Monday, June 4, 2012

Just checkin' in...

Well, I just wanted to check in and let you all know Im off todayPshhh yah right!  Its been more exhausting than worklet me back in!

So, I was on and Huh?  Yah it does sound like a place I would hang out.  Anyway, I came across a font that was called
ale and wenches
nuff said.   {smirk}
Incidentally the font I typed that in was “Barbie’s jalous sister”  
 ….{cricket…cricket…of course…}
And yes, it was spelled that way… of course…again…
I just thought out of all of the ridiculous names the first one was noteworthy.

The above post was started over a week ago when I had a day off…and then had to run around the world and get things done for people I gave birth to and a person I married and stuff like that…then there was inventory.  Then there was just I don’t know…


Then another day off which included 3 doctor appointments for children that are fairly healthy.

{Who else needs a day off from their day off?} 

 Then there was work.  I’m boring and as you can see from the beginning of the post full of things that need to be mentioned.  Who else would alert you to such import findings?
So now I’m sitting in my ever so familiar spot on the bed
{because my desk is too messy….giggle}
I’m waiting for the girls to mention how messy my corner of the world is the next time I fuss about their room.  Hey, at least there’s a trail where you can walk in my area.

So I am supposed to be reading to start back where I need to start writing…did that make sense to anyone other than me?  Instead do you know what I’m doing? 
 {No, I’m not drinking ale with wenches …smirk} 
 I’m “shopping” online. 
No, I’m not really spending money but sometimes I just love to pick a favorite place and click everything I admire into my magical cart and then stare at it then narrow it down then I’m so exhausted from excitement and decisions I just leave it and go back to what I was supposed to be doing.

Which was writing

But not this writing

But I was lonely and I wanted to say Hi.

I could tell you about work, but there’s a whole lot of drama.
I could tell you about home…but there’s a whole lot of drama.

{Weird right?}

I could tell you about me and what I’ve been up to…but that’s just boring, not a lot of drama.

I had a point.  I forgot it.  I’m now going back to my magical cart.

To be continued.

Just thought I’d check back in to tell you I’ve derailed.
 {Yes, I imagine you are beside yourself with surprise.  wink}
I somehow now have several magical carts open and now ideas are leaking from my brain.  However; I have an idea {says the lady with fake blonde hair, acrylic nails and hugungeous shiny rings} let’s do a 3 x 4 project to hook you in to all of my luminous and snazzy artful wonder but only sell 4 x 4 sizes of stuff.

Maybe I expect more out of people.  Maybe I want something that is not even on all sides.  Perhaps I believe that when you demonstrate something possibly fabulous you should then also sell those fantabulous supplies.  Or maybe I'm jealous because I want those acrylic nails and flashy rings. 

{Okay fine no…I just want the frappin’ 3 x 4 size}


She’s a chuble muffin…a fake, blonde, rich, anti-3x4 woman who has no heart.
Huh?  Yah, my magical cart is still open on that particular sight.  


I should write a letter.  Maybe later.

This is Pidg, over and out.

The next time you hear from me I will be taking over the world…
with 3x4 sized somethings…



  1. Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X

  2. love your ramblin' mind...miss ya. And your beer and maid font - exciting! oh wait, what's it called again?:)

  3. It's great to hear from you even if it's just rambling. I'm totally lost by the way and have no idea what that last part was about. :) LOL!! I wish I could blog in bed but I'm stuck at my messy desk which is actually more my husband's desk. I'm longing for my own desk and computer. xoxo


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