Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Funnies..

So it turns out I just can’t stay away from my “Friday funnies” they’re me, us and them.  It’s my lil creation that belongs to Fridays.  It makes me giggle and makes for the best memories.  So without further hesitation and trying something new… here ya go.

Texting Nay:

I had to do the lawn a few Thursdays ago, (fashionably of course wink)  and I was texting Nay telling her.

Nay:  “Okay so I know you’re out “yarding” right now but I just hit publish so go read when you can.”
Me:  “Push mowing is done now I have to do the rider… I just came in for a drink… of cyanide
Nay:  You have a rider?  Coolio…”

It's good she's concerned!  (giggle)

We were discussing a post idea and decided whether or not to do one post and trade off writing paragraphs or just do a “COPYcat” post like we used to; same subject but two different posts on each of our blogs.

Me:  “Well the benignity of a copycat is we surprise each other…”
Nay: “What is UP with the SAT words?”
Me:  “Bwahahahahahaha! I didn’t see that stupid auto-correct (benefit) is what I meant.  It means a good deed or favor I wasn’t too far off LMBO”

Yah, because I use SAT words...not

Texting Moi:

Moi:  “Todays the day… I’m going to kill (insert 2 girl’s names here) so if you get a call from jail…don’t worry it’s me”
Me:  “Okay, I’ll be sure and pick up then.”
Moi:  “From the jailhouse?”
Me:  “Yes”
Moi:  “You’re the best mom ever!”
Me:  “Haha, only if I bail you out!”

Texting Bai:

I am so deeply saddened to say that there were about 15 other pics that I kept missing on snap chat.  You have to be quick if you want to screenshot it because the pic only lasts a few seconds.  And being well, slow, I only caught the last two.  I'm telling you it was amazing what she could do with that "fur".  There were sideburns, a uni-brow a foo-man-choo and the list goes on...

The one I didn’t catch said, “Did I finally make Friday Funnies?”

Oh yes, Sweets, you most certainly did.

And guess what?  There were a few more I’ve kept in my hip pocket.  Had I known her desire to be in these Friday editions more often I certainly would have pulled these out earlier.  (smirk)

Haha!  She just sent me another one… that child just doesn’t understand the power of a Mama!

Busy in a voice that resembles an over the top valley girl “So, why can blind people still talk?”

Yah, I have no idea.  If I’m just silent for a bit and listen to them around me, I can pick up a lot of these random, where did that come from, type of things.

Busy again in that same voice, “So like, “Can you use scabies as pets?”

Unfortunately I have to admit that was a quote by a real girl at “one” of my girl’s schools.  I hope and pray for that young child that she has since learned to choose a puppy or guinea pig as a pet.

When I asked Moi if it was alright if I posted some of her pics from Prom on my blog she said yes and chose this one.

While I would love to stop and say that’s how she went, I can’t.  She looked so beautiful it’s ridiculous.

I did her hair, Busy did her nails and Hanna her make-up.  It was so awesome to finally have one of those real live female bonding times.  She looked like she needed fairy wings.

And while those last two pics don’t exactly belong in Friday Funnies, the classy oil tank and trash can lid make it a lil more relaxed.  Goodness, it’s amazing I’m not a professional photographer.  (wink)

Happy Friday all!

Over and out,

The Artisan...

I had the opportunity to take my two oldest girls to seminary Thursday.  I didn’t want to go in and learn because, quite frankly, there are people in there.  So I decided to sit in the car with my ipod and look through craft magazines.  Something I don’t generally do because when I’m home there’s always something else I need to be doing.  (Not that I’m ever doing it you see)

So I was reading this article about this woman and her craft.  As I flipped through the photos of her work and in hearing her creative process and love she had since she was wee-bitty it made me swoon with the passion I have for creating.

