Thursday, May 3, 2012

I blog...

I have read several blogs in which they all express an extreme dislike of the same common factor in their bloggy world.

I have then scrolled down to the comments left for them and there I find a universal thread of agreement and understanding with the above mentioned common factor.

I didn’t understand it.

Now I do.

Please allow me to make my intentions clear.  The following post is to explain why I blog
 {if I even know} and what I do not expect from the reader.

You can sense it coming huh?  The tension is mounted and my forked tongue is about to unleash…I am not happy.
Okay fine I’m really irritated and my feelers are hurt but I never really go crazy ninja extreme on my blog.  I save that for cherished moments I have in person with people who don’t approve of me.  Ya know, for the expression on their face...
Hey, who said that?  I am of a very delicate nature…okay fine maybe you’re right.  {smirk}

Coming to the bloggy world I was and still am a bit na├»ve.  I didn’t understand why people didn’t want their family and friends reading their blogs.  I thought it kind of sad really.  But it seems every time I post I get not a comment but an actual call to question why I wrote what I wrote.

Wait, why can’t I?  I haven’t even written anything wrong.  I’ve addressed things that weigh on me and feelings I have as a girl, mama, wife and dreamer.  Why then is this individual busy finding something wrong with a post that others comment kindly on?

With a spark in my grin…this my friends is why I choose to blog.

I blog to release my mind’s ache and the voice I keep inside.  I litter these pages with my random scrawlings of sporadic thoughts.

I blog in hopes that sometimes, someone or someones understands, relates or is even possibly comforted by the fact that they are not the only dorkwad out there.

I blog for the love of writing.  I blog to feel my fingers on the keys and to hear the clicking of the keyboard.
{I started thinking about the clicking too much and started misspelling everything  just now.
Of course I had to tell you.  grin}

I blog in hopes that one day I will be somebody and we can giggle together in knowing that a few of us have traveled this blog road together from the get-go.

I blog for no reason.
{That is quite possibly my favorite reason…I’m sure you knew that.}

I blog because in this world of unjust sometimes venting is all you’ve got.

I blog to share things that matter to me.

I blog to record a journal of sorts that my kids, friends, and family can get to know me.

EEERRRRRTTTT…… the car just stopped.

I have learned along the way that certain un-named persons don’t want to know the real me.  I’m not certain how it comes about but my views, vexes, imaginings, my opinions and rants and vomiting words are exactly what they do NOT want to hear.
So in the spirit of curiosity and not anger…

Why read my blog?

I’m rough around the edges.  Fine, I’m rough on the inside too.  I’m un-planned and quirky, spontaneous yet strangely well thought out.  I hurt in my guts but smile when I look to the world.  I’m optimistic and terribly surrounded by negativity.  I beat the odds and shout from the mountain I will not be defeated!

My blog.  My thoughts.  My character.  Just me.

My blog is a place where I don’t have to be politically correct all the time.  I don’t even have to use punctuations.  {Oh the horror!}
 I can say what I want about anything.
{Neat right?}

{Cue hyper-active theme song.  wink}

Please keep in mind you are the visitors here.  And I truly love all of the visits.  There are so many of you that comment or don’t or email or text that I appreciate oh so very much.  But that’s because you peoples don’t judge me.  I love so very much all of the encouragement and ‘I miss yous’ and ‘you go girls’ and the ‘I’m so sorry and I’m praying for yous’

Strength and support


I blog for that as well.

It’s that camaraderie it’s the love.

Person I’m referring to with the negativity and judgment.  Join the fun, get on the wagon or step back off the bus and wait for the next train. 
{That’s about all of the vehicle analogies I have…whew}

Be proud I have a voice.  Don’t investigate my words as something that might embarrass me or you or whatever.  They’re mine…only mine and I own them.

Hey, I imagine that several of you don’t always like my posts or agree with what I’ve said.  Difference in opinion is what spins the world people.  Diversity is how we learn. 

I think I am back.  Slowly but surely in such a short space of time it’s the majority of you I never knew until I blogged that I now need so very much.

Thank you crazies out there that comment and email and find ways of communicating all of the good in the world to my doorstep.

I love run-on sentences.

And I love you all back.  Even the punk-meister who I dedicate this post to.  It has been said you wished you were as strong as me.  Then let me be me…or next time I’ll mention your name.

Just Trickin’

Over and out…




  1. Dear Pidgeramous {yes I just made up that word for you...kinda like your wondermous and my Pidgy}:
    Why do I blog? Because I get to meet lifelong friends like you. I'm happy you got it out there...all of it. I'm happy you got your bloggin' bootie rockin' again.
    I'm just happy you're back...all 100% crazy beautiful awesome you!!!

  2. Ok, I know this was a sorta serious post, but I started smiling, then giggling, the full out laughing. Dorkward, eeerrrtttt and punk miester. Yes. I am so glad that you are back. Even part time back, Even back in spirit... (although your spirit doesnt jump into my computer screen and make me laugh!) LOL! This is YOUR place! You say what goes, You write what YOU choose... and to any negative nancy, GET LOST!! I missed you!

  3. Yay she's back! You are very special! I've got a text message set up for when you post. So yesterday you made my day. It makes me sad when people let go of what they live to do. I know what that feels like. Live was a typo but I'm leaving it there. It fits!

  4. I AM SO EXCITED TO BE GETTING YOUR POSTS BACK IN MY IN-BOX!!!! and yes i wrote in caps because, in my head since the kids are still asleep, i am screaming with joy ;-)...I love you and all you stand for and how you's kind of like a morning brain exercise because I read your posts really fast...anyway...I will keep visiting...stalking maybe? stay strong chica!!!!

  5. I've been meaning to come check out your blog because I saw on FB that you're back! But for some reason, I don't recall seeing your posts in my inbox. I'll have to make sure it didn't make it's way to my SPAM folder.

    Anyway, I LOVED this post. Your blog is your home, as my blog is mine. People who don't like what we have to say can get the F out. I, for one, hate that certain people in Paul's family read my blog. Good to have you back, girl! <3


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