Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Thursday...

So, I had a horrible night.  Pain is the only thing that came to mind.
I could have woken up and said “Oh…poor me, I had the most horrible night… 
{which, yes, I’ve done tons of times}
I woke up proclaiming… “Daylight, glorious daylight!”
{Hey Nay, I’m trying to choose Joy.  Proud right? snicker}

I’m feeling better if only because I’ve decided to so it’s all good.  I was thinking today that I really am ridiculously blessed.  While I have this conflict of  do I push my tired self to fulfill the creative side of me or just be happy in my working endeavors; I’m thankful at this moment of transition- I have a job.  

When I was fighting this before I was unemployed and seemed to be staying that way.  Of course there were issues with the pidgletts that I needed to handle and I’m certain that’s why Heavenly Father kept me home even though my lil {not so lil} ones were in school.

These are a few things that have crossed my mind today:

In my job I will most likely compete with my husband for the next promotion.


 Needless to say, I will lose.  But I’m okay with that.  It’s funny more than anything.  I like the idea of giving him a run for his money.  And yes, when the time comes, I will also insure there is spinach in his teeth when he goes to his interview {snort} but truly it’s so nice to be married to someone I’m proud of.

I’ll be honest I would hire him before me too…if only because he’s easy on the eyes. {wink} Oh wait...what were we talking about?

My babies are on a short vacation with Mr. B.  {blah} but even though they just left yesterday it’s already been enough time for me to miss them desperately and they miss me back.  There’s that lucky stuff again.  I see so many teens and even lil ones that just don’t have an appreciation for being home with your family duking it out over the pizza leftovers.  {giggle}

I still have most of my teeth…Okay that wasn’t funny…okay, yah it was.  I just thought I’d throw that one in there.

But all in all, when I feel like I don’t like my life {not in an ungrateful sense} but in an “I’m just not where I need to be” sense; I can look at it and still feel a deep sense of debt for what I’ve been blessed with.

I miss blogging and while I’m sputtering in and out of posting it just feels beautimous to know I’m communicating with some of the friends that I have come to lean on.  I know in all of our super-busy lives it’s nice to know we’re still out there for each other.  It’s nice to pop in and out and check in. Although, I’ve realized what a dork-wad I am that I hardly comment even though I’m reading.  See, you’ve got to remember I’m the slow one; but I’m still there.
I’m thankful for lots of stuff today…lots and lots

 {No, I’m not on any pain meds so stop laughing} 

 I just wanted to throw it out there and tell you- you guys are part of what I’m happy for.
I’m off to write.  I’ve got book 3 on a flash drive and I’m sending it out to my trusty sidekick Sloan to begin her editing.  It’s becoming real...of course in my mind, publishing always has been.  {grin}

Happy Thursday!


  1. It's great to hear that you and Po are doing well at your jobs. So sorry you are in pain. I can't imagine being away from my kids after being with them at home for so long. You are handling it very well from what I get from your posts. I've been having a hard time finding what to write in my posts. I love all the encouragement when it comes so I try to keep at it although my girls are getting nuts for summer. I've been scaling back what I do on the computer because of it. LOVE having you as a steady read back in blogland. xoxo

  2. Glad you and Po are doing well with your jobs! Too funny that you will be "competing"... lol.

    Time will fly! Enjoy it, write... do some crafts. :) I'm used to it though... since Lj goes with BD a lot.



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