Monday, November 12, 2012

Health and no Beauty Update...

This is long and quite possibly boring.  But I told you I’d update… Here’s the first.
Celiac Disease:  Celiac (SEE-lee-ak) disease is a digestive condition triggered by consumption of the protein gluten, which is primarily found in bread, pasta, cookies, pizza crust and many other foods containing wheat, barley or rye {plus a million more tricky ways of saying wheat}
People with celiac disease who eat foods containing gluten experience an immune reaction in their small intestines, causing damage to the inner surface of the small intestine and an inability to absorb certain nutrients.  {Cuz it beats up the villi that absorb the nutrients}
Eventually, the decreased absorption of nutrients (malabsorption) that occurs with celiac disease can cause vitamin deficiencies that deprive your brain, peripheral nervous system, bones, liver and other organs of vital nourishment. {So it’s really no biggie right?}
No treatment can cure celiac disease. However, you can effectively manage celiac disease by changing your diet.
Why do I bring this up?  Oh, because over two years ago my youngest pidglet, Busy, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes an autoimmune disease.  Oddly enough once you have one autoimmune disease you are more likely to have others…such as Hypothyroidism which she also has.  So when the Endocrinologist started furrowing his brow at a few of her stomach issues Celiac disease certainly was mentioned. 
I went home, yes, two years ago, and found out everything I could about the disease.  If I must change Busy’s eating habits then I will be right with her, never allowing her to feel alone, or different or even dare I say, punished. 
I read online.  I read literature from the Endo and from other trusted websites.  I read, studied, made notes and paid close attention.
So even still when Bailey, my oldest pidglet became ill with sudden weight loss, horrible body aches and head aches and was exhausted beyond reason at her active and spry age of 19 it didn’t surprise me when she was diagnosed with Celiac.
All of the study, all of the Mama research to make sure I was on top of things all of the taking notes on reactions to foods and unexplained illness pushed aside one large factor - my own denial.
I never stopped to consider.  I have had all of these {will go into them at the bottom of this post} glorious symptoms for a few years now.  But I’m mom, so it really doesn’t matter.

Remember how that whole Clostridium Difficile went that started in the end of June? (C-diff) You know the super bug that tried to kill me for almost 2 months?  Yah that one…
I've often wondered how scary it would be if I stopped functioning.  Then suddenly I was on the peak of that thought slowly falling into it. 
So the abdominal cramping began; it felt like I had lead in my lower intestines, like someone was pressing on them.  Then the urge to go to the bathroom so bad like I was going to have explosive diarrhea... I just love that term!  We use it in this family just for fun…it never gets old.  Huh?  Oh, no we never have it we just like to say we do.  It kind of paints a picture doesn’t it?  Yah, you probably shouldn’t join us for dinner then those conversations always include that term somehow.
But anyway… I get to the bathroom and go just a bit accompanied by… well let’s just say yes, finally doctor came to mind.  But then my mind started laughing/sobbing yelling NO!

Day one also included {inventory bytheway} I went to pull freight from my Freezer which is negative 4,020 degrees in there and my entire body locked up starting with my legs, butt hip thing I have and by the time I got out I could hardly walk.  Had to work a 12 hour day. {Lots of Advil and pep talks} 
I was in my cooler lost my footing with my tremoring legs and wiped out in the cooler floor.  No one saw thank goodness, but I felt the need to tell everyone that worked for me so we could all laugh at me together. {giggle}  When I researched the type of grossness I was having after 24 hours I should have gone to the doctor. Oops.

A week later… I spent most of both days off sleeping.  {Which in itself says something is wrong with me} I would occasionally wake up because I had to "go" to the bathroom so fiercely...which I really didn't. 

By day 3 of that week I had almost stopped functioning.  If I had to work more than 3 hours I wouldn't have made it.  I would double over in pain in my cooler and barely make it to the bathroom to only go a little bit of weirdness…we’ll leave it at that.  {wink}
Oh, and continuous fever; my body was screaming for help and I knew deep down in my gut it wasn’t a virus. 
So knowing something was wrong with me before the C-diff hit simply had to go on the back burner.  After almost 2 months of antibotics that I had to take for 2 weeks at a time 4 times a day I’m better.  Although it takes at least 3 months for my intestines to heal.  {mean}
Here’s a funny though.  Bailey randomly text me one morning a few weeks ago and said,
Bailey: “Mama did you know if you didn’t get rid of the C-diff you might have had to have a fecal transplant?  They usually try to get a family member to donate.”
Me: “Don’t worry I would never have asked it of you.  I would be okay dying.”
Bailey:  “Oh, I would have done it, but I think it would have ruined our relationship!”
That’s just crap… {snort}
Fast forward.

There are two categories of signs and symptoms for Celiac:
1) those due to malabsorption, and
2) those due to malnutrition including vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 
Symptoms of malnutrition and vitamin or mineral deficiencies include: weight loss, fluid retention, anemia, osteoporosis, dare I say exhaustion, bruising easily, peripheral neuropathy, {nerve damage} and poor balance, headaches, muscle weakness. also get cranky.
Thank goodness I never get cranky. {smirk}

Everything in red, I have had for a while.  It’s been progressively getting worse for 2 years...also accompanied by fairly constant fever.
It goes further that it can cause enamel loss on your teeth {um yah…} and symptoms of poor balance, muscle weakness, and numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. I also have continual eye spasms and crystals in my eye when this is going on so furiously.  OH, and hair loss notice the shorter and much thinner straight hair.  It was coming out by small handful.  And while they do have an antibody blood test only about 15% ish are able to be diagnosed from it. 

What's worse is they said adults with Celiac might not have weight loss because their appetite increases so much since they're not getting nutrients so they over compensate on their food.  {sounds strangely like me in the beginning of the year}

You’ll never believe it though… I really did take myself to the doctor again.  Get this, and this is the weird part; I have Celiac. 
Did not see that one coming.
Sorry, I thought we were still having fun being sarcastic.  {wink}
It’s funny how things sneak up on you when your eyes are wide open. 
I emailed Bailey to ask her opinion of all of this when I finally got stampeded by the elephant in the room.  Her response:  “Honestly Mama, I was just waiting for you to figure it out.”
See what college does to your children?  It makes them “smartas if she needed help with that in our gene pool.  {smirk}
Why don’t instruction manuals come with Mamas?  Why didn’t someone tell me you will completely forget you’re human when thinking about your children? 
Dang it…where’s my cape?  There better not be gluten on it.  {giggle}
Now after being {grudgingly} off of gluten for the second and final time I’m happily {okay fine, still relatively grudgingly} searching for recipes and ways to supplement the drug that is gluten.
Bailey is doing amazing, I’m on my way and eyes are still on Busy.  Until then, I dream of homemade yeast rolls and cupcakes.  Sad thing is, I really do.
But on a good note, my energy is returning and so is my creativity.  I think I will go into business for the autoimmune in everyone…one pendant at a time.  Or maybe not. {grin}
Thanks for listening.  This has been brought to you by the newly, now more nourished Pidg. 
Over and out…and yes, Dr. Pepper is gluten free!  Every once in a while Karma will smile.


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  1. yay for dr pepper! LOL Man, I'm so glad you are diagnosed and cet get a little healthier. If i come across anything gluten free I will share :)


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