Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pups...

The pups.  It’s funny actually my Mama is the one who pointed out many years ago that no matter the size or age of the dog I refer to them as puppies.  I have to concentrate to use the word dog if it is indeed not an actual puppy.

So basically, I still call all dogs puppies.  It is what it is.  I call my teenagers and adult-child (sniff) babies also.  But that’s truth.  They will always be my babies.

So I have dingoes.  Charlie and Jack.  We found them as pups.  (In actuality they really were puppies.)  They were running around a new development that was right next to where we lived and in the distance I could see what looked like miniature deer crossing the street.  Yah, deer… I’ve spotted bigfoot a time or two as well.  (smirk)

Long story short, I hung signs and asked around until one sweet southern woman finally said, “Hun, somebody just dumped those puppies.  Ya ain’t gonna find no owners.”

Huh?  People don’t just dump puppies.  Yah…

So we have them still going on 4 years.  Jack is most definitely my dog.  He’s the black one.  He’s evil, and smart.  He’s loyal and feisty, awful when company comes over which is rarely and all out of sorts when Mr. B shows up to pick up the kids. (He’s really not fond of seeing him at all… dogs are intuitive)  He likes to defy but when spoken to (by me) he will obey.

Charlie on the other hand is definitely Po’s dog.  He’s fat and dorky.  (not that Po is fat and dorky) He runs into things and his tongue is longer than his body when he’s panting wildly… often.  He jumps on you when he’s not supposed to and runs to Po when Mama tells him to stop.  He also thinks he’s a lap dog.  The dog is simple and I don’t mean the doesn’t need much way…

In our minds Jack, if they spoke English, would have a British accent, he has that air about him.  He thinks he owns the joint.  Charlie would speak with a voice resembling a dinosaur… because we all know what they sound like and he would have a lisp…definitely a lisp.

Silly pups.  However, I have to give it to Charlie.  He is a very photogenic pup.  He soaks up loves and thinks he’s a swimsuit model in most of his sleeping endeavors as he sprawls out across anything he can label as a blanket or pillow.  (even if it’s a sock.  He lays on it.  It is after all cloth.)

Jack, now he’s a different story.  Having ADHD like his Mama won’t slow down for a picture.  Not even with me.  He probably thinks the camera is stealing his soul or something.  He doesn’t like to talk about it.  (wink)

Jack thinks he’s a cat, while Charlie is more like a cow. 

Did I mention Charlie thinks he’s a lap dog. 

Do you see that fractious look on Jack’s face?  He’s asking me why they are in “his” chair.

I chased Jack with the camera the other day just to try and get a picture with him… actually I moved quietly and each time I neared he walked away.  I even thought I was slick by taking a picture from way up above and somehow got me in it and he wouldn’t even look up... I was calling for him and he mocked me with his distance.

I hate being slower than my dog

While Charlie is more playful and forgiving if you decided to wander upon our property Jack is fiercely protective.  He doesn’t bite or be mean however, he loudly inquires of all movement of those that do not reside inside this home.  Including but not limited to: humans, bunnies, birds, squirrels, cats, opossums, and of course all delivery personnel. 
He’s just really nosy too.

This was when the landlord was downstairs… he wouldn’t stay away from the vents, listening.

Funny how posting about the pups seems a lot like writing about the kids; they’re all from the same womb but are completely different in personality and action.  Okay, the dogs are not from my womb, but some other Mother pup ... just wanted to clear that up in case you were confused. (smirk)

Have a wondermous day… I’ll be chasing Jack around with the camera.


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