Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's all his fault...

Another boring update…

First off, as the title says, it’s all his fault.  That somehow makes things better for me.  It allows me the false comfort of knowing if I mess up, Po will take the fall because, after all, it’s all his fault.
It all started with us both being happily ever after in our work situation.  I mean we flit through the door each and every morning at 5am {yah, freakin’ right} ready to work, throw freight and work like sweaty men.  Oh wait, that’s me.  Remember, he glistens.  {punk}

Be honest, you’re still picturing us “flitting” huh?  {smirk}
Suddenly lo and behold, a position came open that was suited for my man Po.  This position is a no joke.  It’s one of those promotions that is “consuming” to say the least.  Well, here’s the kicker, if he got it, then I had to leave my position, you know, the one where I flit, because technically he would be my supervisor.

Ahhh Hahahahahahahahahahaahhahh chokespit.hahahahahahahahhahah
Him?  Tell me what do?  Hahahahhaahaoh, sorry.
In all honesty, we work really well together regardless of who is telling who what to do.  But store policy is that because we’re married, we have to be equal.  I’m only allowed to be his supervisor in holy matrimony.

Okay, that’s cool, I’ll go third shift.  It sucks because truth be told, I love my crazy, non-stop, stress of a job.  But whatever it takes for the man right?  Well, if you know Po or have experienced the furrowing of his brow I could tell right away he was not on board with the plan.
Oh, come on.  I have insomnia, I only require about 3 solid hours of sleep.  Come home, see the kids off to school, sleep for 3 or 4 and boom, into the craft room I go.  The plan was genius!  Then he had to be all negative and say things like, “We will never see each other… ”

Man, what a realist, talk about raining on my parade.  {wink}

Okay fine, I wasn’t married to the idea of 3rd shift but I do think Po was about the only person who could really step into this position and move it in the direction it needs to be.  I have a lot of faith in him.

Result:  He wouldn’t step up if I went 3rd shift.

I kid you not the next day another “equal” position to his opened up and I threw my hat in the ring.  I really didn’t want it, but work is work.  It would send me across the store completely out of the realm in which my experience lies.  Then another guy stepped up who was more qualified which then left his position open…but I didn’t want his position at all.  Back to 3rd shift… in other words, back to the furrowing of the brow…. Yikes.

Then, not but what seemed like a second later the supervisory position of where my experience does lie opened because that guy did want the other guy's job.  Are you with me?
Okay go back a few weeks where I had told my upper management I didn’t want to step up… {Karma right?} but then this.  This is the position I wanted, this was my baby.  This was also the position that is next to Po.  The one where when he’s off I’m there and vise versa.  The one I wanted; the one where we have opposite schedules.  I mean we do work days together and we get 2 days off together... in a 6 week period. 
That’s the only down fall.

But did I mention this position was my baby?

Needless to say, I snatched that bad boy up.  It was the only way he would step up… and he had to.  And he did.  And so did I.

Now if I could get the kids to step up and stop fighting and refrain from making my house dirty.  Oh wait, they're mostly teenagers… {grin}

So we literally got promoted and back on equal ground within 2 days of each other.  We work hand-in-hand {not literally, that would be as lame as flitting} running one side of the store.  We work directly under the Assistant managers and when I say running that’s literal.  It’s not that we’re awesome-management-hot-shots, we really seem to be  on a treadmill.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We love to work when we’re at work.  {go figure}

We’re overwhelmed and stressed and drained and pulled and pushed and while Po is still solid and level headed, I’m on an adrenaline rush with my arms up in the air on the roller coaster as the car flies down the track.


I know, I’m strange, but I really do get a rush.  It’s exhilarating to say the least with all that goes on and all that I need to get done and follow up on.  I’m at that point where I’m aware of the things I don’t know, but I’ll get there.  I’ve never worked for a place before to where they actually appreciate the hard work we put in.
Until now.

Sure, I have bad days, I screw up or I’m just not enough because me being only one person is truly frustrating for me.  But they actually seem to realize we care about what we do.
That part is nice.

So with that being said, between my dumb health issues, work and sitting on my heating pad I haven’t really been posting.  See, I said I’d update you and for the most part those were the major things. The rest will most likely be in an upcoming post for Friday funnies.

They’ve been on a roll lately.

Meanwhile, I’m going to finish hanging Christmas decorations and wrapping.  We’re having a mini Christmas when Bailey and Britton get here and I’m beside myself with giddy.  I might be just as excited about Christmas ham early but it’s whatevs…
Hey, if being at work is like being on a treadmill and I throw freight like a mad-woman can I just shorten that by sayin,
“Uh, yah…I work out.”

I think I’ll try that.  Somehow it makes me smile, pretending to be more motivated than I really am.  {Yes, I really am grinning}
Have a good week!

The girl who works out.  {wink}

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  1. Girl, you crack me up! Congrats on the promotions, both of you. :)


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