legitimately wonderful deltoids but as they see my “guns” and feel the muscle no one is noticing the sad little triceps (bingo wings) that are crying at the bottom of my arm.  I like to consider myself a magician of sorts… distracting them with something good so they completely miss the bad.  (wink). 

Hey, let's check on Hanna.

Yep, she dropped.  Hey Hanna, maybe you should stop skipping out on Gym and your legs might hold a little longer!  I love karma.  (wink)

Busy wasn't feeling it so much.  The thought of holding up a wall while you can take ten steps over to the sink and bother your mother... tempting to say the least.

Yah, Ethan is pretty stressed out too as you can see; as he grabs another bowl of salad.

Why when I pop in for 2.5 seconds do Jack and Charlie decide to jump in?

Okay, "hot breath" I'm out.  My goodness that dog has disgrosting moist breath... my leg was all humid.

See this, Miss Text-a-thon?  Yah, she's the winner.  Ooops, wait no.  What I didn't see was Lil Man come back in the kitchen and take the gold ten minutes later than they had started.

Truth be told I was done cleaning the kitchen and had moved into the craft room.  My pidglets resemble lil geese and they follow their Mama.  So said challenge was over, Lil Man took the win and they all pulled up chairs to my table.

Goodness I love my life.  It’s just a bit hard to be me sometimes.  (smirk)


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  1. I used to have my kids wash windows when they said shut up to each other. It worked great for a while, because I have lots of windows that needed to be cleaned. Helped them break the bad habit. Now the kids are grown and I just have dirty windows and doors. Love your idea of pushups and holding up the wall. Maybe I need to think of something I need punishing for, so I can impose some exercise consequences on myself. Maybe something like complaining or whining when things don't go my way?


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