Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday morning

Oh those girls of mine… Last night I don’t know what was happening but they were spun up like nobody’s business.  I’m talking loud… did I say loud?  I meant LOUD! 

Fighting then laughing then headlocks and chasing then we sat down again at the craft table and started looking for new music.  (I’m a slick mom I really know how to calm them down)  Lies.

Singing, then roaring laughter; yes I’ve trained the boys to sleep through anything.  Then “shut up!” so I made them do pushups.  I won!  I did 4.  Haha!

It made me think, what has happened to this body of mine?  Four pushups, really?  And by the third one I wasn’t quite sure if my arms were still propelling me upwards I was moving so slow.  Needless to say I’m surprised I can type this post.  (wink)

It was so funny to watch Moi and Hanna talk to each other.  They’re 18 months apart and you could not find a more night and day combination. 

What one likes the other despises.  What one thinks is funny the other stares with a solemn face.  Busy and I just sat back watching the entertainment. 

We’ve turned over an old leaf and started trying to take care of our bodies better.  Moi and I have been on the bandwagon a bit longer; me because of Celiac and her because of being a Vegetarian.  We’ve been eating fresh and healthier except for the occasional snickers I recently realized was gluten free.  (smirk)

But the other girls are ready too now.  We washed, cut and packed away a bunch of fresh produce last night and planned to exercise just for the mental health of it.  (Truly I’m hoping it will get out a little pent up aggression.  giggle)

If they keep saying shut up they will get really good at push-ups. (grin)

So today is Monday.  I don’t mind them so much as of late just like mornings.  They’re a necessary not-so-evil to me anymore.  Strange how your perspective (and taste buds) change throughout the years.  Yah, I just thought I’d throw that in there. 

Here’s to the sun peeking out from behind the rain clouds.  Girls with too much energy and boys that keep me grinning.

Happy week, and be thankful for those little leaves you keep getting to turn over.  (wink)



  1. What a wonderful gluten free discovery! Happy Monday to ya!

  2. I love turning leaves over...oh, and stomping them. Actually I like stomping them way better.
    Happy Monday!
    Happy You Day, be-you-tiful:)

  3. Your blog design is lovely and your girls are growing up! Sounds like my house around here lately. Crazy... I honestly think I had a mental break down last weekend. Feeling better this week. :)


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