Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Funnies

Ethan was sent to “re-focus” last week.  It’s not detention, and it’s not ISS (in school suspension) it’s just… re-focus. 

Okay I have to stop right here and laugh my freaking bum off at the thought of one of my pidglets being sent to re-focus… as if we had anything to “re” at all.  Focus?  Huh?  Oh… back to Ethan.  So here is the discussion that followed:

Ethan:  “Mama, I got sent to re-focus today.  The teacher tried to call you but you didn’t answer.”

On a side note, I bet he just hung up really quick because I didn’t receive a missed call or voice mail.  The last time he called me when Busy was in 6th grade I scared this full grown, not so small, man to death.  He was wrong, it just happened to fall on him that day.  (wink)

Me:  “E, why?”
Ethan:  “Blahh, blahh, blahh… I really didn’t do anything.”
Me:  “Blahh, blahh, blahh, It was totally deserving.”

So I read the paper of the “real” reasons his teacher sent him.  No big deal really, more funny because I can see my little daydreamer off in his own world when he should have been paying attention in class.  But the funny was this; his last words before walking out of the room.

Ethan:  “I actually kind of like it.  I wouldn’t mind going again.”

No doubt, lesson learned…

The kids were watching a movie that they’ve seen only 8 million times and they of course talk non-stop during a movie.  Moi says in a flat, sarcastic tone, “Will you guys be quiet before I send you all to bed with knives.”

Anyone looking for a babysitter call me K?  (snort)

Hanna snap chats me and tells me she bombed her algebra test.  I sent her back a sad face pic that said, “Like your Mama… sorry”

She sends me back a snap of her lookin’ all straight faced and says, “It’s okay, there’s always McDonald’s”

Way to look on the Brightside sweets… (smirk)

A boy on the bus was saying a lot of wildly inappropriate comments so Hanna asked him to stop.  The boy ignored her.  Then she was staring at him.  He noticed and looks to Lil Red and said, “insert extremely derogatory comment here…”

Hanna looked to him straight in the eye and said, “Do you want me to slap the baby-fat off your face?”

Needless to say due to her words and the expression on her face, he turned around and remained quiet.

She takes after her mother… (giggle)

Moi was worried about prom.  "Are the shoes okay?  Are you sure?  How should I wear my hair?  Up?  Down?  Partly up?" 

We thought it was funny because she never asks for our opinions.  She always does her thing, wears her stuff and looks amazing.  So of course Hanna and I fly to the aid.  I begin reassuring Moi of her “anything will look beautiful” self.

Then Hanna jumps in…

Hanna:  “I think we should curl your hair and you can wear the bottom down with the top of your hair up and we can do something fancy with your bangs.”
Moi: (irritated and slightly elevated in tone) “I DON’T HAVE BANGS!”
Hanna:  (with a slick grin on her face) “Well then, we’ll cut you some!”

What followed that comment was probably too violent to put on my blog… (grin)

Busy came into the room with Hanna, Moi and me.  She had her hands cupped over each other and told me to hold out my hand.  (I know better than this) so I started to question her.

Finally I held out my hand… she placed this squishy blob of awesomeness in my hands… an Elmer’s glue/laundry detergent concoction. 

Me:  “Busy, where did you get this?”
Me:  “Lil Man didn’t come home with it…”
Busy:  “I…”
Me:  “Do they do this stuff in middle school because E didn’t show it to me either…”
Busy:  “Well…”
Me:  “Busy were you online looking up recipes for concoctions?”
Busy:  “Yes…” (large grin)

See, that’s my bad.  Even as teenagers when your children are quiet you should know somethings up.

Please forgive the more horrible than usual picture quality but I just love the expression on Moi’s 17-year-old face as Busy’s 13-year-old self cleans the glob off her hands.  Sweet.

Hanna was talking about one of the classic novels they have to read in High School…

Hanna:  “I think it’s stupid that they killed off the main character at the end.”
Me:  “Yah, but sometimes it’s because they need that closure or karma or what have you to give you that full effect of the story line.”
Hanna:  “Well I hate it when they do that.  (pause)  Or you can just be like J.K. Rowling… Hey let’s kill off the main character while he’s still really alive…”

“Scared Potter?”
“You wish…”  (We still say that around the house constantly and for no reason)

For a pre-mother’s day request (on Saturday) I had asked the kids to help me clean up and organize the kitchen.  I need to paint it.  So while cleaning out the “left-overs” container cabinet I was called into the kitchen for some advice.  This was what I found in the cabinet.

Poor Ethan, he so desperately wants to scare me all the time.  I don’t know why I missed that surprise/scared gene where you gasp or jump or what have you.  But it’s been found that I am really hard to scare, even when a child is on top of the dresser towering over the bathroom door when I walk out.  (Busy back when we lived in MD.  I just kept walking)  But don’t worry, I pretended to act shocked.  (wink)

Then there was this lil snap chat from Bailey.

For some reason we feel propelled to send these types of pics to each other.  I think possibly the logic is, “Well I’m distracted so she should be too.”  (giggle)

And lastly, I will close with Lil Red again.  For the record I asked if I could post this and she said no.  (Wait, don’t scroll down yet!)  It’s how we work… “Mama can I borrow your shirt?”
No answer or no  … next thing I know she’s wearing it when she gets off the bus.

I will start by reminding you all how lovely my Lil Red is...

Teenage angst at it's best, love it! 

She knows I’m going to do it; just like she would for me.  (smirk)  Okay, so I was editing a pic for her blog button and she started telling me what to do and that I was doing something wrong.  (I told her in my motherly tone… nuh uh)

So this is what I did to her picture.

It was liberating really.  I highly recommend all mothers of teenagers get on PicMonkey with a picture of your kid and just have at it.  Very therapeutic!

Well… we are Irish…

So with that lil blackmail out of the way I’m off to do something productive… perhaps.

Please go check out my Lil Red’s blog… she’s just starting out and her “Please and Thank You” post, I think is just awesome.  Be on the lookout, Bailey is up next for a blog and really is irritated Hanna beat her to it!

Have a wondermous weekend!  Grab your kids pics and go edit the crud out of 'em, come on… it feels good and everyone loves a garden gnome… just sayin’



  1. LOL - I'll be getting pic monkey - that was hilarious. I love the expression - slap the baby fat off your face - makes me want to go back in time and use it on my brother.

  2. I'm highly offended...I was the the one standing on the dresser over the bathroom door in least a couple times a week, you really are no fun to scare lol

    1. Ahh that's right, Busy was a baby...Help, I'm getting so oooold!

  3. I really need to read the Friday Funnies in the home. I sound like I'm having a blast at work again...

    Hey Bai-Bai:
    Please hurry up with the blog...
    Thank you,


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