Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Funnies

So a dear friend of mine started blogging again.  I would throw in a link but it’s a private blog right now.  Anyway, after just the first two reads it left me realizing I needed to blog myself.  She inspired me.

I don’t really know why I do it.  A history, a journal, a funny recollection of what a goober I am?  I’m not really sure.  I just know it’s something I need.

And I’ve turned away from it… kind of like everything else lately.

I’ve been on LOA (leave of absence) from work since February.  It seems like an eternity.  The doctor finally took the choice out of my hands and told me enough was enough.  Okay so that’s not entirely true.  My body said it first, then my doctor wouldn't allow me to go back.  In all of my deepest and darkest thoughts I never really believed that my body, who has been with me since birth mind you, would turn its back on me. 

But it did.

Without details (you know how I feel about those) I just stopped; mentally and physically.  It was as if a switch turned off and I couldn’t turn it back on. 

Well, since then I have been taking small steps by candle light, still searching for the light switch.  They say I’ll find it.  I hope they’re right.

On to something I haven’t done in a while.  I sat here debating on what to write about and of course my brain started vomiting out so many thoughts I was forced to acknowledge there isn’t enough caffeine in the world to allow me to focus.

So, short and sweet, baby steps right?  I mentioned the past few months… now I’ll mention Friday Funnies.

Oh, how I miss those… and lately, I’ve been here for them. (wink)


(Through text messages)

Bailey:  Oh, I feel awful.  I just want to go home and get in swear pants.
Bailey:  *sweat
Me:  I like “swear” pants better… as a matter of fact I wear them under my jeans every day.

Moi and Hanna

The girls were talking about jobs they would like…

Hanna:  I think we should go to Disney World and all be Disney princesses!  I want to be Ariel!”
Moi:  Naw, they might let you be a yeti.


Through a deep discussion about someone who had wronged her…

Hanna:  I wish they would just die…
(No, she’s never been known to be dramatic)
Me:  Hanna that’s awful, stop saying that.
Hanna:  Fine, they should just stop breathing…
Me: (Look of crazy)
Hanna: (laughing)  Okay, just fall off a cliff..
Me:  (Still crazy look on my face)  Uhh.. and be seriously maimed or hurt?
Hanna:  I didn’t say that… the ending is unknown…


Ethan:  Hey Mama, do you have a 6 pack?
Me: (borderline hysterical) Uhh no son, I used to though when I lifted.  Now it’s a keg.
Ethan:  Does Bill (Po) have a 6 pack?
Me:  Naw, maybe a 4 pack though. (grin)
Ethan:  Yah, I thought so… cuz I could tell he has a lot of flub on his stomach.
Me:  (???)  E, what does “flub” mean to you?
Ethan:  Oh you know it’s kind of like muscle…

Hmm… I wonder what he calls fat…

Lil Man

So Easter this year was just Po, the boys and me.  The girls went to Hawaii with their dad.  Believe it or not they couldn’t wait to get home.  (it’s all me, I’m sure.  Wink)

So, while Po had drifted off Lil Man did this to him.

Tiny lil crocheted hat I made for a doll.


Busy I am excited to say is on the insulin pump now.  So far so good… a few glitches seeing as how she has her Mama’s lack of coordination but other than that good…  So every 3 days I have to change her site.  I ran back into the room to get another and came out and she had cut off her tubing from the old site and had done this.  Of course I immediately snapped a pic to Bailey.

 I love the top right one where she has her old person face on.  Is that what I'm going to look like?  I mean will your eyes automatically just start opening mid-way?

Okay, that's it for now.  On a good note, all 3 of my shops are open again and today I'm making birds.

Happy weekend



  1. Love it! Welcome back. I have on swear pants because I am going for a walk as soon as the bus comes to get it over with and to get the old prople konks out. I'll swear in my head about everything until I get back and then I'll be happy.

  2. Stop stopping and get starting! ;) Linked your blog in my new post! Its not private anymore. What a pain that was! haha I guess I just didn't want my kids dad to read it. I want to buy something from your store. Alrighty its bedtime... talk to you later!


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