Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So, today was just one of those…”Really?” kind of days.  It sucks to be professional {like how I said ‘sucks’ because that’s super professional} and not be able to blog about what you really want to blog about.  Those office politics, if you will and those double edge swords that are thrown at you would be helpful to release from the brain right now.


I can’t.  
 But let it be known I know I don’t belong where I’m at right now.

So instead we’ll just talk about all of the random things, thoughts and events that filled my last few hours, days and whatever else...

One of my co-workers, the one who always asks about my health
{2 days off antibiotics and counting)
asked me what I had for dinner last night.  She always asks if I’m eating and since the answer during the day is generally no…but I’ve been better this week… she decided to throw me a curve and ask about last night’s dinner. 
Friend:  “So, uhh…what did you eat for dinner last night?”
Me:  {awkward pause}  “Uhh…last night?  Really?”
Friend:  “Yah…” {mocking lil twisted grin knowing it was going to be worth the answer}
Me:  “A piece of cheese pizza with guacamole on it…uh….”
{cricket cricket} “Why didn’t I just lie?”
Friend:  With a giggle, “I know right, you’re married, you know how to lie!”
Haha!  I was just glad it got us off the subject of what I ate for dinner.  Any other night I could have answered salad or a sandwich.  Timing bites.

Then I was thinking, what is the difference between me and those that have published and/or been successful at their at home business?  The only thing I could come up with is this. 

They simply made it happen.  I think I will too.

I got home and after some cruel irony that came true and lo and behold my children had neglected to do their chores properly so I had to do them.  And to go further, said children were upset that I didn’t accept the answer they gave me; which was, I can do them when I get home.  However, I texted at 7am and said chores must be done BEFORE you take care of anything else outside the home. 
I’m moving to the edge of the world; in a tent.

Unless they have children there…

Last night Busy, Hanna, the boys and I played a board game.  It started out with Hanna getting irritated because we weren’t accepting her answers {because she cheats} so would you like to know what my brilliant child did?  She plucked out her temporary crown on her tooth {that evidently had fallen out earlier} and replaced her game piece with her tooth just to gross us all out.  Awesome.  Then she quit, so did Ethan and Lil Man asked if he could be on my team since Busy was asking the questions.  Turned out he won…weird right?

After that we went about our separate ways.  Then the power went out…yes, I verified with Po we paid the bill.  Then our separate ways became one room and it got hot and I kicked them all to the curb.  There’s something about the power going out that makes everyone louder.  Needless to say, it was a sleepless night…until morning when I was supposed to get up for work and had somehow forgotten to set my alarm.  I decided {evidently} to sleep then. 

And to bring me to the point of posting… it was this.   I was thinking how much I love music and that I think after I take piano lessons {after I’m rich} I will then learn to play the guitar.  And then I decided how much I love my Mp3 player right before it went black and when threatened; it just continued to mock me for my efforts.  I still love music…even though it’s trapped in a lil evil box right now.

Oh, and I don’t like people…still.  The feeling is mutual so I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I’m going back to being a recluse…who blogs…who also has to work outside the home for now… and deal with people…oh and kids and family…and strangers that are really as strange as they seem.

Did that last part seem negative?  Probably only to people.  {wink}

That was weird I almost ended this lil ditty without winking.   Would you have worried or called?  Texted or commented about my non-winking or smirking or snorting or giggling?  People wouldn’t notice…but I know that you guys would.  {wink}

Okay one more thought…it just came to me…

Goodness I love that man.  {giggle}



  1. I love it when you post! You give me a sporadic smile no matter what.

  2. You and your family are always so entertaining. :) I've been going crazy around here with my girls and my granddaughter now. Dakota started school so she and Shanee are out of the house in the day but Hayden and Aaliyah won't stop fighting and whining. I was about to run away from home the other night. You know it was either that or throw up from all the stress. And no way do I want to clean that up. It's so good to hear about how you are doing and to read about your winking and smirking and such. :)

  3. Hi love - I read this last night and smiled the whole way through. Only my Pudgalicious can make rambing interesting:) And if I weren't counting calories & points (grrrrr...), I would def have to try the 'mole covered pizza thing!

  4. Your personality always comes through in your posts! I am curious about the pizza and gaucamole. I love both of those things- but have hever had them together. I bet it's pretty good. Thanks for sharing your day. :)


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