Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Pidglets Have Been Here...

Tell me I’m not alone.  Tell me there are more of you out there.  Your children do these things right?  I mean, your teenagers… not your lil ones.  You know, those almost adults that you now are starting to realize that (with one already outside of the nest) you have to start preparing for the world outside.

Oh, I’m sure this is normal… I know it is.  But I guess the real question is


Do you see the laundry basket?  Yah, so do I but my pidglets evidentally didn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, when they bring in the laundry I am surely grateful considering that in itself seems a huge task for them most days.  However, oh…. So close.  I’m certain, because my children love to go the extra mile, they were just making certain I see the clothes.

Seems harmless right?  Not when Easter is long gone and you find that bowl (just like it is) and bagged waffle hidden in a cabinet I can’t even reach.  Just for a quick note, I haven’t bought waffles of that kind in well over a month.  I imagine they were hoarding goodies in a “safe place” never to find them again… kind of like their mother.  (grin)

This was left in the pantry.  I mean honestly, I realize now that I’m just being over-critical of my pidglets.  There is about ¼ of a tablespoon left.  Because I’m the Mom, the mature voice of reason and the primary example of the family I left it there.  I opened the new one and currently scoop out of the center to make Po’s sandwiches so from the outside it doesn’t look opened.  Mental note:  Pidglets read your blog, move above mentioned Peanut Butter to an undisclosed location. (snicker)

I guess this one is alright.  I mean everybody keeps their children’s shoes beside the bread maker in the kitchen.  (cough)

Toilet paper holders; I prefer the ones that kids don’t pluck off the walls.  Two?  Oh because I still have 7 people in this house so I like to be prepared… like when I took this picture.  Oh wait…

Here’s a question.  I realize that boys growing into men never reach this age; but at what age to girls growing in to women realize you must refill the toilet paper?  (Before leaving your Mother without any.)

This is the girl’s room light.  No one is home but me.  I have not entered the room until now.  Enough said.

Does this happen to you?  Your kids save you the broken, smashed up remnants of what once were chips?  Then they open the new bag knowing you will eat the bag o' crumbs because you can’t stand waste.  (Thoughtful and conserving… nice…)
This reminds me of my Mama when she was raising us.  One of my brothers did this to her constantly.  One day, my Mama, the woman I look up to for so many reasons but this being one of them; bought 3 new bags of chips.  She went home and smashed each bag until it sounded like sand and then didn’t buy anymore until my brother ate them.  What a wonderful woman. 

This one might possibly be my favorite.  Pants, that were on a body, now on the kitchen table.  I realize that it’s common for a lot of families to keep their worn pants with the produce but I can only assume someone changed their attire in the kitchen and then left them there.  Maybe it’s just a spare pair that they might need if they spill something on themselves?  Perhaps while running out the door they did in fact leave with no pants on?  (Oh please no, not another call from school… smirk)

I love my job; being a mom.  It just never seems to get old, or boring, or mundane… well you get the idea.  Someday, there won’t be these funny lil pics to take, I guess I can just visit their houses and watch their offspring pay them back with interest.  (wink)

These kids are lucky I’m easily entertained.  (grin)



  1. The laundry thing so reminds me of Paul! He totally leaves his dirty clothes right in front of the hamper on the floor. Because lifting the lid to the hamper and dumping the clothes in would just be too much work for my husband (not my teenager, lol)!

  2. Wow, so it could be six rolls of toilet paper and there's none in the holders. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I get anxiety if mine is down to one roll. As for little ones, no matter how many times I say can you please separate your underwear from your clothes, I'll find a pair of jeans that has one leg inside out, with underwear and socks inside. I LOVE what your mother did. That's classic!

  3. Im sorry to say Mama but I still leave my pants on the table and Easter candy hidden with secret waffles. ;) haha jk I cant eat waffles :p

  4. So, you're telling me that it doesn't end? My little children are already doing all of that! AAAAHHHHH!

    ps: Did you see how bombastic my guest post was today?! Wonder who wrote it...:P


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