Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Take two...

So, the doctor put me back on meds.  I did switch my day off for yesterday so I could lie in bed.  I like to think I was being smart, but mostly my body shut down for the day. {wink} sounds about right so I won’t take credit for being smart; not ‘intelligent’ anyway.  She said that if gets worse or comes back again I need to go to a specialist to get it eradicated. 
I don’t know about you but I’m thinking that sounds less pleasant than the C-diff itself.  I imagine there’s some un-named military facility that takes care of that.  {wink}
I went to work today, slow and steady and I’m certain I will be good as new tomorrow… fine, weathered and somewhat unpolished but moving better all the same.

Now on to the things that really don’t matter, but matter a lot because I’m easily entertained and distracted by things that glitter and ideas that sparkle.

I was thinking today how excited I am.  Remember when I said when I get more energy I’ll be creative again?  Yah, well it turns out the lack of energy is inspiring me.  {weird right?}

I have been in the craft room here and there; yes the 4 days I was ‘healed’ and off my antibiotics and I started organzizing and dreaming and cleaning and then messing things up again and I’m so inspired by some of the new lines that are materializing in my brain.

Really I have to jump the gun soon and get the jewelry/accessory shops up quick like a bunny as Mama would say because… The Cottage takes up way more time because those homespun crafts take a bit more time and love to create and I was sorely disappointed in my shops last year; however lack of inventory was due to me going back to work so that was still a blessing.
{I think I broke my record for a run-on sentence…Yes!)
I know, I really should set my goals a bit higher.

Okay so I also wanted share this.  After my last post it wasn’t long before my Nay from Cover to Cover text me.  She is a WAY better friend than me.  She always checks on me and has this wondermous way of cheering me up.
Here’s me walking like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame as Po helped me so we could get my script from the Doc and I get a text.
Nay:  So, are you just laying there for realz?
Me:   Getting my prescription…already having a hard time walking.  Come  visit.
Nay:  I want to.  Don’t die on me.  We’re supposed to die old together.
Me:  I promise!  It would be lame to meet face to face for the first time at my funeral :p
Nay:  Especially since it doesn’t really fit in to the budget, ya know?
Me:  Yah, I have to be practical, even in death… I miss you so very much…
Nay:  How about a joke?
Me:  You got one cuz I’ve only got “crappy” jokes… Ahhahahahahaha!
Nay:  Knock knock
Me:  Who’s there?  It better be Nay.
Nay:  LOL Broken Pencil
Me:  Broken pencil who?
Nay:  Oh nevermind it was a pointless joke.
Me:  Ahahahahaha! AWESOME!  I can’t wait to tell the kids so I can mess it up!

Yes, that easily, she cheered me up like you wouldn’t believe.  And yes, we are that easily entertained…oh and yah, I do mess up just about every joke I try to repeat.
{And for some reason just now could not spell 'repeat' to save my life}

Two long days to go until inventory is over for the month.  Then onto feeling better and being more creative.

There was a time in my life when I was with Mr. B and life was ugly and sleep was rare.  So at night when insomnia would visit I used my time wisely.  I actually made more from home from my little craft supply/scrapbooking shop than I do working outside the home now.

What if…  Well, I guess we’ll see huh?

Have a beautimous rest of the week! 



  1. You two are a mess. Christopher said, "What's so funny mom?!" I said, "Something I'm reading." Which happened to be:
    Me: I promise! It would be lame to meet face to face for the first time at my funeral :p
    Nay: Especially since it doesn’t really fit in to the budget, ya know?

    1. Well, in my defense, if there were a funeral, I wouldn't be able to fly my butt out there:} and, ew(!), I don't really want to meet her as she looks all dead and all, right? lol - only our Pidgy would blog about textin', right?!

  2. Pidgalicious Pidg! You DID NOT just blog about my texting you!?! LMBO...only you, my lovely girl.
    My tummy's been hurting today - maybe it's sympathy pains?
    and...can I get a peak at the new line??? yay


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