Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Fort...

In this family, as you know, it’s all about order.

It’s about things being kept in their proper places.

It is most definitely about people sticking to the plan and doing what is expected.

It’s about… hang on, I’m going to barf… Hahahahaha!

This place is like the circus on crack, I mean if we’re being honest.

It’s not that I don’t have rules; just nobody really follows them… including the Matriarch of the home.  Lead by example right?  (giggle)

So Po and I got Skylanders for Lil Man for his birthday.  It was pretty much the only thing he wanted.  I had no idea what it was but he said it was for the Wii so I’m like okay easy enough.

Long story short we got the version for the Wii u.  (What the?)  I didn’t even know the Wii had a new version out.  Okay please take a moment to remember we don’t have TV so therefore no commercials.  Yah, I’m just a dork.

On the way back to the store to exchange the game, while leaving the kids to their own devices, Po started to laugh…out loud, which in itself was weird.  He’s not real loud or verbal for that matter.  I look to him, “What?”
He keeps laughing and says, “We’re getting old huh?  We didn’t even get the right version, or notice it was different.”

Thanks Po, all I’m saying is he’s 40, so he might be getting old.  I’m just not there … yet.  (wink) Even though I look 40 and he looks 30, but we need not get into that discussion.

I bet you’re wondering what the kids did while left to their own devices.  Any seasoned mother would.  Not me.  I just have 6 kids ranging from the ages of 20 - 9 years old so I’m still new at all of this.  How about I show you…

Yah, so the mother of all forts was built; in a remarkably quick amount of time mind you.  I’m a little disgusted only because I held the record for building the mother of all forts.  (Maybe I am getting old)

My children have always had a problem with pillow cases, which drives me insane.  But it is what it is…we all have issues.

When I came home Lil Red was standing in the middle of said fort, “Mama, can you hand me a book because you’re delicate and I might drop the book reaching.”  Yah, we like to call that buttering me up.  Me?  Delicate?  Of course it worked.  I’ve told you before, you can lie compliments to me all day and I just bask in the ray of light.  You don’t have to tell the truth, just make it up as you go, I am so good with that.

I'm pretty sure the pups enjoyed the fort the most.  I would go as far as to say they think they built it for them.

Notice Jack still found ‘his’ chair.

Now, every chair in the house is missing from it’s place, the couch is tipped, the cushions and pillows gone.  I estimate it took about 8 – 10 books to hold up the sheets so all in all it’s a typical day here in the house.  I love the Mother’s Day balloons that I gave to Lil Man that he will not let go of.  They rest softly upon his stronghold of bliss. 

When Po and I had gotten home we were going to sit on the couch and watch him play his new game.  (Somehow believing the house/living room would be unaltered and still in tact) The kids kept trying to convince us there was plenty of room.  While I would have to agree with them on the room in the fortress they don’t quite understand (only because I’m sick, not old) I most likely wouldn’t have been able to pry my gluteus maximus out of that there fortification.  Thus I would go down in history as the fun-sucking mom that had to have the fort disassembled in order to remove her.
Yah, I’m not taking that bullet.  I just allowed Po to say no and me to whine about him being no fun… trick.
(No really, I probably did tilt it in that direction.)

So that was the day after the first of the boy’s birthdays... I like to call it the after math.  I’m pretty excited.  Needless to say on Ethan’s birthday next Monday, I won’t be leaving the house.

Over and out,


  1. Lol!!! I imagine with all your peeps their fort linens weren't dusty. Last time Christopher made a fort we all got sneezy and had to take itchy bump medicine (Benedryl). So fort making would be a pain here if everything has to be washed first. Who plans a fort?

  2. my son hates pillow cases too

  3. I get kinda "anxious" with fort building...don't mind them after they're's the whole building...since I'm a tad bit OCD and need it to be perfectly symmetrical.

    Loved the way you get it to be Po's fault so you don't get blamed. I thought that's what we all do as oh. (wink wonk)

  4. Awww I love this! Forts are just the best. Period.


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