Monday, July 23, 2012

Update, pics and a relapse...

Do you ever have those times when you think, “Hey I should update everyone on what’s been going on…” but then you don’t?

I've been thinking that and doing nothing about it a lot lately.
I’m not sure why though.  

So, I got really sick.  The kind of sick I really don’t want to go into detail about.  Have you heard of C-diff?  Clostridium Difficile…look it up.  

Mine was bad.

It seems I waited too long to go to the doctor  {weird right?}  Stubborn was never even mentioned, no.

Basically, the antibiotics I was on for my abscess tooth attacked all of my good bacteria in my intestine.  Not only did it leave the bad it grew and grew and then thought making two different types of toxins was a good idea.  {For the record I completely disagreed.}

It tore out the lining of my gut and ‘poof’ I wanted to die.  I worked until I couldn’t walk anymore because I was so weak and Po had to help me get to the car.  No, not embarrassing at all, just ultra-lame. 

By the time I got to the doctor they hooked me up to an IV and said the word “hospital”.  I managed to laugh and politely refuse.  It was 4 days on the most awful antibiotics {ironic I know} before I could really walk around except for making it to the bathroom to purge about 18-20 times per day…not including the night.
{Not exaggerating}

Before C-diff I had been losing weight and was feeling pretty good about it.  Then this hit.  I lost over 18 lbs in a week and a half.  Not cool.

In all honesty, I think it was an attack on my life.  No really, it makes sense… you don’t think so?  {giggle}  You know how I feel about conspiracies.  You have to watch out.  {wink}

Meanwhile, Bailey came for a visit last week and it was so to nice be with her and have the family together again.  My babies are growing so fast it’s ridiculous.  She agreed not to turn 20 in December and I’m feeling much better now.

I can't believe they're mine.

I can definitely believe they're mine.

They stopped fighting for the camera...good girls.

He smells really...really good.

Lil plotters, you can see it in their eyes.

I can look at him all day.  As a matter of fact, I'm creepily staring at him right now. {wink} No really, I am.

Something else happened, it kind of shook me up.  I can’t go into specifics because to be honest, I’m actually thinking about closing up shop on my blog because of the ‘incident’.  But then again, I’ve never turned away from a challenge before.  So with a sardonic laugh, I’ll keep trudging and continue to remember, I’m not as crazy as them.

The last portion of the most boring update known to man is this.  I finished the disgrosting antibiotics that give me a metallic taste last Wednesday.  Two weeks of blahhh.  But...C-diff is back.  It seems 20% of people with C-diff relapse.  It also seems 65% of those 20% relapse a third time.

Yah, I’m pretty excited…

So I sit here buried in blankets, aching and drinking plenty of water waiting for my doctor to call me back.

Yes, I worked this morning.  Yes, I will work tomorrow; it’s inventory week.  {There’s that irony again}

Wish me luck.
And in apology I feel I must say this isn’t one of my usual witty posts with serious or not so much undertones.  Truth be told, I’m trying to find me again right now.  I’ll let you know what I discover.  So far, it’s just a bunch of crap!  Haha!  Get it?  Yah, trust me, C-diff isn’t really very funny.  

Miss you guys like crazy.



  1. It *is* a bunch of crap...literally. Ew! But I miss you way.too.much. Maybe I'm just not totally "me" when there is no "you". Yeah, that's it.

  2. Be careful. I hope they can get rid of it soon. You should be resting.......but you know that. Beautiful family.

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love the family pics!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear all the "crap" you are dealing with. I hope you feel better soon and everything in your life is in order pronto. I am happy to see a smiling picture of you. Take care and you will be in my prayers.


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