Friday, May 17, 2013

Passion for Fashion (link up) What?

Two posts today.  Weird right?  If I don't have "Friday Funnies" post I will be pushing them to "Mirthful Mondays" so that I am free to link up with the chickees below.  Yes, I'm trying something new. Shaking it up ... (grin)

Okay, so I should start with this little ditty… (No, I don’t normally say ditty, but it seemed a little spunky and I love old phrases)

I don’t have a passion for fashion.  I personally put on what’s comfortable and 9 times out of 10 (possibly more than that) dress in the dark.  No really, I get up about 5am and don’t want to wake Po so I grab what “feels” okay and move out into the kitchen to see my two oldest girls as they get ready for seminary before school. 

I have been known on many occasions to come out with two different shoes, sometimes they’re already on my feet.  The other day I came out with two of the same style of flip-flops on but in different colors.  The best part was they were both the left foot and was wondering why the right foot felt funny.  The pidglets always see it before me.  Good stories for the eventual grandkids I guess.  (wink)

So I asked, my daughter, Hanna, who started a blog over at LiL Red Rants, if she would take a few pics of me mainly I wanted to link up because I love Beth and Lena.  Hanna, would not stop taking pics when I wasn’t ready and then wouldn’t take them when I was ready.  Pics of me by myself are always strange and weird.  Needless to say we both have ADHD and it being the afternoon her meds and my caffeine had definitely worn off leaving us easily distracted.  But yet here I am, linking up.

I hope I don’t besmirch your link up ladies! (grin)

See, I have a problem.  Okay, let’s be honest, I have several (smirk) but the one I’m addressing is this; I have a hard time taking things seriously…

What’s worse is I’ve spawn pidglets that have the same issue…

Aww, come on Lil Red, the battery is gonna die.  I can do this… this passion for fashion.  I’m going to be serious and everything…. ut oh…

I can’t help myself.  Did I mention that we’re easily distracted and possibly impulsive? 

Oh and Hanna wanted you to know I do have shoes… I just don’t usually wear them.  (wink)

I used a timer for this one just to see if it worked of course I’m already in yoga pants.  Yah, um… it’s after 5pm that means yoga pants in this here homestead.

Nice… a cardigan and yoga pants.  Stay classy Pidg.

At the end of the day, this is not my corner of the world, I just thought with “no rules” and all I might slip in anyways.  But it was fun.  Just so you know Busy is going to be my new photographer… since she’s so much more mature even though she’s the youngest sister.

Well maybe not. (giggle)

Jeans:  No boundaries from Walmart (because I’m a simple girl)
Wonder Tee:  Down East Basics (I have a million of them)
Cardigan:  Target (like… 100 years ago)
Flips:  Last summer, somewhere, but I don’t remember (Fail)

Link up for kicks, with this post, I’ll make you look good!


Linking up: Passion for Fashion

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  1. Love the pics! I am wearing a t-shirt from Sams. So comfy. I have jeans on that I can finally get back in but I know they aren't going to feel good by the third meal of the day so I'll be putting my yoga pants on around 5pm. Love your hair!

  2. ha! i agree. taking photos of myself always seems a bit weird, which is why i usually take them at home and not out in public! love that you had fun with this and can relate to a comfy, casual style. nothing beats a nicely worn pair of jeans + t. enjoy your weekend;)


  3. really, you did it!
    And the yoga/cardigan thing you have going on - oh baby!
    That's all...

  4. You are too funny! I love your photos, and you managed to be both comfortable and cute. Great look!

    Found you via Passion for Fashion. Find me at

  5. You are gorgeous! You look fabulous! I love that you have fun with your photo shoots.

  6. LOL I love the silliness. I'm the same way, I have to force myself to focus... And to be serious.

    Such a cute cardi!

  7. Haha... you guys are awesome!! BEST linkup post ever! ♥

  8. bahaha i love you - darcie


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