Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A is for afflicted...

So my thoughts for today…

My “A” button is officially broken.  Yes, this has happened on other computers before but that was always due to pidglets that have reckless abandon with computers.  This time, I was just typing away and the dang thing just popped off.  I’m still not certain if there was a conspiracy attached to it.  It did have a bit of umph to the popping and I happened to be emailing my Nay at the time.  Of course I continued to type all the while slowing me down but determined the “A” nub of a button wouldn’t bring me down.

Now, it’s scarcely hanging on and my pinky is leery of punching in that direction.  I have issues; this seems to be one of them.  Buttons should be made with a little more staying power if you know what I mean.  Don’t be surprised in the future if there is a post with the absence of all “a’s” just to see if they are truly needed.  (It knows I’m talking about it, it just slid off again)  My "A" is afflicted... annoying... all together awkward. 

Okay, I'm done.

The other day the girls had their laptop across from mine on one of my craft tables.  I took these snaps without them realizing it.  They just looked so enthralled in what they were looking up and I loved it.  I love seeing them all together.  I still find it hard to wrap my brain around the fact that those are my babies. 

Turns out they were looking up a picture of an actor that plays a serial killer that looks strangely like their substitute teacher.  You can see the grimace on Busy's face as she stares at the computer.  You can never be too careful these days, they vowed to stay clear of him. (giggle)

Ethan came in the other day and said, “Mama I have a big surprise for you tomorrow and you’re just going to love it.”

I of course was excited in deed.  I knew by the tone of his voice he was making something for me.  I truly believe hand-crafted items (especially by children) are the most wonderful of presents

Busy and Hanna regularly come home from school and just drop off notes (and yes still pictures because they are artistic) for me.  It will be a note, almost a journal entry that they have scrawled out for me in some class they weren’t paying attention to; instead they were thinking of me.  (smile)  I completely understand.  I’m not that Mama who will tell them “you should have been paying attention” of course that’s most likely why I receive those mother of the year awards often.  (Not to be mistaken for those coveted and legitimate awards  ... snicker)

I did most of my best writing as a teenager in Algebra class and I turned out to be ridiculously talented in well, avoiding math.  Hmm, let’s talk about something else.

Oh back to Ethan's surprise...

He gave me this.  In a class they no longer call Home-ec because that’s “old-fashioned” (thankyouverymuch) they make these sweet lil pillows, that and strawberry bars.  They bring them home every year and I bake (the strawberry bars, not the pillows) as well because it's a yummy recipe.

But this lil pillow… in the shape of a heart?  And those precious words painted so thoughtfully on the back?  Okay, kids sorry, he wins.  Oh so sweet.  Yes, we have all of their pillows still, and every other lil thing they’ve made, drawn and written for me. (grin)

Okay, well I’m off to do whatever it is I do.  I’ve been trying to, as soon as I get up, get ready each day to start off right.  While I have the opportunity to sit in yoga pants and not do yoga, I read on a post that she (a successful shop owner) always dressed and readied for the day.  It helped her take herself seriously.

I on the other hand take myself just as serious in pjs as I do in jeans and shoes and what have you.  But I thought I would try it.  I have and it’s helping.  Well, that’s a lie.  (I do that a lot)  Really I do it so my beautiful husband doesn’t have to come home to a woman that looks like she’s broken out of rehab with her last night’s make up on.  But still, I’ve been doing it; getting ready and dressed.

Today however, has not been that day.  I supposed that will be first on the agenda.

Over and out,



  1. So what IS home-ec called these days? The pillow is adorable!! I used to get dressed for the day FOR REAL. It was after I had stopped working and it felt weird not to. I lasted a good six months or so. That was before yoga pants were the thing.

  2. 1. I love the smirk on Ethan's face - "yup, I'm so her favorite right now!" Love that boy!
    2. I chuckled way too loud remembering that email you wrote me and now everyone glared at me...can't have fun at work, you know!
    3. You know that outfit I put on this morning that I texted you? You know what the Hubs said about it, "that's different", yeah. But you? My wonderful Pidgalicious! You always know exactly what lie to tell me. And I thank you for that beautiful lie...
    4. That's all...just wanted to put a #4


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