I really think I hold myself back.  I place restrictions upon myself of burden that my items are not 'just right'.  I worry about detail and critique myself to death to where I find only flaw.  I lose my objectivity.  I think it needs to fit a mold and when the Etsy shops or local orders slow I blame it on my quality, or lack of form or … well let’s just say the OCD sets in and I pull, pick and rip it to shreds. 

The other day Ethan came home from school, kissed me, gave me my daily I just got off the bus hug and said, “Hey Mama, you’re an artisan.”
Me:  “Huh?”
E:  “Yah, we learned that word today.  You’re an artisan, a person who is skilled in a craft.  I told them my mom was an artisan.”
Me:  (gush)

But it’s funny.  I make primitive and homespun crafts.  There are no rules, no technique that must be applied; no one way to make them all.  I forget that sometimes.  I tend to lose sight of the fact that it is my creative expression that I’m selling/giving not a factory direct, same as the other type of item.

I lose my skill in wondering what others would think opposed to what I want to express.  Loosely put together, seams and strings fraying, paint that goes over the lines, shapes that don’t match its brother before him.  I am an artisan of fabrication in a hand-made assembly line where creation, self-satisfaction and story-line are all comprised into an object made with love and time.

I forget that.  (I forget a lot of things, mainly not to dress in the dark)  So that was my epiphany for today.  I need, in this quest for finding me again, to allow myself to draw outside the lines and shout through my art and sing the song of creative expression.  I need to find joy (again) in the fact that there are no rules to what my imagination sparks.

I’ve placed guidelines on myself and my craft and I think my writing for that matter.  As of late I have realized that I worry about readers and buyers and networking.  (Not that I’m doing anything about it, I just allow that worry)  Whereas I used to just write because that’s what I set out to do.  I craft because I enjoy the results of forming, crafting, designing and making. 

So, I don’t have followers anymore, so I don’t get comments, so my sales are slow… I run a pretty tight ship in this here house.  I find inspiration in the home itself the result of its craftsmanship and the woods that surround it. 
I absorb the brilliance of those that surround me; those plantlets that are growing before my eyes that came from my body.  Their smiles and giggles and genius lil brains that speak such intricate thoughts I have never before pondered.

How blessed am I?

Today I will create, from the heart, with insight that is yet again newly discovered as a flipped leaf.

Smiling, I journey to find me; the artisan.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yesterday Yardin'...

So yesterday was Lawn Day.  Yes, I was out in the morning sun (and afternoon because I’m so freakin’ slow) yardin’. 

I’m giving a run-down of my day because I’m a girl that’s taken for granted and I need a little support.  Fine, I document these types of things mainly so that when my children grow up they will read about my daily endeavors and feel bad for me; thus they will feel compelled to make lots of money and take me in.  (retirement plan laid out)

By 7am I was working on my 3rd load of laundry, dishes done, kids swept off to school, dogs out and the garden thoroughly watered.  (not in that order)

I sat down for a moment to caffeinate then watched as the sun crept onto the lawn so I might start this dismal display of sweaty, panting, choking glory.

I was outside near the driveway filling up the mower with gas and Jack, (the black dog…the bad dog really) starts freaking out from my craft room window.  “Shut-up Jack” I holler.  Because that should calm him down when I’m all maternal like.

Jack:  “Bark..howl…bark…grrrr..”

I turn around to see the “bunny” he’s attempting to intimidate.  Holy cow, I kid you not it was a HUGE freaking male peacock standing like 20 feet behind me.  I’ve never had one of those experiences (until now) where you stare with your mouth gaping for like one minute straight.

I did.  

But doing the yard I don’t keep my phone on me because me, being me, will have it slip from my pocket, run it over and turn it into phone shrapnel where it somehow flings up and cuts my face open or something.  So… I had nothing to take a picture with.  As it moved away all graceful and majestic I ran (walked briskly because my body doesn’t really run) into the house grabbed my camera and ran out the front door hoping to flank him. 

