Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Funnies...

Friday Funnies… I wish I wrote things down like I used to so I would remember our family's antics better.  I sit down to write these funnies posts and forget the funnies.  But I swear they were funny and they happened, I’m just discombobulated and forgetful and lame.  (enter scruntched face)  Yes, I will go back to writing them down.  This week’s addition is a lil short…

Okay, so Moi is reading “A Streetcar Named Desire”  It has a picture of Marlon Brando on the front.  He was quite the hottie back in his day I would agree however; he’s shirtless and it’s for some strange reason uncomfortable for us.  Moi was talking about it and the girls were agreeing it was kind of strange to see her peeking up over this shirtless man.  We decided it was creepy like she was reading some smutty novel.  (I know, I know more issues and I passed them to my kids, whatever…)  I even while cooking dinner caught a glimps of the book in the mirror and for a second it looked like he was streaking.  Huh?  Don’t you have a mirror in your kitchen?  Oh, yah, well our house, that I love so dearly, is older and doesn’t have plugs in the bathroom because teenagers and women alike didn’t have so many things to plug in; so we get ready in the kitchen.  You don’t do that?  Hmm, no, no it’s cool…

So back to the half-naked guy.  Moi and I decided he needed a shirt.  So I made him one.  (Out of post it notes)  Busy says with the tie I even made him classy.  Yes?  Right?

I wonder how Marlon Brando would feel about wearing a belly shirt! Haha!

Does anyone see something wrong with this picture?

Thanks Lil Man, I was looking for the fly-swatter.

Ethan as I mentioned earlier this week has been sick with congestion and an ear ache and just the crud.  He asked why if his nose is stuffed is his ear hurting?  So I explained about the tubes and how you must be careful blowing your nose and please whatever you do, do not try and pop your ears because it will force the (fluid) but I just called it snot, into his tubes.

So he comes in from school the next day itching his ear.  
Me:  "Sweets, don't mess with your ear."
Ethan:  "Oh, I'm not, but I think I have dried snot in my ears... look"  (Holding out his finger with a flake of dried skin on it)

Yes, we will revisit that whole discussion, but I'm certain he's right.  (smirk)

In a conversation with Moi as I'm writing this post:

Me:  "Moi, I didn't write anything down this week.  Help me with some Friday Funnies."
Moi:  "Nothing funny happened this week."

Sarcasm, it's like perfume in this family.

Well, in the midst of starting to blog again, I could feel that things were different.  I am different.  I know why, the rest of the world, not so much.  But in the effort to find the 'me' again I began digging into my colorful archives.  My goodness I entertain myself.  (sad but true)  so if you're feeling the need to laugh a bit more than my scrawny Friday Funnies post allows for the week re-visit this one.  It's worth a giggle or 5.  Who's Hair?

Over and out... here's to having a wondermous Mother's Day weekend!


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  1. Only you with the post-it tshirt on Brando!
    psst (whispering) loving the softer feel of the Pidg blog design...good job...


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