Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lil Frog...

It’s me again.  So the other day Po and I were home early.  We didn’t exactly finish early we ran out of hours.
{P.S. He works at my store now}  
Hearts and Flowers!
But inventory ate most of the week so we were about to run out of hours and needed to cut a day short…soooo…we came home and noticed that Lil Frog looked a lil bit like dying frog.  I will have you know that Lil frog doesn’t eat crickets {that you can easily purchase from the pet store} or mealworms {that are also dead and easily picked up at a store} but he only eats flies.   

The kind that are alive. 

Now Hanna, the master of fly-catching, was not home.  So I, while paying a medical bill on the phone, spotted a fly in the kitchen window.
Yes, that part about the bill was important.  I wanted you to know I was doing something responsible and not just snacking or doing zero…I was doing that before I got on the phone.  But that’s neither here nor there…
So I captured... Yes, me slow lady, captured the fly in a mason jar.  I slid a piece of paper between the window and the jar and hollered dramatically for Po because I didn’t know how to release the cup without the fly escaping the flimsy paper on top…with the phone on my ear…sitting on the kitchen counter…bobbling on the edge of the sink.  WAIT…give the lady my credit card number…. “Po!!”
He enters, shakes his head {with pride I'm sure} then with ninja-like skills wraps the paper around the jar.   
We then flicked the fly into Lil Frog’s cage and he sat there listless…lethargic…
more brown than green.  

The fly buzzed.

Lil Frog opened his tired ka-bulgy {yes that’s a word, just ask Ethan} eyes and sat erect.  We waited, watched and smacked the aquarium each time the fly went to the wrong end.  After 45 minutes and the kids getting home wondering why me and Po were on Lil Man’s bed with the frog tank…Lil frog gulped the fly.
We cheered.
It was momentous.
Mama caught the fly…Lil Frog turned more green...Life smiled again.
Meanwhile I told the story to a co-worker who asked why my son ate a fly and that was after she said she was going to sit on her dog instead of her deck.  We have a good time at work.  I think we’re all very good for each other as the circus music plays.  {wink}
All in all I felt very accomplished.   
Just so you know this post was inspired by the fly that is now zipping around my room.   
You’re next Lil Fly.   
You have to get tired sometime.   
Or maybe that’s me?



  1. I wonder if Emery will ever catch Lil Froggies and feed them annoying little flies

  2. Hahaha!!! You are such a great writer. You are very multi-talented. :)

  3. Hahahaha, I love it! You should do a blog post, complete with pictures on how to be a fly ninja! ;)

  4. Finally I can comment (have I told you how much I hate commenting on phones!)
    You had me rolling with this post...I laughed so hard just imagining you catching Mr. Fly. Actually I kind imagined you as Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid - lol! Maybe I should sen dyou some chopsticks to catch them flies! LOL LMBO

  5. So funny. We had a turtle that would only eat worms. We tried everything but only the worms. He finally went to live in a pond, hah.


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