But he had already toddled off across the street and up the neighbor’s driveway where I am now certain they have an unadvertised petting zoo.  Their house is where the 7 horses came from that came running into our yard and I’m pretty sure where the wild turkey came from that was hanging out in our ditch and a brow hound dog but he’s just silly.

I swear to you if that peacock, who I have named Sir Awesome Pants, had spread his feathers out I would have peed my pants then and there.  Truly.  I guess its good he didn’t.

Wow… just wow.  Highlight of my life.  Sad but true. 

Picture a push mower that’s about how long he was.  His body being like twice the width of mine and his tail feathers being like the length of the handle.  I’m going to find out what they eat and put in my bird feeder to lure him back.  (wink)  no really…

Okay, this is obviously not Sir Awesome Pants because he was way bigger and taller (he was so tall) and the picture is much too good of a quality for it to be mine.  But he looks like he could be a close baby cousin maybe.
So then, I did the lawn all garbed up in my most stylish attire.  Halloween socks this week if you’re interested, to protect me from ticks and other creepy crawlies.

This week I started out my venture with my “slow and steady” playlist.  I wasn’t really thinking when I hit it.  I felt pretty slow and not so steady too now that I think about it.

See, its reserved for when I’m writing a sweet love story or creating something cute for a wedding favor…or like when you want to remind yourself of those sweet moments back when you had a boyfriend.  You know, when your beau would open the door for you, surprise you with gifts of high-caloric food or rub your back and tell you that you smell like shampoo.  Yah, now I mow the lawn for my “boyfriend”.  What gives?  (smirk)

Boyfriend, okay whatever, husband needs to appreciate.  But you know, I have to giggle.  At the end of the day, or even in the middle, just sometimes in the morning when he’s sleeping and I’m up before the roosters … just a little.  Oh what?  Anyway, I sure love to look at him.  I always tell him, “Punk you are so lucky you are good lookin’ because otherwise I would just … and then I get distracted staring at him again.  Love that man.  Boyfriend…

Tis Okay, Po and I are settling into our new roles where he literally brings home the bacon because I have him do some of the grocery shopping where as I’m the stay at home warden for kids that should be old enough to take care of me and I do all of the chores, cooking and yard work.

Hindsight has already reared its ugly head and when the doctor took me out of work I should have realized I needed to ditch the fam instead of work.  But alas, the family would starve, DSS would take us all out of the home due to it’s filth and the overgrown lawn would house visitors like lions and wildebeests and wild boars instead of peacocks. 

I love my life.  I do.

I’m just still trying to get acclimated and I think, sometimes believe, I still work and that I’m just still on Leave of absence… from my mind maybe.  Denial?  Nah, I don’t believe in that.  (wink)

I have a question, in that I need a scientific answer.  Why is it that a bug, mainly a gnat, can fly directly into your eyeball or nose when in distress?  Is there some type of homing device?  I mean you hear the mower, you fly frantically from your tall blades of homeland and smack into some wet orifice.  How?  Always, every time?  It bugs me.  It does.

You know, I realized yesterday there are two benefits from having to do all of the lawn myself again.  The push mowing really makes me appreciate the rider.  I feel like I’m on a wild horse running into the sunset when I finally feel a breeze and don’t have to rely on my own momentum.  As a matter of fact I couldn’t figure out why the self-propulsion on the push mower stops working towards the end of my mowing; then I realized it’s me that’s stopping… oh the truth is a terrible thing.

The second benefit is when I get in the shower afterwards, (you thought I was going to say that clean feeling huh?)  Pshh, I shower so my family doesn't complain.  No it’s that I look like I’m tan thing.  When I’m in the shower, my arms look almost off-white, it’s pretty exciting for me really.

The exercise is good too except I counter act that with the 8lbs of Rocky Road ice cream I just recently realized was gluten free.  (worth it)  I took that pill for lactose intolerant people like me and dished up a chip bowl size of amazing wonder.  Exercise without reward is overrated if you ask me.

