Monday, April 22, 2013

Snap Chats

Does anyone else snapchat or is it something I do because all of my best friends are teenagers? (that I happened to give birth to)
Hanna came home one day a few months ago and was determined to load the app on my phone.

Me:  NO Hanna that’s ridiculous.  I don’t need to send pics back and forth with you.
Hanna:  No Mama, they don’t stay on your phone they only last for a few seconds then they’re gone.
Me:  Still stupid, I’m not a teenager, you can just text me.

Needless to say by the end of the day I had a small icon with a ghosty on it… so I tried.

Oh, I am telling you now it is the most addicting thing.  Now I can send her pics with little notes… and yes, I realized you could screenshot them to save them.  So I did.  I get so frustrated when I miss it because unless you catch it, it's gone.  So the fun began (grin)

Hanna sends me pretty pics like this.

I send her pics like this.

Yes I woke up the pups for these glorious pictures.

You can send your emotions without too many words it's so awesome.  Like for instance when Hanna was being a turd and mad at me because I  took Moi to the airport to pick up Bailey...

It really gets your message across right? (wink)

Or like when Hanna was mad because these girls were being punks.  So I of course suggested that we "take em out".  

But then there are important times like when, we as girls, need to instantly show our new hair-dos.

Then there’s photo bombing… oh how fast they can snap those pics.

And sometimes we just sit across the craft table from each other snapping pics back and forth like when we're singing and dancing (wink)

But the most fun is the whatever times when you just feel like saying “hey”.

If you’re not snapping I highly recommend it, for all ages.  Okay fine, maybe I just need to grow up.  Not likely though (wink)  Comes in real handy for blackmail. (smirk)

Happy Snapping!



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