Thursday, November 1, 2012

A quick hello

I’ve been in a whirl wind lately.  Missing blogging to say the least but somehow not finding the time or energy to place my fingers on the keys.  I’ve missed my 2.3 readers I “might” have left.  But I’ve really missed just blubbering and randomly writing those thoughts that spark and fade in my mind.  I miss my outlet.

There is so much to catch up on and record, if you will, in this online journal of sorts.  There is a largish part of me that says “Ehh…let’s just start again…”  I hate repeating myself however often I have to do it.  {Constantly}  But I will.  Slowly but surely I will leak out the past few months on paper and grin at the ups and downs of this wonderfully awful brood. 

So, it’s Halloween …I hope it’s all Happy for you guys.  We have drifted away from the traditional Hallows’ Eve trick-or-treating and moved towards a tradition of Halloween movies, candy, junk food and Halloween crafts.  Good ole’ family time at its finest.

They always dress up and do trunk-or-treating with the church during the week before the actual holiday so they don’t miss out on anything.  We’ve just steered away from candy from strangers and possibly having to x-ray for pointed/sharp objects in said food.  {wink} 
We just don’t have those neighborhoods anymore to tell you the truth.  Oh and we ALWAYS get McDonald’s on Halloween.  This is a special tradition {just ask the kids} that started with a ton of thought.  It all began when Bailey was just a lil Pidg and I was running home from work, racing traffic and I didn’t have time to make dinner before taking her out to knock on doors and show her cute self in order to get bag-fulls of candy.  Hence, the quick fix was McDonald’s.  Somehow after a few consistent years of this it became a strangely important tradition to the Pidglets.   

Funny how that happens huh? 
Now most of the Happy Meals have turned into combo meals and the drinks have become full-sized.  {All but one}  But those things, those simple and little real things are important.  I can bet when they take their littles out on Halloween they will surely take them first for a quick Happy meal before running the streets …
I love Halloween.  {smirk}

Okay, so this was a tiny lil post about a tiny lil topic.  However, it’s a large stride for me… I’ll fill you in on the exhaustion later.  {wink}

I really don’t know why I winked to tell you the truth.  I will fill you in.  And it is exhausting.  I just like to wink.  {wink}  There it is again!

Real quick, before I go watch our Halloween movies and watch my kids go into a candy coma wanna be jealous?  We’re doing a handmade Christmas again this year.  {Yes, we do still get the kids a few things they need as well}  But I’m almost done with the girls completely and I know what we’re doing for the lil Men.  Ha!  Mess with me!  Truth be told if I didn’t start early I would most likely have forgotten Christmas.  Whew… off to the movie night!
Happy Hallows’ Eve



  1. Well hello!! I guess my little man eats more than yours. I can't tell you the last time I bought a kids's meal unless it was for me. Did you mean it was for you? ;-) We went out to eat last night to get away from doorbell. No porch light doesn't work. Anywoo glad to hear from you. (((hugs))) from the other side of the state. Stinks that the gap is so wide.

  2. Hi from one of your 2.3 readers:)


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