You know how my mind wanders and fo-shizzle I have like a bunch more random thoughts that I will just put in another post because I’m getting long-winded and ridiculous; as usual. 

Just one more thought…

How on this green earth while taking selfies do you end up with this?  No, I wasn’t singing praises the yard was done.  No, I wasn’t sneezing, no stroke (yet) no kids to yell at… I’ve got nothin’  But of course I had to share it with you guys.

Photogenic and classy; I am quite the combo.

Over and out... to look out the window for the peacock because I know in my heart of hearts he will come back.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Same Difference...

Guess what?  We’re starting it again!  All that fun stuff that people just love.  (Okay fine, there were like 3 of you) BUT STILL!

Nay and I are linking up again once a week for our what used to be COPYcat posts that we are now calling SAME DIFFERENCE.  It’s where we as bloggin’ bff’s post on the same subject but come up with whatever it is that we come up with.  It’s probably mostly fun for she and I because we don’t collaborate on it so we don’t see what the other has written until it’s posted.

That’s right, keeping it real and fun and sometimes a lil off topic.
(That’s usually me)

This week it is THE DO’s AND DON’Ts of a Bloggy BFF

Okay, so I’m going with my side of what I receive from my dear friend.
Allow me to explain:

Do: send each other silly pics of yourself during the day in order to  cheer each other up.  Often these pics must consist of things you might use as blackmail later in life. 

DONT:  Use those blackmail type pics on your blog.  Only the silly/sweet ones.  It’s a trust issue get it?  And she would probably ditch me.  (Side note, the last pic I sent her like that she text back and asked how I could get my face to do that.  It’s a gift.)

DO: hijack their blog and tell great things about them when you’re supposed to be promoting your shops on Etsy.  Oh crap that’s what I do to her.  It’s possible that’s a dont.  Fine here are my shops: 

PidgApeg for the softer side of jewelry
PidgApegOutloud jewelry for tweens, teens and young adults (and me)
PidgApegCottage homespun and prim crafts

Hey Nay, did I make up for that last hijacking that made you all weepy?

DO:  Send unexpected packages in the mail that make your bloggin’ BFF so excited to get something in the mail other than bills and coupons for foods you can’t have because they are filled with the evil that is gluten.
DONT: Send so many packages and notes that it makes yourself look like a “lew-zer” because you hate to go to the post office.  (Yah, that’s me.  I’m an epic fail when it comes to the best anything)

DO:  Start each other’s day off with text messages to tell them you love them and they should have a wondermous day.

Dont: Text in the morning when you wake up at 5am in North Carolina and your BFF lives in California (3 hours behind you… oops)  I don’t wait well, but I learned.  In case you’re curious the same doesn’t apply to her at night.  She knows Ms. Insomnia is always awake.

Do:  Continue to add to each other’s ridiculous dictionary because you mess up words and type them wrong constantly.  Give honest opinions even if you don’t agree.  Make them giggle when they want to break down.  And by all means when they do have those sad moments; still make them laugh.

Dont:  Ever take them for granted.  Always know and remind them how blessed you are to have such an unconditional friendship that is now family. Don’t ever forget it.

To end this post I would like to tell you the story of how Nay and I met; and I would, if either of us remembered.  (no joke)  We look back and know she found me on my blog but we don’t know how.  She began commenting on my blog.  From there we emailed, began calling and it just seems like we’ve always been there.  So that part must be true.  (wink)

I loves you Nay, from the deepest part of my subsol!

Go and visit My Nay to see what she came up with.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have no idea what I’m posting about today; yet here I sit at my computer typing away with my two eldest girls arguing about clothes before they’re off to their last couple of days of seminary.

Another school year is coming to a close and it’s so strange how quickly Summer is drawing near.  The pidglets are gearing up for break and after my preview of yesterday (Memorial Day) when the kids were off I wanted to cry and hide under the table.  They fought and argued and whined and were loud.  They prevented me from doing what I needed to do.  And I… just inhaled and exhaled and counted my blessings that I was home to see them.


