Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Need I say more?

Today, it’s short and sweet.  Well, sweet wouldn’t be entirely true… or true at all.  I have a child.  Her name is Hanna.  I can tell you she is born of fire.  I can say she has more determination than most yet strangely she’s often lazy.  She has more fierceness however sensitive to a loving fault.  I might tell you stories and stories of what this child has put me through…daily.

I can tell you she has no idea how beautiful she is but that regardless of how she feels she tells you she is da bomb.

Hey, was your dad a terrorist?  Cuz you’re the bomb.
(Awesome pick-up line I’m sure it would work … every time)  wink

I remember when she was 6 she was looking at her school picture.  I was like okay Hanna put it down.  She, without looking up, said, “I can’t stop staring at how beautiful I am.”  Confident? Yes…

I can tell you how brilliant Hanna is and unfortunately cunning.  However as karma likes to play, her common sense is often tucked in her back pocket.  She is strong and has no filter, thoughtful and caring, easily entertained but thinks deeply.

She is a walking contradiction… but the only way you can really get it is to experience her.  Descriptions do not do this child justice.

Here’s a tid-bit of yesterday.  Is she inspiring?  Oh yes, she inspired this blog post; right after I choked on my own spit when I received these snap chats.

This was not yesterday's picture, I wasn't quick enough.  But I assure you I receive these distraught "gym" messages often.
See that's me being inspiring.  You know, giving that little drill instructor push.
Huh?  And you seriously just snapped me that?


Well, at least she feels bad about her choices... If I close my eyes and pretend.

Need I say more?

Enjoy your children, especially your teenagers.  Therapy is way to expensive these days to let them bother you.  wink



  1. Can I borrow a teenage daughter? Hahaha. I hope that my boys are that much fun someday!

  2. You guys are too cute! I wish I had your way with words to write about my children. I love reading everything you write, but you know that already. :) xo


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