Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Engagement...

So the thing about me is I get easily distracted.
I think I’ve had conversations with you because I’ve had them outloud with myself and then wonder why I can’t remember who I was talking to.

I go into a room to do one thing and forget why I was there and without a glitch see something that needs to be done and do it.  I then return to the original room sit down and realize I was supposed to do the other.

So with that being reiterated … Yes, Bailey is getting married.
(Excuse me I need to go get some tissue.)

 Yes!  I am happy although a little disappointed in her rebellion of growing up and starting a happy and successful life of her own.  I mean as if turning 20 wasn’t enough.  I know we had a discussion about that; of that I am certain.

Remember Britton?  That guy she’s been dating for 2 years…well it’s not him.

(Oh my gosh it’s fun to be me sometimes) 

I am totally kidding.  It’s him!

On the road to come see us last Fall.

We knew this was coming, the ring was purchased and after all they have been dating for two years.  He evidentially had been scarred by his mother making comments like “just don’t propose like your dad…”
(I love it that’s freaking hysterical.  Hey, for the record, Po merely “suggested” that we get married so don’t feel bad Britt.)
So waiting for the official proposal, because he wanted to do it right, has been killing me and Bailey for that matter.  Bai hate’s surprises and I love to see her wait for them.  So I’ve had a little fun in this endeavor.

With them planning on getting married in early fall even though the official-ness of it all hadn’t been done we had to already start making plans; hence the mention of the wedding.  Yes, we do everything backwards.  I’m glad to see Britt will fit right in. (wink)

But here it is... 

They are blissfully in love.  The yen and the yang; the smart and sassy
(can you guess which one is sassy?  wink) 
She makes him laugh and dance and he plants her feet firmly on the ground.  He eats gluten free because she has Celiac and he tries anything new at least once.  Oh the delight in finding someone that gifts you happiness.

She still shouldn’t have grown up.  That was not cool at all.  (grin)

This was their attempt at a 'hipster' pic.  What you can't see is their friend dancing just outside of the frame like Richard Simmons.  I can't believe they know who he is!

So, I’m sorry for the abrupt comment of “planning a wedding and prom” in an earlier post.  It hadn’t even crossed my mind that I hadn’t mentioned it.  I suppose blogging regularly again will fix any future issue with my lapses in memory.  The distraction part… I can’t help you there.  (wink)

Who's the guy in the background... photo bomber

Hey, guess who is working on center pieces and jewelry and wedding favors?
 (Not me, that’s for sure)...

 Ahh hahahahhahahahaha!

There I go again, it’s totally me!  How exciting is that?  I just do what she tells me because I have no idea what I’m doing.  I did however suggest a dinosaur theme.  Guys like dinosaurs right?  (snicker)

All in all this is a wonderful blessing to our family.  I wish them all of the love and happiness and sweat determination they will need to see this new life through.  As they say, anything worth having is worth working for.  After all,  I want my children to have everything I didn’t have… and then I’ll move in with them.  (giggle)

Oh happy day!



  1. I didn't want to remind you again so you wouldn't think I was all stalkerish. I just figured your post got out of order of something. LOL! They look like babies in the first pic! Awww but this is so sweet - backwards and all. I was planning my wedding undercover before I was proposed to. I think my mom was in on the undercover planning. Jay and I had been looking at rings but he took forever to propose and I didn't want to scare him by looking a swatches and drawing my new name all over my wedding journal. I'm so excited for you and them ;-)

  2. Andi, Baily so so incredibly beautiful. She looks just like you. One of mmy fondest memories....choosing jelly bellies with her so many years ago.
    Carol W

    1. Oh Carol I remember that! That's how we discovered she was allergic to blue dye ;) I hope you're doing well!

  3. Bai-Bai all grown up! And Pidg, don't forget you have to be the MIL we all dream of!

  4. Ooooo lovely!!! She looks SO much like you! :)


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