I love these in-depth discussions where I learn sayings like “gross-like” and she’s just “jelly” (jealous).  I love having them leaning over my computer as they ramble about their lives, problems, concerns, and desires.  They go from traumatic teenage experience to giggling about something random.

Today it feels like Monday, that’s the only problem with 3 day weekends – they totally discombobulate me.  (It doesn’t take much these days)

I’ve been thinking about blogging lately.  I’m not sure how or where I want it to go.  I know it’s my journal of sorts but I feel slightly compelled to follow the current of others but then in the same breath know it’s not where I’m comfortable being.  I don’t really play well with others I guess.  (smirk)  I play well, I’m just the last kid to be picked on the team; only because the gym teacher makes you.  (giggle)

I’ll find my direction, my voice my path… I guess.  I just know I want to write.  I just want to record the funnies of my family.  I just want to be me again and if not appreciated; be left alone.  Free agency is tricky.  While you have choices your timing has to be right and that’s where I have an issue.  It’s that “easily distracted” thing.

So with no real point to this post, which is not necessarily new, I’m off to be productive; for reals this time.  My schedule has been out of whack and I’m thinking that might also be messing with my mind.  I’m a list maker, a list scratcher-offer, and a follower of the Plan of the Day.  Lately, I’m just an unorganized sloth. 

Have a great start of the week!

Over and out,


Friday, May 24, 2013

Passion for Fashion Friday Link Up...

Okay, we’re just going to cut to the chase.  My second time linking up and OH you better believe I am linking this puppy up and I believe I have outdone myself. (yes, already)

I was planning on linking up and attempting to be serious.  Fine.  Serious-ish.  Busy picked my outfit; a sundress that is super comfy.  She even did my toes to match so I could give her talented lil self a shout out.  Then… THEN… I got this stupid rash on both of my legs up to my knees.  I’m not even going there but Busy in her brilliance said,

Busy: “Hey, we got this let’s just go on PicMonkey and make it go away.”
Me:  “Can I make my legs tan too?”
Busy:  “sure.”
Me:  “done.”

THEN… they called Po in to work this weekend which was his weekend off and do you know what that means?  Well, it bites for one.  But what it means is that it’s rained on and off all week and regardless of that I was super ill.  And the lawn would not be even thought about until Tuesday at the earliest.

I used to do the lawn myself.  Goodness help me I have no idea how I did it.  It’s large; especially for an out of shape Pidg.  But as of last year Po would do the edges with the push mower for me and I would do the riding mower - which still makes my body ache and bruises the insides of both knees.  Yah, I have no idea… let’s just keep moving forward on this lil rant.

So I did it and I rock.  I was so proud of myself that when my Po came home today the lawn would be all purdy and he wouldn’t have to think about it.  But it left no time for a “fashion” post.

(That still cracks my crud up…fashion… Pidg…same sentence)

So with my amazing multi-tasking skills I’ve combined the two.  Oh yah buddy I am exposing the fashion of lawn work at its finest.  Okay, finest for a homeless person but whatevs… I’ve got this.  The blue collar edition…

How about that?  I know for a lot of you my grace and beauty will be intimidating but please bear with me as I take you through the latest in lawn fashion.

See, we have ticks out here in NC.  And just the word freaks me out especially since after lawn day last week I found one that evening on my very noggin.
(Insert hee-bee-jee-bees here)

Of course being the freak-show that I am I looked up what type of tick it was.  It was late the next day and I was having chest pains and running a super high fever, aches, pains, chills, the works.  My chest felt like when I had walking pneumonia but yet I haven't been coughing.  When I've found ticks on my kids I'm all about watching the signs; me.. eh.

