Monday, May 13, 2013

Mama's Day Re-cap...

So a quick re-cap of Mother’s day.  Here’s the thing, I’m not a fan of Mother’s day; that or my birthday.  All I ever want is for the kids to be nice (yah right) not fight (a girl can dream) and clean the house so I don’t have to for a day.  (Ahhhh hahahahahahahahahahaha!)

For some reason it is the one of two days a year they fight more, are oozing with wicked words and will not lift a finger.  (Most likely because they’re too busy fighting)
This is no joke people, for the last I would say about ten years since the older kids were capable of the above mentioned requests I have despised Mother’s day.  (Yah, I know there’s that “award” again)

But this year…

Busy made me a gluten free (amazing) chocolate cake on Saturday night… and the two inches of frosting I applied made it sing with sweet bliss. I tell you what, Busy flipped the cake out of the pan to cool it and I waited for nothin' I tore into that thing like a raccoon in the trash can.  

There are things I can explain... at times, why I decided to cut the cake this way, I cannot explain.  Lil Red decided she would cut the triangle out though, she said it was hipster.  (giggle)

THEN, I woke up at 7am… (sleeping in)  well truth be told I just stayed in bed until 7am thinking about that cake because I could hear Busy moving about.  She took the dogs out for me and to my giddy; she made me a loaf of the most amazing gluten free homemade bread.  Again…the angels are singing (wink)

That's Hanna trying to take credit for the bread... no, it was Busy my lil Baker.

Hanna, Lil Red, was up with her…doing nothing but waiting to be one of the first to see me when I came out.  So the three of us giggled and went on the front porch for some (we just woke up and we’re not getting ready for the day just yet pics) And Hanna played music on her ipod and we danced on the front porch and sang poorly and giggled some more.  Because we could.

Busy also gifted me a journal.  You all know how I feel about anything pertaining to writing supplies…oh the love.  And she gave me my favorite gluten free Lindor truffles.  (Now, the angels backed away as I began to sing! Smirk)

Lil Red, gave me a 2 page letter of sweetness and Ethan made me 2 cards and delivered them when he woke up.  

But… I have to say.  I finally in over 20 years of being a mother received the all-time Mother’s day gift.  The present that every mother receives usually from her Lil Man that is like gifting a piece of his heart. 

Lil Man had been on a Scout camping trip and was delivered to my doorstep about 9am with a scout cookbook, a hand painted flower pot complete with a flower and..and…
A salamander; all for me.  Yes, my friends, an orange amphibian that my boy caught (for me) and carried home in a Dixie cup filled with murky water.  My heart skipped; true love.

His name is Sebastian.  Moi asked what he named him and Lil Man said, "Mama has to name him since he's for her!"

Yesterday, was a good day.  Yesterday, I was celebrated.  I had the most wonderful day with my pidglets. 

I love being a mother, even on those tough days.  I’ve never doubted they are my purpose in life but to get to enjoy it and really soak them in, that… that is Mama’s Day to me.

Have a wondermous Monday!



  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful Pidgy! Exactly what you deserve in the exact way you like it! Good job, Pidglets, Auntie Nay's proud!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! No Word Verification?!?!

  3. I love how you cut the cake! The best kind of actions just can't be explained! I miss you friend.


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