Thursday, November 8, 2012

Because you said I didn't take pictures...

So… I go to work today at 11am.  I’m still {physically} on the 5am – 2pm shift so my extremely oh so cooperative body still wakes up at 4:30am and thinks it slept in.  {Hence the bags under my eyes}  Or maybe that’s age?  Hmmm...

So I have nothing to do.  I showered.  I got ready for work.  Took Po in because he has a 7am – 4pm today.  I shopped a lil then realized Ethan didn’t put my wallet back in my purse and had to go steal Po’s card from him…now I’m waiting.  I cleaned on my day off but now it’s messy again and I’m not feeling it.  I did errands and now I’m sitting.  Ironically I’m not caffeinated.  I’m smirking right now thinking about going in all Hyper-active like I’ve been the past two days, but that’s probably not really great for the ole’ job security.  {wink}  I will nip that in the bud…soon as I find out what a bud is.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have one.

So upon reflection… {yah, like I have time to reflect on anything}.  Not too long ago an old friend of mine made a comment about one of my Facebook profile pictures.  {Because it was an old picture}  He said “blah, blah, blah… since you never take pictures of yourself.”

Okay, possibly that wasn’t verbatim but you get the idea.  Huh?  What?  I had just recently taken pics that, for some reason, looked as if I had a stroke.  BUT the point is, I take pics… right?  Okay, perhaps not often.  I like pictures, just with everyone else in them.  I mean I can be in them.  I’m a team player, but I generally prefer to have me in the background, like a ghostly image maybe?  I don’t think I have esteem problems, I just don’t like to look at me.  I start finding flaws and I’m just there, sitting, strangely staring, immovable {which in itself is unnatural for me}  grin.

But in the eyes of posterity, I know that those pictures however odd they might be will be important to my pidglets one day.  I’m going to get better at it again, if only because…ready for this?  It’s going to be loud!

Bailey and her boyfriend Britton who we get to meet for the first time will be coming out to visit in one week!

Ahhhh!  I am beside myself with excitement.  I know with me holding back it’s hard to tell.  {wink}
But there is something about that child that she always makes me take pictures…maybe it’s the largish camera in her hand.  {giggle}

So, I took pics, just to prove I did. 
So... IN YOUR FACE FRIEND I WON'T NAME! {lots of love tho!... punk}

 I like the slippers the best... I have nothing negative to say about that pic at all.  Don't be surprised if it comes in a Christmas card.  {wink}

Oh how I miss blogging... just wanted to throw that out there again.


 And I'll give you one more for the road...

It's a good thing I'm not easily distracted.



  1. I love it, you look fabulous!! I miss you so! I'm excited for you your family have Bailey and Britton visit. :) I kid you not that Saphire just finished telling me that she went to Starbucks today and discovered she left her wallet at home. She was so sad. Her co-worker overheard her asking her sister for money and lent some to her. She was happy. Oh, by the way, did I tell you she's expecting again? They are living with us and she's having another girl , she's due on April 5th. :)


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