Friday, June 29, 2012

Another boring account...

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Work is so “work” I can’t even bring myself to talk about it…

I am super excited about something coming up but it’s a secret and I can’t tell…just yet.  When it happens I will gush with excitement!

I’m exhausted…

It’s hot…like the kind of hot I willfully admit I’m a weenie it’s so hot…

I saw a woman with black hair in the back and two thick grey stripes in the front that framed her face.  Which led to another thought, I’m not cool and old enough for that yet…and another inkling that lingered was she’s probably some sort of super-hero; like Rogue’s mom or something.  {Sigh}

I feel awful and am in the middle of self-diagnosis…  Yes, I can do that and you don’t even have to pay me.  I should be like Dr. Pidg Medicine woman… I think that’s been used before huh?  {wink}

I’m hungry…tacos seem to be calling my name…again.

I’m tired of saying I’m back to blogging only to fall off the posting soapbox.  I’m anything but consistent…except when it’s something I shouldn’t be doing, or something I’m screwing up.  Then consistency is generally – consistent.

Oh, finally went to the “other” walmart that has fabric and bought some yummy coordinating wonders that I can’t wait to start piecing together.  As soon as I stop being exhausted, I will surely be creative!

I sold a necklace…Po was all excited, you would think I sold a necklace that was $1,000 … he’s cute when he’s placating me.  {giggle}

I want to be a better person, but I don’t have the time…

I noticed myself being nice the other day, it doesn’t suit me…

I might go blonde on top of my dark hair even though Nay will email me in 2.5 seconds screaming “Nooooooooo!”

Po wants a cat {even though I’m allergic}  I told him okay as long as it’s a cat big enough to eat the dogs.  Problem solved…

I think I have to come out of denial on several things about my life.  Well, it’s not denial…it’s just not really happening.  {See how I did that?  Slick right?}

I am even boring myself right now… see, no denial.

Have a good weekend… I will be working it…see no denial again.  Two things down, 8,071 things to go.  {smirk}

Mental note:  Caffeinate before blogging.



  1. Oh how I love thee! I wish I had enough time to count the ways, but I'm using my fiona thumbs and you know how that goes...
    And you are so right: i shaked my head furiously and said Noooooo! You know me so well! How about you do with red instead? Yes, much better idea. Love ya bestie:)

  2. Dr. Pidg Medicine women, please don't dye your hair blond. I'm not fond of suspense so if you want to email and gush with excitement I would be cool with that. Lastly, when you can squeeze it in, would you pretty please sign my quotes guestbook with "I want to be a better person, but I don’t have the time…" LOVE THAT. Smooches!


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