Friday, May 24, 2013

Passion for Fashion Friday Link Up...

Okay, we’re just going to cut to the chase.  My second time linking up and OH you better believe I am linking this puppy up and I believe I have outdone myself. (yes, already)

I was planning on linking up and attempting to be serious.  Fine.  Serious-ish.  Busy picked my outfit; a sundress that is super comfy.  She even did my toes to match so I could give her talented lil self a shout out.  Then… THEN… I got this stupid rash on both of my legs up to my knees.  I’m not even going there but Busy in her brilliance said,

Busy: “Hey, we got this let’s just go on PicMonkey and make it go away.”
Me:  “Can I make my legs tan too?”
Busy:  “sure.”
Me:  “done.”

THEN… they called Po in to work this weekend which was his weekend off and do you know what that means?  Well, it bites for one.  But what it means is that it’s rained on and off all week and regardless of that I was super ill.  And the lawn would not be even thought about until Tuesday at the earliest.

I used to do the lawn myself.  Goodness help me I have no idea how I did it.  It’s large; especially for an out of shape Pidg.  But as of last year Po would do the edges with the push mower for me and I would do the riding mower - which still makes my body ache and bruises the insides of both knees.  Yah, I have no idea… let’s just keep moving forward on this lil rant.

So I did it and I rock.  I was so proud of myself that when my Po came home today the lawn would be all purdy and he wouldn’t have to think about it.  But it left no time for a “fashion” post.

(That still cracks my crud up…fashion… Pidg…same sentence)

So with my amazing multi-tasking skills I’ve combined the two.  Oh yah buddy I am exposing the fashion of lawn work at its finest.  Okay, finest for a homeless person but whatevs… I’ve got this.  The blue collar edition…

How about that?  I know for a lot of you my grace and beauty will be intimidating but please bear with me as I take you through the latest in lawn fashion.

See, we have ticks out here in NC.  And just the word freaks me out especially since after lawn day last week I found one that evening on my very noggin.
(Insert hee-bee-jee-bees here)

Of course being the freak-show that I am I looked up what type of tick it was.  It was late the next day and I was having chest pains and running a super high fever, aches, pains, chills, the works.  My chest felt like when I had walking pneumonia but yet I haven't been coughing.  When I've found ticks on my kids I'm all about watching the signs; me.. eh.

But I took action.
Then, I got this splotchy rash on my ankles and it was growing up my legs.
Oh, that's right, after the year I've had with health issues - Hey doc guess what?  Pidg has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever!  I could totally see that happening seeing as how I live with Murphy's law.

So I paid attention, did my research and watched my disgrosting rash to see if it would spread and show up anywhere else.

No, I didn't over-react... just observed telling myself it was a coincidence and I just got sick at the wrong time and that if I watched it - it wouldn't be tick related just flu related.  And of course I'm allergic to the entire world of nature and have eczema but this puppy wasn't raised, you can't feel it and it doesn't itch.  (okay I'm done)

That was a long and dull explanation of why I where such a stylish bandanna along with my striking men’s ball cap.

When speaking about style I prefer my ensemble to be something I can work in yet, eye-catching and alluring.  I have 3 pairs of the exact same jeans not because I’m lazy and don’t want to shop for jeans but because I always want that she never changes her clothes look.  Oh and while doing the lawn, sweat is just an accessory.

Socks, long ones, very important to avoid those creepy crawlies that might get passed your jeans due to me deciding to where my sketchers opposed to my boots.

Please note the Christmas socks.  I like to add a lil cheer to my day.  We deck the halls year round here if you must know.

I believe it’s imperative that you have shoes you can work in and yet still give that captivating “Who is that man girl look?”

Pink nails to prove you can still work hard and show off that charismatic you.
(Nice dementor hands Pidg.  I think all of the blood had run from my brain to my veiny hands after finishing.)