But I took action.
Then, I got this splotchy rash on my ankles and it was growing up my legs.
Oh, that's right, after the year I've had with health issues - Hey doc guess what?  Pidg has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever!  I could totally see that happening seeing as how I live with Murphy's law.

So I paid attention, did my research and watched my disgrosting rash to see if it would spread and show up anywhere else.

No, I didn't over-react... just observed telling myself it was a coincidence and I just got sick at the wrong time and that if I watched it - it wouldn't be tick related just flu related.  And of course I'm allergic to the entire world of nature and have eczema but this puppy wasn't raised, you can't feel it and it doesn't itch.  (okay I'm done)

That was a long and dull explanation of why I where such a stylish bandanna along with my striking men’s ball cap.

When speaking about style I prefer my ensemble to be something I can work in yet, eye-catching and alluring.  I have 3 pairs of the exact same jeans not because I’m lazy and don’t want to shop for jeans but because I always want that she never changes her clothes look.  Oh and while doing the lawn, sweat is just an accessory.

Socks, long ones, very important to avoid those creepy crawlies that might get passed your jeans due to me deciding to where my sketchers opposed to my boots.

Please note the Christmas socks.  I like to add a lil cheer to my day.  We deck the halls year round here if you must know.

I believe it’s imperative that you have shoes you can work in and yet still give that captivating “Who is that man girl look?”

Pink nails to prove you can still work hard and show off that charismatic you.
(Nice dementor hands Pidg.  I think all of the blood had run from my brain to my veiny hands after finishing.)

I pray a lot when I’m one with nature.  Mostly begging for duration and endurance and that my tongue will stop hanging out as far as my dog’s does.  Then a swift breeze will come and I know that Heavenly Father is listening so he sends relief… air being one of the biggest things I lack.  I turn beet red when I do anything and sweat more than a fat guy in a sauna.  It’s disturbing really.  I keep waiting for the neighbors to call 911 for fear they might have to be the ones to witness my lifeless body as it crumbles to the ground.
(Poor neighbors they’re older and probably do a lot of praying themselves when I’m doing the yard.)

Those are my charming lumberjack arms if you were wondering.  The same arms that can spend the entire afternoon in the sun and still have zero pigment.

Pidg Observation:  When I’m walking to get the mail, in my yard
fa-doodling around or on my front porch not one – let me repeat, NOT ONE person will look over.


When I’m mowing, every.single.vehicle. that passes looks in my direction; sometimes even slowing down.
I honestly believe riding on a mower is the most unattractive thing a woman can do.  The body is not built to be shaken so vigorously in that way.  Well, I thought that until I had to do the push mowing once again.  Now I believe there are two most unattractive things a woman can do.
(unless she has pink nails of course)

There’s one man who finds my glamorous look fabulous.  Yah, so I scared the bejeevers out of a bus driver too.  At one of the ends of our driveway its got bamboo and from her perspective it looked like girl on her tempting ride popped out of the bushes I stopped at the end of the driveway but watched as she threw her hand over her chest and looked like she shrieked.  Funny thing though, she didn’t slow that bus down.  Food for thought…

I spent most of my mowing today attempting to think about other things; such as which tree/bush dropped that tick on my brain last week.  I’m pretty sure it was a smaller citrus tree we have at the other end of the driveway.  I could see an ill look in its eyes.  While passing underneath said tree I thought to myself how agile I still am for my age as I bent and hung off the mower to avoid contact with that glaring look of treeness.  I then promptly got slapped in the face with another of its branches and was forced to break eye contact.
I said I was still agile not well-focused… sheesh

Okay, that’s about all of the fashion I can go into today.  I mean, I imagine one must be overwhelmed at this point.  (Possibly with my mental instability)

Thank you Busy for taking these fantabulous pics.  I imagine they're perfect for Christmas cards next year.  Or not.

I’m gardening this weekend, can’t wait to see what I come up with for that one.

Over and out… and back to my heating pad.


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