Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Funnies..

So it turns out I just can’t stay away from my “Friday funnies” they’re me, us and them.  It’s my lil creation that belongs to Fridays.  It makes me giggle and makes for the best memories.  So without further hesitation and trying something new… here ya go.

Texting Nay:

I had to do the lawn a few Thursdays ago, (fashionably of course wink)  and I was texting Nay telling her.

Nay:  “Okay so I know you’re out “yarding” right now but I just hit publish so go read when you can.”
Me:  “Push mowing is done now I have to do the rider… I just came in for a drink… of cyanide
Nay:  You have a rider?  Coolio…”

It's good she's concerned!  (giggle)

We were discussing a post idea and decided whether or not to do one post and trade off writing paragraphs or just do a “COPYcat” post like we used to; same subject but two different posts on each of our blogs.

Me:  “Well the benignity of a copycat is we surprise each other…”
Nay: “What is UP with the SAT words?”
Me:  “Bwahahahahahaha! I didn’t see that stupid auto-correct (benefit) is what I meant.  It means a good deed or favor I wasn’t too far off LMBO”

Yah, because I use SAT words...not

Texting Moi:

Moi:  “Todays the day… I’m going to kill (insert 2 girl’s names here) so if you get a call from jail…don’t worry it’s me”
Me:  “Okay, I’ll be sure and pick up then.”
Moi:  “From the jailhouse?”
Me:  “Yes”
Moi:  “You’re the best mom ever!”
Me:  “Haha, only if I bail you out!”

Texting Bai:

I am so deeply saddened to say that there were about 15 other pics that I kept missing on snap chat.  You have to be quick if you want to screenshot it because the pic only lasts a few seconds.  And being well, slow, I only caught the last two.  I'm telling you it was amazing what she could do with that "fur".  There were sideburns, a uni-brow a foo-man-choo and the list goes on...

The one I didn’t catch said, “Did I finally make Friday Funnies?”

Oh yes, Sweets, you most certainly did.

And guess what?  There were a few more I’ve kept in my hip pocket.  Had I known her desire to be in these Friday editions more often I certainly would have pulled these out earlier.  (smirk)

Haha!  She just sent me another one… that child just doesn’t understand the power of a Mama!

Busy in a voice that resembles an over the top valley girl “So, why can blind people still talk?”

Yah, I have no idea.  If I’m just silent for a bit and listen to them around me, I can pick up a lot of these random, where did that come from, type of things.

Busy again in that same voice, “So like, “Can you use scabies as pets?”

Unfortunately I have to admit that was a quote by a real girl at “one” of my girl’s schools.  I hope and pray for that young child that she has since learned to choose a puppy or guinea pig as a pet.

When I asked Moi if it was alright if I posted some of her pics from Prom on my blog she said yes and chose this one.

While I would love to stop and say that’s how she went, I can’t.  She looked so beautiful it’s ridiculous.

I did her hair, Busy did her nails and Hanna her make-up.  It was so awesome to finally have one of those real live female bonding times.  She looked like she needed fairy wings.

And while those last two pics don’t exactly belong in Friday Funnies, the classy oil tank and trash can lid make it a lil more relaxed.  Goodness, it’s amazing I’m not a professional photographer.  (wink)

Happy Friday all!

Over and out,


  1. Omg!!! I only meant the beard ones lol not the. "Im 600lbs and having a stroke" ones lol

  2. Haha, I totally would've responded just like Nay if I read the word "benignity". And I absolutely love, love, love your daughter's prom dress. Gorgeous!

  3. Those pics are so funny! I love it. and her dress is gorgeous!!!

    Hailey | Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  4. Those texts!!! LMBO!!!!

    Bai-bai is you - maybe funnier...yeah I said it. :D

    Moi, beautiful Moi-girl! Love the hair, the dress, the boy {wink wonk} and the oil tank. Fabulous - just Fab-YOU-lous!

  5. so this is what it's like to have it as there's never a dull moment around your house! and by the your daughter's hair! you hooked it up;)

    happy weekend!

  6. Last first: Awwwwwwww.

    First last: Ok I really LOL'd at benignity because I was about to look it up.

  7. You can tell that you and your family simply have a lot of fun together!

    And I can tell I'm an SAT word type of person because I read benignity like it was intended to be in the sentence. :P


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