Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday morning... with Busy

I had to take Busy to an early doctor appointment this morning so I wasn’t going to blog.  Yet here I am… though I’m still not certain what I’m going to ramble about today. 

I just felt like I should.  I’m sure it would be truly earth-shattering if I didn’t.  (snicker)

Her appointment went okay, she goes to the Endo on Tuesday and that’s the one we’re not crazy about.  She always leaves there feeling like her numbers, which she equates to ‘grades’ are all wrong.  Bless that pidglet, I always try to explain to her if she had good numbers all the time she wouldn’t be a diabetic. 

Chillin' with Busy at the Doctor.

So in the theme of Friday Funnies, without this being one of those posts even though this is Friday and she is pretty funny here are  few of Busy’s antics this week.

I’m sitting at my craft table and I hear Busy and Ethan teasing each other.  Busy tells Ethan in this casual manner, “Okay, now shut your nuggets.”  Huh?  Oh she cracks me up, all I know is that will be one of my new sayings.

Then she needed new face powder.  I explain I wish she had told me because I had just put in an order.  I run to the extra supply box created for all of the women in our family to search.  You can only imagine how big that box is.  (wink)  I grab out an old one of mine.  She’s putting it on and I can hear her saying “crap” under her breath.

Me:  “Busy, what’s wrong?”
Busy:  “This powder, I don’t know what’s wrong with it.  Somethings in it or on the brush.”
Me:  “What do you mean?”
Busy:  “I’m shiny.”
Me: (still casually sitting in the next room) “I’m sure it just has a bit of bronzer or something.”
Busy: (alarmed) “Holy Cow I look like Edward from Twilight when he’s in the sun!”
I walk into the kitchen and sure as crud the child was ablaze with glisten. 
Me: (as I’m grabbing another brush) “Busy, did I look like that when I wore it?”
Busy:  “Only in the sunlight…”  Ahh hahahaha!

On a wonderful note I… as in me… the half-man single handedly found an 8th grade graduation dress for Busy AND a prom dress for Moi.  They both fell in love with them and I am so excited and proud of myself.

See, I’m that girl that doesn’t like to dress up.  When Po and I were getting married we knew it was going to be a quick wedding, I mean come on we weren’t spring chickens and that stuff didn’t matter to us.  My friend started talking about me picking colors and dresses for the girls and food and blahh, blahhh, barf!

I immediately drove to work because it was my day off and fell apart with my fiancé just awkwardly staring at me not quite sure what to do.  On the brink of tears, but only the brink, I looked to him and asked if we could get married in jeans and flip-flops.  He being my obvious destiny smiled and said ‘perfect’.  I was proud I picked different colored flips for my 6 brides maids that were my daughters.  (Remember I had taken 2 other girls in at the time… the other 4 can’t escape me biologicaly.)

So with Bailey planning a wedding and Prom coming up for Moi I’ve been feeling like a goober.  Evidently I can pick pretties for other people.  See, I’m still learning.  (wink)

Okay, off to work on the cottage and get my hands in some clay.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Um, wait...BAILEY'S PLANNING A WEDDING?!?!?! I am freaking out right now...freaking. out. Do you hear me?!!?
    How did this happen? What the What!!!!!!????
    Deets chicklet, details right now!


  2. What did I miss? I'm going backwards to see if you mention a wedding!

    1. Okay so you are one of several people that mentioned I haven't said anything about the wedding. I'm posting on it tomorrow! Ooops!

  3. Hahaha! You guys are too funny. :) Ok, wedding but where's the details?? How exciting you have so much fun going on!

  4. by the way, gorgeous photo of you!!!

    oh and I wish I could have a do over of my wedding day. I would go with much simpler arrangements that focused on just us two and not the whole traditional wedding ceremony. :)


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