Friday, May 31, 2013

The Artisan...

I had the opportunity to take my two oldest girls to seminary Thursday.  I didn’t want to go in and learn because, quite frankly, there are people in there.  So I decided to sit in the car with my ipod and look through craft magazines.  Something I don’t generally do because when I’m home there’s always something else I need to be doing.  (Not that I’m ever doing it you see)

So I was reading this article about this woman and her craft.  As I flipped through the photos of her work and in hearing her creative process and love she had since she was wee-bitty it made me swoon with the passion I have for creating.

I really think I hold myself back.  I place restrictions upon myself of burden that my items are not 'just right'.  I worry about detail and critique myself to death to where I find only flaw.  I lose my objectivity.  I think it needs to fit a mold and when the Etsy shops or local orders slow I blame it on my quality, or lack of form or … well let’s just say the OCD sets in and I pull, pick and rip it to shreds. 

The other day Ethan came home from school, kissed me, gave me my daily I just got off the bus hug and said, “Hey Mama, you’re an artisan.”
Me:  “Huh?”
E:  “Yah, we learned that word today.  You’re an artisan, a person who is skilled in a craft.  I told them my mom was an artisan.”
Me:  (gush)

But it’s funny.  I make primitive and homespun crafts.  There are no rules, no technique that must be applied; no one way to make them all.  I forget that sometimes.  I tend to lose sight of the fact that it is my creative expression that I’m selling/giving not a factory direct, same as the other type of item.

I lose my skill in wondering what others would think opposed to what I want to express.  Loosely put together, seams and strings fraying, paint that goes over the lines, shapes that don’t match its brother before him.  I am an artisan of fabrication in a hand-made assembly line where creation, self-satisfaction and story-line are all comprised into an object made with love and time.

I forget that.  (I forget a lot of things, mainly not to dress in the dark)  So that was my epiphany for today.  I need, in this quest for finding me again, to allow myself to draw outside the lines and shout through my art and sing the song of creative expression.  I need to find joy (again) in the fact that there are no rules to what my imagination sparks.

I’ve placed guidelines on myself and my craft and I think my writing for that matter.  As of late I have realized that I worry about readers and buyers and networking.  (Not that I’m doing anything about it, I just allow that worry)  Whereas I used to just write because that’s what I set out to do.  I craft because I enjoy the results of forming, crafting, designing and making. 

So, I don’t have followers anymore, so I don’t get comments, so my sales are slow… I run a pretty tight ship in this here house.  I find inspiration in the home itself the result of its craftsmanship and the woods that surround it. 
I absorb the brilliance of those that surround me; those plantlets that are growing before my eyes that came from my body.  Their smiles and giggles and genius lil brains that speak such intricate thoughts I have never before pondered.

How blessed am I?

Today I will create, from the heart, with insight that is yet again newly discovered as a flipped leaf.

Smiling, I journey to find me; the artisan.



  1. Hi my sweet Pidg. So if there's a will, there's a way. I had to comment on this and tell you how proud I am of you. I feel like "you're back" with this one single beautiful post. It made me say "Yes!" After I read it. My heart is full and I am proud. Rememberthose words up there. Always. 143

  2. In each place we live, in each new house, one of my priorities is...where do my crafts go? Where do I get to create? Where is my space to imagine beautiful and wondermous things? Crafting to me is a gift, it's a need and a blessing. And, I have YOU to thank. You started me on this path, you gave me the tools and the desire. I'll never forget the first things you said to me when we first met..."Are you new here? Do you like to craft?" You are an artisan and my first inspiration. THANKS!!!!

  3. First - What magazines can you see on the iPod??? And Second Girl you are an Artisan, are really craftswomen, always have been! Next time your OCD gets in the way send me a text 760-808-5533 (business line) and I'll tell you a secret only I know of my dresses people paid me thousands for.


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