Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just stuff...

Today, I was just recapping in my brain all of the events of this week so far.  Nothing epic…thank goodness.  But I do feel as if I live at the doctor lately.  Monday night sweet Ethan was up all night (and I mean all night) with an ear ache.  I propped him up in our recliner in the living room while Jack the bad pup glared and questioned why a little boy was in ‘his’ chair.  I dosed him some ibuprofen, a stronger decongestant and warmed up a rice bag to place to the side of his wonderfully round head. 

It was funny though, my pidglets have gotten so old it seems these nights of staying up with them comforting them are few and far between.  But I in a strange way enjoyed it, and was thankful I still had those “mama ears” to where when that soft sniffle was heard in the hallway, my body immediately sprung out of bed scratching the crud out of my leg trying to get there so fast. 

I took Busy to the Endo yesterday.  Her Hemoglobin A1C is finally going back down; no doubt the pump is helping keep her blood sugars regular (ish) and things are at least slowing down with the whole puberty trying to kill her bit.  Here of course are some of our pics from the waiting game.

On another note Moi is trying out for Flags today after school.  It’s a drawn out process and I’m not sure when they tell you that you made it but I’m feeling pretty good about it.  She’s never really gotten into anything extracurricular before and really wants this.  I love how lil she looks compared to her flag.

Lil Moi, she’s all of 5’1” and will be 18 in January yet everyone asks if she’s younger than Hanna.  Hanna thinks it’s great.  When does that change?  You know when you love looking older than everyone else?  I mean I desperately miss those days when people asked me if they were my sisters.  A few people ask from time to time but that was most likely because I was their supervisor or because they were my boss and maybe felt a little moral would make me work harder.  (grin)  All I know is lying or not feel free to mistake my older girls for my siblings… I’m good with that.  (wink)

Ahh hang on, I’m washing a load of ‘water’.  Do you ever do that?  You wait for the washer to start filling up then forget to put the clothes in.. no?  Oh, nevermind.  I do it all the time, then swear not to do it again, and then…well let’s just say I’m consistent. 

Anyway, so yesterday was super busy with the Endo appointment, I had to go to the post office, grocery shop, get clay from Michaels, kids had an early dismissal and Hanna didn’t have her key, pick up Moi from A cappella practice only to realize I hadn’t medicated OR had nearly enough caffeine to calm me down by the time it was all over.  It’s a wonder my body felt like jello.  Well, to be honest my body feels like Jello because I haven’t worked out in 15 years… but that’s another story all together.  (wink)

Okay, so finally I’m home today in this strangely quiet house with epic piano music playing to inspire me to create for the cottage.  With caffeine in hand and ADD swirling I’m going to make clay wonders… or at least that’s what I call them.  I’m enjoying the view from my front porch and focusing…focusing… fine, I’ll write a to do list.

Have a wondermous day, I think more rain is on its way.



  1. Oh my gosh...when I saw that last pic and then the ones on instagram - first thing I thought: SHE MOVED TO MY LAKE ALREADY?! What?!
    Yeah, I freaked out a bit and then realized: No, that's just the Pidg Heaven I'm supposed to be visiting...
    Why isn't the tunnel-digging going any faster? Did you stop?!

    1. Absolutely did not stop! However, I do have to get more spoons, these sporks aren't made as well as they used to be ;)

  2. Ahhh the view from the front porch is LUV-A-LEE!!!!

  3. OMG I love your front porch!!


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