Monday, June 11, 2012

Funny thing is...

I’ve lost my track.  I know…you’re all surprised.  Come on, put on those looks of amazement and release those fake gasps of energetic enthusiasm.  Pidg has lost her track!  Huh?
What were we talking about again?

So heres where Im at:

-Invest in me? Don’t invest in me?  Still can’t decide, still haven’t talked, still doing zero.
-I read a blog that truly disheartened me.
-I’m going through my own internal conflict that makes me ache.
-I need to write, but I have so much for the book I’m working on but I stored pieces of it in different files and I can’t keep my timeline straight.  {who does that?}
-I still haven’t made it to the post office.  {it’s not business it’s for my trusty sidekick}
-My trusty sidekick has changed her name to Sloan…or possibly Peggy {snort}
-And my drink doesn’t have enough carbonation.

It’s true the world could possibly be ending.  {Unless Po hurries with another Dr. Pepper.}
I don’t know why I’m writing {again} while my brain is on empty, yet here I remain an un-chaperoned nut-job clicking away on a keyboard.  I really should not be allowed near this thing when I’m not focused.  {snicker…focus..what’s that?....SQUIRREL!}

Just so you know I have absolutely nothing of worth to say…but here are my thoughts regardless.
So, I wrote a “Friday Funnies” post but I didn’t get it posted Friday and Monday Funnies just didn’t seem to fit so I’ll save it for another day.  {I’m thinkin’ Friday}
Hanna cooked something in the kitchen and the smell of tuna is wafting in from the kitchen.  Strange thing is… she didn’t cook tuna.  {fearful wince}
She just came in my room and asked for floss because something was stuck in her tooth.
I didn’t ask what it was.  I just know it’s not tuna.

Po is sitting in his chair with his “game face” on.  I want to just scream
But I won’t {yet}
Funny thing is when I say “talk to me”
Every. Single.Time.
And, might I add, with perfect consistency
The man clams up.  Cute thing is he does this nervous grin and gives me a kiss on the face.  He’s funny like that.  So, I’ll grin on that one and let the man save the world instead.
{For now. wink}
I had to tell Busy a shirt didn’t fit her.  She got mad.  Moi witnessed it and tried to calm her down.  Im fat, thats why it doesnt fit…Ughhhhh!
says Busy if you didnt already guess.
Me and Moi …long sigh.  “Sweets,” {that’s me} “You’re not fat you’re 12 you’re not done growing.  Sorry to burst your bubble.”
{Wailing and gnashing of teeth. We’re women, we do that.}
Hanna and Moi attempt more support.  I finally start laughing. 
“Dude, I love that we all make fun of Hanna and Moi when they get drama-queen-itis over the same thing but you {Busy} can’t see it in yourself that you look beautimous you’ve just happen to have out grown the shirt.  Sheesh…”
Funny thing is how come I can TOTALLY see when I don’t fit something.
Dang, I want their mirror!
Wait, maybe not…that might be the mirror that allows extra-largish women to wear spandex.

And lastly but probably the most important thought.  I’m pretty almost certain the yellow M&M’s are brighter.  Really, this is quite a find.  They make me smile just looking at them.  Whoever was in charge of that was brilliant.  I mean I’m searching the bag for them, they almost glow.
{I hope I’m not hurting the green ones feelings}

Off to condense 10 files into one story.  Hey, it might be strange to others, but I promise you it’s all in my file cabinet.  It just so happens that there was a wind storm and the files flew into other drawers…and then there was rain…and then SQUIRREL!
The soda has arrived…over and out {wink}


  1. Hahaha!!! Funny stuff as always. You crack me up! Squirrel! :) I can totally relate to wanting to scream TALK TO ME!!! But I hold out as long as I can because I know the response will not be what I want which will make me more mad. I can relate to the daughters going at it because when my 3 adult kids are around omg, it can get nuts. xoxo

  2. SQUIRREL!!!!
    love ya!

  3. Lol! Funny - thanks again for the smiles! I love your random thoughts, that somehow, at the end of your posts all fit together into this perfect complete puzzle. :) xo, Reannah


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