Saturday, November 10, 2012

My not so earth-shattering thoughts...

My thoughts for today; and please be aware these are earth-shattering…
Well depending on your standards of “earth-shattering”
We all know I don’t get out much {wink}

I have found in my old age {snort}  I cannot type the word “because” No matter how hard I try it always comes out “becasue”.
Yes.  True story.

Now, with that said, I have misspelled the words said, earth, old {twice} and wink.  All B E C A U S E I was thinking about the above mentioned word as I typed.  {I misspelled above too just now}

Maybe I should stop here.

I am definitely avoiding filling you in on a few things.  I know, we had this discussion and I told you I would.
Avoidance: The act of avoiding or keeping away from.
I would like to point out nowhere in there does it say that it won’t happen.  I’m just keeping away from...lazy?  Perhaps.

My daughter, Hanna, came home and told Po she wanted to be on the wrestling team.  I think I entered the first stages of cardiac arrest.  Boxing would be more her category quite honestly.  However, between the outfits, the cauliflower ear, broken limbs, sweat, monthly aunt flow visits and BOYS… I definitely felt my blood pressure rise…through my nasal passage.  Po delivered said news after I got off from a hectic day at work and I’m pretty sure the only word I echoed was “No…no…NO…nO…nnooooo… {pause}  no…no….shaking my head…no…
And so on.  For about 10 minutes.  I could find no other word.
Then Moi told me they were joking.
My sense of humor had an epic fail.

Bad dreams are sure to follow.

Here’s another.  I know so far I have stayed on topic and for me to change the subject quickly and randomly is completely unlike me…wait what?

I am in love with the new Taylor Swift CD, Red.  It’s spunky and young and sweet and not really what I normally listen to but I like it lots of lots.  I sing along to it with my headphones on…sounding just like her too I’m sure.  Just ask Po.  No, let’s not ask him.  He has this strange thing about being honest.  Yah, I really don’t get it either.  {smirk}

I miss my Mama.  She lives about 10 minutes away and yet we never see each other.  Someone in this family needs to publish their book(s) so we can be rich and retire her working-self so she can come over and visit.
(OH that’s me) wink.  Well the good news is Sloan, my trusty editor side-kick is polishing the query letter and we’re about to start submitting. 

I’m really tired of being behind the curve.  But really if I was ahead of it, would I learn the same lessons I’m learning now?  See how I turned that into a positive?  Yah, I’m slick like that.  Really it just makes me feel like being behind is actually a plus.
I’m going to stop before I get depressed.

Well, I’m off to admire my husband while he saves the earth from aliens.  It’s nice to feel safe at night.

Over and out…


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