I pray a lot when I’m one with nature.  Mostly begging for duration and endurance and that my tongue will stop hanging out as far as my dog’s does.  Then a swift breeze will come and I know that Heavenly Father is listening so he sends relief… air being one of the biggest things I lack.  I turn beet red when I do anything and sweat more than a fat guy in a sauna.  It’s disturbing really.  I keep waiting for the neighbors to call 911 for fear they might have to be the ones to witness my lifeless body as it crumbles to the ground.
(Poor neighbors they’re older and probably do a lot of praying themselves when I’m doing the yard.)

Those are my charming lumberjack arms if you were wondering.  The same arms that can spend the entire afternoon in the sun and still have zero pigment.

Pidg Observation:  When I’m walking to get the mail, in my yard
fa-doodling around or on my front porch not one – let me repeat, NOT ONE person will look over.


When I’m mowing, every.single.vehicle. that passes looks in my direction; sometimes even slowing down.
I honestly believe riding on a mower is the most unattractive thing a woman can do.  The body is not built to be shaken so vigorously in that way.  Well, I thought that until I had to do the push mowing once again.  Now I believe there are two most unattractive things a woman can do.
(unless she has pink nails of course)

There’s one man who finds my glamorous look fabulous.  Yah, so I scared the bejeevers out of a bus driver too.  At one of the ends of our driveway its got bamboo and from her perspective it looked like girl on her tempting ride popped out of the bushes I stopped at the end of the driveway but watched as she threw her hand over her chest and looked like she shrieked.  Funny thing though, she didn’t slow that bus down.  Food for thought…

I spent most of my mowing today attempting to think about other things; such as which tree/bush dropped that tick on my brain last week.  I’m pretty sure it was a smaller citrus tree we have at the other end of the driveway.  I could see an ill look in its eyes.  While passing underneath said tree I thought to myself how agile I still am for my age as I bent and hung off the mower to avoid contact with that glaring look of treeness.  I then promptly got slapped in the face with another of its branches and was forced to break eye contact.
I said I was still agile not well-focused… sheesh

Okay, that’s about all of the fashion I can go into today.  I mean, I imagine one must be overwhelmed at this point.  (Possibly with my mental instability)

Thank you Busy for taking these fantabulous pics.  I imagine they're perfect for Christmas cards next year.  Or not.

I’m gardening this weekend, can’t wait to see what I come up with for that one.

Over and out… and back to my heating pad.


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  1. Love it!! You look totally cute. Of course I would DIE with all those clothes on to mow but you gotta do what you gotta do to keep the ticks away. I never mow by the way. I bring out the gatorade to keep the mower hydrated then I retreat back to the inside. I've gotta tick post that I've not written yet. It didn't touch anybody - we're fine - but its funny. Maybe I'll share it soon. You know how you take a million pictures to blog with. It's the same as not ever getting a digital picture "printed" and put into a photo album.

  2. you ROCK mama! i could read your post all day because they are always entertaining + fun. i despise cutting the grass as well. when my hubby was working out of town last year, it was the worst...but i put on my gear (much like yours) and sucked it up...even if i did take far too many breaks and made the mower run out of gas. ha! but it got done and i'm sure the neighbors had a good laugh. and yes, manicured nails can make any outfit classy! enjoy your weekend;)

  3. Only you can make sweaty red face and bandanna hair look hot! And the busdriver thing - I did a "HA!" at the office and now you know everyone knows I'm doing what I'm not supposed to be doing...

  4. Hey, that's real life! I love your demonstration of how you protect yourself from ticks--those things are nasty. So far I've never had to mow our lawn. I actually mowed my family's lawn a lot when I was a kid. My strategy now is to claim ignorance of how to use the riding lawn mower. My husband's strategy is to ask any younger relatives (cousins, siblings) who come for visits if they would like to ride a tractor and then sets them off mowing the lawn. It's a good thing we live in the boondocks because our lawn rarely looks good.


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