Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doing nothin'...

So hey…I’m blogging in the middle of the day.  Why you ask?  Because I’m sitting in bed feeling like I got hit on the right side of my face with a tetherball.  The worst part of it is that I think a professional wrestler was on the other end of that “ball”.

Yah…today was the day; I got my tooth plucked.  Ugh…I went into work early then left early so I could go to the dentist as Po held my hand.
Abscess = sad face
It went well, she said I was “awesome” and on a side note she could see my sinus.
{I wanted to see it to but I couldn’t get my eyeballs to twist that way.}
I didn’t get a sticker though, or get to go to the treasure box so I must not have been that awesome.  {wink}
The numbing is wearing off but not completely.  I’m still sporting that genetic defect looking smile.  I told Po to get me an eye patch to go along with my toothless self.
{Thankfully it wasn’t a front tooth.}
I’m pretty sure my pride wouldn’t get over that one.  However knowing me, I would have posted a picture immediately just for kicks.  {wink}
The pidgletts are being loud in the other room right now but that’s okay, my Mp3 player is being very thoughtful and supportive right now.  {Curse you summertime}  The good news is tomorrow is my day off so Po has pledged to take care of me while we do absolutely nothing.  Yes, really we planned it out.  We got the yard work done yesterday and deemed tomorrow PJ day.  Okay, maybe that was me, but still it’s a good idea.  Yes?

Why is it when you have dental work done you naturally crave hard to chew in need of molars type of foods?  Nothing sounds better than steak right now…or maybe a toasted sub…oh I could really go for a salad with croutons.  But instead I’m sucking on small tid bits of crackers because I want to show the yogurt who’s boss.  Oh, and I want a straw too.
I like straws just so you know.
Okay, well that lil rant was refreshing.  {smirk} I think I’ll bury myself into one of my books and enjoy the downtime.  I can’t even remember the last time I got to sit around on purpose.  I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.  But I will, do to the pain of smiling.  And the ridiculous look of it.  {giggle}
So, in other news, I think I’ve decided to finish my plotting and planning with my shops.  Yes the operative word is “think” but I’m definitely leaning in that direction.  I still have to continue the application process to see if I’m someone I would want to invest in…but I’ll keep you posted.  I have to run a background check and stuff like that…
 {Haha! Pirate girl’s got jokes!}
I will be super, really excited if I can get these projects out of my brain and into real life.  That would help the creative side of myself that seems to be screaming to get out.  See, working Pidg hates to get up and go to work but loves being there, even when the stress is high.  But creative Pidg is feeling sorry for herself in time-out.  She’s really acting out right now.  She does stuff like sit in her craft room for brief moments of time and run her hand along unfinished projects with extreme sadness and longing.  Then her kids find her and she’s forced back to another area of the house where she can enjoy cleaning or cooking for others.  {smug grin}  
And you know what else she does?  She’s determined even after a day that leaves her exhausted she will sit in front of her computer determined to sacrifice her small amount of sleep to write.  Of course she falls asleep at the computer but she’s trying to be a rebel, that’s the point.
She’s trying.
I need to listen to her before she does something dangerous like mow strange crop circles in the yard on the next lawn day.
{Yes, the thought occurred, you know me too well.  giggle}
I’ll let you know how it goes.  All I know is I’m getting older and what I used to do just 5 years ago now baffles me at the energy I once had.  I won’t be beaten, there’s room for both of us in this body.
{just ask my jeans. wink}

Okay, enough of my rambling I’m going back to doing nothing.
It’s been very rewarding so far.
One more thing…soda definitely tastes better through a straw.
Just thought you should know.  {wink}

Don’t forget to brush!

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  1. Oh yuck! You really grossed me out by the way with the "plucked" visual in my brain. Eww, that was sick. lol. Hope you're feeling better by now. Had no idea you wrote all these posts, you've been so busy that my daily reads section refreshes with your new posts and the other ones don't show up. Why do kids always need something when you're being productive?! I can't get anything done when they keep distracting me. =)


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