Friday, June 29, 2012

Another boring account...

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Work is so “work” I can’t even bring myself to talk about it…

I am super excited about something coming up but it’s a secret and I can’t tell…just yet.  When it happens I will gush with excitement!

I’m exhausted…

It’s hot…like the kind of hot I willfully admit I’m a weenie it’s so hot…

I saw a woman with black hair in the back and two thick grey stripes in the front that framed her face.  Which led to another thought, I’m not cool and old enough for that yet…and another inkling that lingered was she’s probably some sort of super-hero; like Rogue’s mom or something.  {Sigh}

I feel awful and am in the middle of self-diagnosis…  Yes, I can do that and you don’t even have to pay me.  I should be like Dr. Pidg Medicine woman… I think that’s been used before huh?  {wink}

I’m hungry…tacos seem to be calling my name…again.

I’m tired of saying I’m back to blogging only to fall off the posting soapbox.  I’m anything but consistent…except when it’s something I shouldn’t be doing, or something I’m screwing up.  Then consistency is generally – consistent.

Oh, finally went to the “other” walmart that has fabric and bought some yummy coordinating wonders that I can’t wait to start piecing together.  As soon as I stop being exhausted, I will surely be creative!

I sold a necklace…Po was all excited, you would think I sold a necklace that was $1,000 … he’s cute when he’s placating me.  {giggle}

I want to be a better person, but I don’t have the time…

I noticed myself being nice the other day, it doesn’t suit me…

I might go blonde on top of my dark hair even though Nay will email me in 2.5 seconds screaming “Nooooooooo!”

Po wants a cat {even though I’m allergic}  I told him okay as long as it’s a cat big enough to eat the dogs.  Problem solved…

I think I have to come out of denial on several things about my life.  Well, it’s not denial…it’s just not really happening.  {See how I did that?  Slick right?}

I am even boring myself right now… see, no denial.

Have a good weekend… I will be working it…see no denial again.  Two things down, 8,071 things to go.  {smirk}

Mental note:  Caffeinate before blogging.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Funnies 5

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to scrounge up an addition of “Friday Funnies”  It’s made me a lil bit weepy because that’s due to me being at work and them being funny at home without me.

We’ve captured a few.

The girls were talking about a set of twin boys that they had met and Hanna looked to Moi and said,  “I think one of them had the same birthday as me.”
There were no crickets…just loud obnoxious laughter.

Busy and Mama:
Now this one is most likely one of those “you had to be there moments” unless you know us personally.  Whether you know us from reading or know us in person…you still might feel it.
I was doing my make up in the mirror in the kitchen window.  I could see Busy behind me in the reflection.  Suddenly she went from standing - to this horrifying face of fear with both hands up in the air and then she just simply…disappeared.
I turned to a thud and her lying on the floor.  She had tripped over our fat Charlie dog.  I was laughing so hard I ached.  So of course, I felt the need to re-enact the scene.  I threw my hands in the air, placed a horrifyingly startled look on my face then threw myself forward towards the floor attempting to catch myself on the kitchen sink.  However, there were ice cube trays on the edge of the sink half filled.  I hit the trays flipped them into the air, soaked my work pants and almost killed Busy who was still lying on the floor.
There was very little breathing in the room…mostly coughing and choking for air through paralyzing laughter.

The other day a song came on the radio.  I told Po to change it.  He shrugs and says “It’s Korn.”
Me:  “I know, I just don’t like that song.”
Po:  “Man, they must be old by now.”
Me:  “Yah, I think they’re working on a come-back album:  Creamed Korn.”
Yes, he is as easily entertained as I am.

Busy and I were at the Endo and the doctor says, “Alright, I want you to grade yourself on how you’re handling your Diabetes.”
Busy immediately looks towards me and smiles, “Okay, can Mom grade me after I grade myself?”
The doctor shakes her head yes and Busy looks back at me, “Alright Mama, what grade should I get?”
There’s a possibility she missed the idea of the self-evaluation.


So we went to Busy’s school for a ‘thing’.  Moi went with Po and I because we had just picked her up from her school.  Anyway, in walks a girl wearing the same sweater as Moi.  Okay, so the girl was quite a bit larger than my girl and fiercely blonde which my Moi is not and Moi looks at her then looks at me and goes… “Oh weird, it was almost like looking in the mirror for a second.”

Awful child, I should talk to her mother. {wink}

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Thursday...

So, I had a horrible night.  Pain is the only thing that came to mind.
I could have woken up and said “Oh…poor me, I had the most horrible night… 
{which, yes, I’ve done tons of times}
I woke up proclaiming… “Daylight, glorious daylight!”
{Hey Nay, I’m trying to choose Joy.  Proud right? snicker}

I’m feeling better if only because I’ve decided to so it’s all good.  I was thinking today that I really am ridiculously blessed.  While I have this conflict of  do I push my tired self to fulfill the creative side of me or just be happy in my working endeavors; I’m thankful at this moment of transition- I have a job.  

When I was fighting this before I was unemployed and seemed to be staying that way.  Of course there were issues with the pidgletts that I needed to handle and I’m certain that’s why Heavenly Father kept me home even though my lil {not so lil} ones were in school.

These are a few things that have crossed my mind today:

In my job I will most likely compete with my husband for the next promotion.


 Needless to say, I will lose.  But I’m okay with that.  It’s funny more than anything.  I like the idea of giving him a run for his money.  And yes, when the time comes, I will also insure there is spinach in his teeth when he goes to his interview {snort} but truly it’s so nice to be married to someone I’m proud of.

I’ll be honest I would hire him before me too…if only because he’s easy on the eyes. {wink} Oh wait...what were we talking about?

My babies are on a short vacation with Mr. B.  {blah} but even though they just left yesterday it’s already been enough time for me to miss them desperately and they miss me back.  There’s that lucky stuff again.  I see so many teens and even lil ones that just don’t have an appreciation for being home with your family duking it out over the pizza leftovers.  {giggle}

I still have most of my teeth…Okay that wasn’t funny…okay, yah it was.  I just thought I’d throw that one in there.

But all in all, when I feel like I don’t like my life {not in an ungrateful sense} but in an “I’m just not where I need to be” sense; I can look at it and still feel a deep sense of debt for what I’ve been blessed with.

I miss blogging and while I’m sputtering in and out of posting it just feels beautimous to know I’m communicating with some of the friends that I have come to lean on.  I know in all of our super-busy lives it’s nice to know we’re still out there for each other.  It’s nice to pop in and out and check in. Although, I’ve realized what a dork-wad I am that I hardly comment even though I’m reading.  See, you’ve got to remember I’m the slow one; but I’m still there.
I’m thankful for lots of stuff today…lots and lots

 {No, I’m not on any pain meds so stop laughing} 

 I just wanted to throw it out there and tell you- you guys are part of what I’m happy for.
I’m off to write.  I’ve got book 3 on a flash drive and I’m sending it out to my trusty sidekick Sloan to begin her editing.  It’s becoming real...of course in my mind, publishing always has been.  {grin}

Happy Thursday!