Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birfday Hanna!

It’s your BIRTHDAY shout HOORAY…we want to sing to you today!
One year older and wiser too….Happy Birthday {uhh} TO YOU!

Yep, it’s another birthday.  Today my wild child Hanna turns 15.
She’s sassy and unrestrained, windswept and romantic.  Awful and crazy, unruly and smarter than the average mom…by far.

She was my sleepless toddler that would have “midnight” snacks with her insomniac mama.  She dances to the sound of her own music, she dresses like no other for that purpose alone.  She makes her own statement and it’s generally loud.

She says what she’s thinking and laughs at her own follies.  She’s capable and filled with wonder.  She never gets down long because she always has a back-up plan.  Failure isn’t an option, it’s never considered; she’s too busy plotting her come back.

Sweet as sugar and pretty as a blooming wild flower don’t turn your back on this one.  She can beat most boys in a video game and in hand-to-hand combat if you mess with her family.  {Only she can beat up her siblings, no one else.  Wink}

She’s the girl with the plan, and has the fire to get there.

Hanna, Moi, Bailey, Busy

All of my pics are on the other computer and what’s worse is I don’t have a photo thingy-doer now that Picnic closed.  Yah, I’m always behind the curve but…as you know.

She’s the saucy Red-Head!

Look at both of their "Precious Moments" eyes.
One of my all time favorites of Hanna...notice Lil Man in the bottom left corner.  Birds of a feather...whew
And this is how we feel about her most of the time! 
I love you Hanna… The spice of my life.


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  1. You guys would be a fun group to photograph! It woukd make my day just to be a fly on the wall. Happy Birfday to Hanna!


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