Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Same Difference...

Guess what?  We’re starting it again!  All that fun stuff that people just love.  (Okay fine, there were like 3 of you) BUT STILL!

Nay and I are linking up again once a week for our what used to be COPYcat posts that we are now calling SAME DIFFERENCE.  It’s where we as bloggin’ bff’s post on the same subject but come up with whatever it is that we come up with.  It’s probably mostly fun for she and I because we don’t collaborate on it so we don’t see what the other has written until it’s posted.

That’s right, keeping it real and fun and sometimes a lil off topic.
(That’s usually me)

This week it is THE DO’s AND DON’Ts of a Bloggy BFF

Okay, so I’m going with my side of what I receive from my dear friend.
Allow me to explain:

Do: send each other silly pics of yourself during the day in order to  cheer each other up.  Often these pics must consist of things you might use as blackmail later in life. 

DONT:  Use those blackmail type pics on your blog.  Only the silly/sweet ones.  It’s a trust issue get it?  And she would probably ditch me.  (Side note, the last pic I sent her like that she text back and asked how I could get my face to do that.  It’s a gift.)

DO: hijack their blog and tell great things about them when you’re supposed to be promoting your shops on Etsy.  Oh crap that’s what I do to her.  It’s possible that’s a dont.  Fine here are my shops: 

PidgApeg for the softer side of jewelry
PidgApegOutloud jewelry for tweens, teens and young adults (and me)
PidgApegCottage homespun and prim crafts

Hey Nay, did I make up for that last hijacking that made you all weepy?

DO:  Send unexpected packages in the mail that make your bloggin’ BFF so excited to get something in the mail other than bills and coupons for foods you can’t have because they are filled with the evil that is gluten.
DONT: Send so many packages and notes that it makes yourself look like a “lew-zer” because you hate to go to the post office.  (Yah, that’s me.  I’m an epic fail when it comes to the best anything)

DO:  Start each other’s day off with text messages to tell them you love them and they should have a wondermous day.

Dont: Text in the morning when you wake up at 5am in North Carolina and your BFF lives in California (3 hours behind you… oops)  I don’t wait well, but I learned.  In case you’re curious the same doesn’t apply to her at night.  She knows Ms. Insomnia is always awake.

Do:  Continue to add to each other’s ridiculous dictionary because you mess up words and type them wrong constantly.  Give honest opinions even if you don’t agree.  Make them giggle when they want to break down.  And by all means when they do have those sad moments; still make them laugh.

Dont:  Ever take them for granted.  Always know and remind them how blessed you are to have such an unconditional friendship that is now family. Don’t ever forget it.

To end this post I would like to tell you the story of how Nay and I met; and I would, if either of us remembered.  (no joke)  We look back and know she found me on my blog but we don’t know how.  She began commenting on my blog.  From there we emailed, began calling and it just seems like we’ve always been there.  So that part must be true.  (wink)

I loves you Nay, from the deepest part of my subsol!

Go and visit My Nay to see what she came up with.



  1. NIce photo! Did I miss that you met IRL or is that excellent photoshop skills? So cute!

    1. Totally excellent pidgy picmonkey photo skills! She's been having too much fun making them!

  2. Good Morning My Pidgalicious...

    Great Post {wink wonk} I may have to keep stalking you until you're creeped out enough that you give up and become my bloggy bff...oh...too late!

    {thanks for the tears, laughs that make my b come off, and just the subol love...and the preaths...}

  3. You two are so cute! I loved reading both your posts this morning. And whoever merged those two photos of you together at the top of the post did a great job. I was like, "Wait, I thought those two never met!"


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