Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have no idea what I’m posting about today; yet here I sit at my computer typing away with my two eldest girls arguing about clothes before they’re off to their last couple of days of seminary.

Another school year is coming to a close and it’s so strange how quickly Summer is drawing near.  The pidglets are gearing up for break and after my preview of yesterday (Memorial Day) when the kids were off I wanted to cry and hide under the table.  They fought and argued and whined and were loud.  They prevented me from doing what I needed to do.  And I… just inhaled and exhaled and counted my blessings that I was home to see them.


I love these in-depth discussions where I learn sayings like “gross-like” and she’s just “jelly” (jealous).  I love having them leaning over my computer as they ramble about their lives, problems, concerns, and desires.  They go from traumatic teenage experience to giggling about something random.

Today it feels like Monday, that’s the only problem with 3 day weekends – they totally discombobulate me.  (It doesn’t take much these days)

I’ve been thinking about blogging lately.  I’m not sure how or where I want it to go.  I know it’s my journal of sorts but I feel slightly compelled to follow the current of others but then in the same breath know it’s not where I’m comfortable being.  I don’t really play well with others I guess.  (smirk)  I play well, I’m just the last kid to be picked on the team; only because the gym teacher makes you.  (giggle)

I’ll find my direction, my voice my path… I guess.  I just know I want to write.  I just want to record the funnies of my family.  I just want to be me again and if not appreciated; be left alone.  Free agency is tricky.  While you have choices your timing has to be right and that’s where I have an issue.  It’s that “easily distracted” thing.

So with no real point to this post, which is not necessarily new, I’m off to be productive; for reals this time.  My schedule has been out of whack and I’m thinking that might also be messing with my mind.  I’m a list maker, a list scratcher-offer, and a follower of the Plan of the Day.  Lately, I’m just an unorganized sloth. 

Have a great start of the week!

Over and out,



  1. I think I've been unorganized since I started blogging. I need an analogy here "you can't write your cake and eat it too" doesn't fit. Have a wonderful day!

  2. My sister has taught my girls phrases like "gross-ness" and "you so cray-cray". Now I catch myself saying things like that just because I hear them say it so often.

    And I guess I have an idea where I want to go with blogging. I honestly want to make it more about just documenting my life since those are the posts I enjoy looking back on the most. I'm definitely going to be a little more selective with reviews and sponsored posts once I get the few that are overdue out of the way.

  3. Please just be true to you in your writing...that's all that matters, really. You write what you write...may it be friday funnies or rambling prose...it's you and that's what we come back to everyday...

    Um...and you are loved.
    Love ya my sista from anotha...um, mother? how does that go again? (wink wonk)


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