Thursday, May 2, 2013

Something Sweet... Something Sour

So yesterday was hard to say the least.  But then guess what, there was a present delivered to me.  Anonymous flowers at my door with a card that read “I want you to know someone is thinking about you.”

No, it wasn't Mama or Daddy or Po.  Not my bestie, just someone who cares enough to let me know how hard yesterday was for me.  That mattered, oh so much.  Chances are likely the person who sent them doesn’t read my blog; considering there are only 3.7 of my readers left. (wink)

But it made my day… wild flowers… so beautiful and thoughtful.

On a sour note I had to take Po to work this morning so that I could get Lil Man to a doctor appointment.  A rumor has already started that I used the Dr. not letting me come back as an excuse. 
(Enter raised eyebrow here) that I could get assistance.  Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows how I work.  But that’s the master plan to sit back and live off the state?  Wow… just wow.  Assistance is there for those who need it and I hate to see it abused. 

I would like to dedicate the song "Bully" from Shinedown to that person. (snicker)

I find it funny though that one cannot understand that I still have 5 kids in the home and yet our kids are bought and paid for.  We live simply, to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  That is exactly how I’ve learned to appreciate all of the blessings I have.  The everyday, food, shelter and breath being the best of those gifts.

We don’t have debt (been there done that) except for one car payment that will roll off next year.  We pay rent, energy, phone, groceries, very little gas and internet.  And to top it off I have food storage and a garden.  I’m a blessed, very blessed woman to have so much. 

I am thankful for my unruly children…
I am thankful for a husband that takes care of us…
I am thankful for parents who love me…
I am thankful for my talents and determination to beat the odds…
I am thankful for the presence of the Spirit that gives me light in the sometimes dark world.

In the end, a little rumor sometimes makes you go topside to see the sun and smell the fresh air.

Thank you for the flowers whoever you might be.  I am grateful, so deeply grateful for friendship and the opportunity to share my voice… even if it’s only on ‘paper’.

I’ll be soaking up the rain.



  1. Those are beautiful, Pidgy! Those flowers totally beat out the sour stuff any day. The roses I got for my bday sit on my desk at work and they are just making happy! I say that we always have flowers - they give you that sunshine when skies are grey, huh?

    ps: loved being texted this morning:) I gasped and was absolutely thrilled to have's the little things.

  2. The word verification is so boring now! I can't make any cool words out of them anymore!
    {You know I'm just adding this extra comment to see if anything cool comes out this time, right?! Hmmmm...let's see!}

  3. Beautiful flowers! Okay I'm all caught up and I'm confused about the wedding?

  4. What a lovely surprise! Beautiful flower choices too. People are rude about those needing assistance. It's there for a reason, don't let anyone get on you for needing it. It's no ones business.

    Yes, so there is a wedding???? :)


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