Monday, May 6, 2013

The Lil Man

Okay, just for kicks I’m dropping in to say “hey”.  I took Lil Man to the doctor last week and ended up with some pics that I absolutely adore.  Not much to say and I’ve gotta get back to working on the shops.

It’s been raining buckets and flooded out two of our roads so I’m hoping for some pics for the shops before the rains start again.  Oh, so pretty though… I love real rain.  I hate it when it just drizzles enough to make my hair big.  There’s a reason I could never live in Washington State.

I love all of my pidglets.  I love them differently, yet equally.  Mama always used to tell me that about us and now as a Mama of 6 I understand that.  There is something about Lil Man.  I mean yes, he’s still and always will be the baby but he’s still so soft and yummy to all of us.

When he was born, I was so outside of my mind.  I had just gone back to my ex and truly Lil Man was such a ‘surprise.  He was a child against so many odds; from conception, to the pregnancy, the birth he fought and I was there with him learning.  I was so heartbroken to be having a child that was coming from a marriage that was way past crumbling. 

And then he was here… so little, so soft.  He was a month early weighing in at 7.14 the smallest pidglet I had ever birthed.

I knew immediately he was a healer.  If the kids were having a bad day I would tell them to go hold Puppy.  Yes, I at one point felt it was only right to legally change his name to Yummy… oh that sweet baby.  (wink)

Now, at almost 9 years old he still heals everyone he is around.  Funny thing is, I believe he knows he has that power and he uses it wisely.

Watch out, he's got tongue depressor skills.

I honestly don't think I will ever get over this picture, he is so angelic to me.  My breath literally gets caught in my chest when I see that face. (melt)

Okay, that’s all I wanted to share… just the loves for my Logan, Puppy, Yummy, Jillip, Lil Lo, the prince…. Lil Man.

Happy Week!



  1. Wish i could meet him, and YOU! I laugh at your "WA state comment. Because WA and OR are so so rainy... but SO beautiful! my allergies are so bad here and when i lived in NV i didnt have any, but OR is home allergies/rain or not ;) Ill take some pictures for you this week.. I am happy for the sunny break though.

  2. You know when I first started reading you it seemed like there was a bigger age gap between Christopher and Logan. Weird huh? Well for a moment they are both the same age!

  3. Your Lil Man and My Lovebug are the same age:) And she's a healer too...

  4. I die for those dimples. What a sweet little love bug!!! :)

  5. This is such a touching post. I love that you shared this and the part about "I was so heartbroken to be having a child that was coming from a marriage that was way past crumbling". Although we have certain thoughts about our life, God has a bigger plan and gives us just what we need. What a special boy, but then, the way you describe your whole family, you are all so special. xo


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