Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lucky Mama

Moi got up at 2am this morning and started getting ready… until she realized what time it was and went back to bed.

I woke up at 2:38am and got up; almost went into the craft room because I couldn’t sleep.  I just ended up putting my headphones in and lay in bed thinking about one of my books.

Hanna woke up at 3am and started getting ready… Moi yelled over at 3:30am and pointed at the time, laughed then they went back to bed.

Was it a full moon or what?

So my parents ate some ‘bad Subway’ they think and didn’t get to pick up the girls for seminary so I woke up to all of my pidglets in the kitchen.  I sat there in the sea of not so little people and watched them.  They play off each other so well it’s hilarious.  Truly we would be a great and highly entertaining reality show. (wink)

As I made my way around the house making certain everyone was on task I started noticing all of my babies.  One of my girls is my height, another just shorter than me, and another taller.  The boys are in a close race.  Ethan comes to my forehead and Lil Man to my mouth.  Yes, I realize my height of 5’3” isn’t a huge goal to reach for but wow are they growing. 

I soaked up their laughter and silly jokes as I looked to Lil Man.
“Mama, will you go out with me?” he asked sweetly…
“Oh you mean like be your girlfriend?” I asked.
We all started giggling as he and I headed out to the bus stop…followed by Hanna.  I explained as he took off running to the end of the driveway that he races me every morning … and I trail behind watching him race me. (smirk)

Then here came Busy after us.  The three of us girls group hugged the smooshy, lovey most favorite Lil Man we all know as he ran to get on the bus; his bus driver smiling and shaking his head at the display.
Then I went in to round up the rest of them.  We clogged up the laundry room grabbing backpacks, lunches and begging them to wear sweaters to which Hanna replied, “Mama, Mother Nature will take care of me.”  (we still have frost in the mornings)

Oh that kid…

So the five of us waited at the end of the driveway for their bus to come.  Mr. Mike pulls up waving and each and every one of my kids (in high school and middle school) waited their turn for a hug and a kiss telling me they love me.  (Busy came back for a second smooch)  Then they boarded the giant yellow torture on wheels and waved and blew kisses out the window as Mr. Mike waved and laughed taking them off to their day.

I get a call from Bailey almost every day and if not a call I get snaps and texts... from my college pidglet... lucky Mama.

How blessed am I?  For all of the trial, arguing, battle of wills, I have teenagers and little ones that openly express their love for me.  They are growing so fast no matter how desperately I try to hang to these moments.  I love being their Mama.  I love the hardest job I’ve ever had without pay. 

The lessons I’m learning the patience I’ve gained along the way; the love I’ve experienced from them and witnessed them display to each other is so worth it. 

This coming from a woman who didn’t want kids. (smirk)  But I’ll take these 6 over and over again.  The crazy lil varmints that display the best and worst parts of me that genetics so equally distributed to them. 

Okay, I’m off to work on the shops… after I snap chat Hanna.  Ha!  Right on time, one just came through.

Enjoy your babies… I for one am still grinning.



  1. Awww so sweet! Just Sunday night Christopher said to me, "When I get big and have a wife I want her to be like you." Awwwww. Last night he asked for a kiss on the cheek. I said, "I'll wait until you get done eating." He said, "Why I don't have any crumbs on it?" So I gave him a kiss while he was eating dinner.

  2. Love this post. You are the mama of some amazing kids and those amazing kids have an amazing mama. :) Love you "salty mama". Hahaha.

  3. sweet post, Pidg...


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