Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is this thing on? this thing on?

So…I’m not gonna say I’m back, and I’m certainly not about to say is anyone still out there?
{Hi Nay!}


What I will say is ohmygoodness the upheaval is at it again.  No, no, don’t gasp, it’s all good.  People say that in uncertain situations to comfort those around them that aren’t going through what they’re going through.  It helps the person going through it feel like they’re in control of something…anything. 
{Right?  Smirk}
Well that’s my take on it anyways.

Want the nutshell?  Should I barf it out on this here page?  I know you’re grinning…I’m gonna ramble, just for ole’ times sake  

Okay.  So the last time we talked it was inventory…blahh…I got super sick and was attacked by severe allergies that truly sought to take my life.  {Yes, truly}  After being sick and working for 2 weeks  and coughing and not sleeping even more…or is it less?  I finally felt better just in time to feel depressed about not blogging or crafting, or being home to do anything productive, or being here and being a mom and a wife and a lover of all that is good.
{Yah, I know, that last one really doesn’t sound like me.  grin}

Meanwhile remember Po’s great job?  Well, now I can spill my ‘real’ thoughts.  See when he got it I was so discombobbled because my prayers kept telling me lil whispers of him being placed somewhere else…somewhere where they don’t pay very well at the beginning but you have room for growth and a place where his lovely wife works.  But, I figured I was being a pansy muffin because I miss working with him in the same store and it must have been me just being weepy.

Back to the Meanwhile…he has been sorely mistreated.  I’m pretty certain his boss and assistant boss are both man-haters.  They are degrading and awful and spiteful and yes perhaps I did go visit him at lunch once and give one of them a look that made her actually turn away in fear.  I love that moment where you lock eyes with someone who thinks they are Alpha dog and they realize by your look that you are capable of killing them with your bare hands and then their expression falls because they are pretty certain that is exactly what you’re about to do.  Then, they turn to look behind them to grasp that last straw that you might possibly be sniping someone behind them but they realize there is only a wall and they turn back quickly to the realization that you are Alpha dog and they are not even Bravo dog but perhaps Zulu dog and their life flashes before their eyes and then your bark is only affirmed by a nasty , fang-baring, grin that says, yes, in fact I am crazy.
{Huh?  Oh, maybe that’s just me.}

So basically, he hates it.  I hate it.  It’s affecting all that is me and Po.  He has made ridiculous strides, profit and decreased their department’s loss by an almost unbelievable percentage.
{Ohmygoodness I wish I could tell you the actual numbers you would choke on your own spit!  But I also realize that’s not professional so just take my word that it’s really, really and totally good}

Professional = blah

Child support court came and went…an entire day in court with guess who sitting next to me, none other than Mr. B.  {My bff…  I think I just triggered my gag reflex}  It turned out so much better than I thought.  Power of prayer, end of discussion.  But I came out to a random voice mail for an interview for a job I applied for 6 months ago.  I called, I interviewed, I got it.  I now have 2 jobs.  I don’t understand it really and I don’t have the energy lately for one job but I know that Heavenly Father placed it strategically in my path so I’m taking the opportunity.
I start tomorrow.

Here’s where we’re at now.  A few days ago I was reminded by more than one person if you can imagine, that I hadn’t blogged in a month.  I knew this to be true because inventory time was back again.  After 13.5 hours on inventory day of complete crapola…and an argument with an undisclosed person that is not related to me in anyway…I went home, thinking only of, well…food.  I was at the light waiting to turn.  Light green, me turning, car coming straight…really, really fast.  I wasn’t hit and thankfully no one else was in the car with me. 
 {deep breath}   
We all walked away but my car is totaled.

And here’s the kicker, Po has an interview tomorrow with above mentioned preferred job of his lovely wife.  {snicker…she really is lovely…I’m certain.  smirk}

Weird right?  Whoda thunk it?  I mean let’s just spin the wheel I’m strapped to and start huckin’ the knives…I’m feeling kinda lucky!  {Wait, there’s that gag reflex again}

In short will I really look back on the roller coaster as it sits there aging and wish I could ride again?  Will I miss this up and down struggle for financial stability mingled with self-worth and integrity?  Or will the coaster ever stop running at all?  Life is funny…but in all of the change and turbulence of trial and choice, I think we’re made of pretty good stock.  I mean the edges are still rough and the splinters still catch sometimes but all in all it’s not so bad when you’ve got someone(s) worth going through it with.  We’re still smiling…even if it’s because we just don’t know any better.  {wink}

I miss these lil talks with you guys.  I really hope it finds you all well in your corners of the world.  We really should do this again soon.




  1. Well it's good to hear from you! Monthly is good ;-)

  2. Funny that you posted today... I was just emailing with Nay and we mentioned you and how she misses your posts. Nice to hear from you and your ramblings today. ;) AND super glad to hear that you are ok after the accident.

  3. Well, its about time! I was just getting ready to come after you and hold you down until you wrote on your blog again!!! I have missed your fun, silly, sweet, compassionate, views on life and love and all the news of your family and your thoughts. Don't make me come after you, keep them coming!!! Seriously, I have missed you and glad you are back and don't stay away so long again. Remember you are in my prayers as is your whole family. And yes, prayers are answered, we just have to be willing to accept the answers we receive! Let us know what is going on and remember I love you and your family. you are truly missed when you don't blog!!! Kisses!!!!! Jo Ann

  4. My love! My sugarbunches of oats!!! Yay! I love you and miss you...and you just made the world all better just by blogging...
    Yeah, weird right?

  5. Oh HI Pidg! Girl... I'm out of breath just READING that! Whew!

    Like you, I haven't blogged for a month or so... Life just slams a person sometimes, doesn't it? And just when you think the slam is over... WHAM! More slamming!

    So glad you are okay and that you were protected even though your car was totaled. Let us know how Po's interview goes!

  6. good luck! i'm praying for the best.


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