Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday Funnies .5

So, I was sitting here trying to  think of something to blog about.  I had this great idea the other day in the shower; well let’s be honest, the shower was the great idea and it was so great I forgot what other idea came into light when I realized how bad I needed said shower.
{Let’s just say I was a step away from dreads…Haha!  No really…}

So I forgot.  I imagine it wasn’t profound.  It will come back eventually…maybe I should shower more often.  That’s profound.  {wink}

I guess I will just share two things that would be on my Friday funnies post if I still had the luxury of collecting them.

We were all sitting at the table a few weeks ago and Ethan was talking about someone he learned about in school that day.  I love how kids can ramble and say something ridiculously out of sorts and yet somehow one of their siblings immediately understands them.  Case in point below.

Ethan:  “Yah, I think he died of velvet cancer.”
Me:  cricket….cricket….
Hanna:  {looks up from her book} “Oh you mean scarlet fever?”
Ethan:  “Yah…”
Me:  cricket….cricket…

I love my children.  I’m glad I was home for that one.  We all just fell over laughing.  I secretly hope when I die it’s of velvet cancer…it sounds like a classy death.  {wink}

Now this is a story of a boy named Lil Man.  I got home last week and there he was with Busy digging {with one of my kitchen serving spoons} a tiny …fine not so tiny hole in the mud.  I get out of the car {the rental I now don’t have…whine} and walk over to the two.  They were huddled up in deep concentration debating about something as they collected more mud into their jar.

Me:  “Uhh guys, whatcha doin?”
Lil man:  “I have a frog.”
Me:  “A frog?  Like a real one?”
Busy:  “Yah, we’re making him a home.  He can keep him right?”
Me:  “Oh, you should let him go…I’ve told you about catching things in the yard it never works out they need to be in their own home.” 
Lil Man:  “I didn’t catch him, I traded for him.”
Me:  “Traded what?”
Lil Man:  “My necklace.”

See I made this skull bottle cap necklace for Lil Man like 100 years ago that he loves.  He calls it his lucky necklace because every time he loses it {like 52 times} he ends up finding it.  Wouldn’t that be his un-lucky necklace because he keeps losing it?  I like that he has a positive spin.

Me:  “Wait…you traded for him at school?”
Lil Man nods yes, “On the playground.”
Me:  “How’d you get him home?”
Lil Man in nonchalance:  “In my backpack.”
Me: gasp!
Busy:  giggling….

My thoughts are:  Holy cow that amazing toad survived from the playground into a child’s grimy hands into a backpack of death as the remainder of the school day exhausted itself.  Lil Frog then rode home in said treacherous backpack of a child that most likely crushed it against the bus seat on the long ride home.  This frog deserves a home.  He’s a survivor…yes, we went immediately off to the pet store for a small home.

So the kids have been catching flies and Lil
Frog has been gulping them up.  Today I went and bought a better home for him, one without a handle.  I did this for two reasons.

a.    Because Lil Man uses the handle to cart him everywhere and sloshes him around habitat and all.


b.     Because today I found the frogs dwelling under Lil Man’s bed.  {Mental note: glow in the dark pond…much too tempting}

Now Lil Frog has a more stationary home that {hopefully} stays on the bookcase and we bought him small crickets.
{That live in a small critter carrier that live in a shoebox Ethan made to look like a wildlife habitat.  I think they think they are pets as well.}

It was pretty exciting to watch Lil Frog eat the crickets.  They were there…and then they were gone.

On another kid note…Hanna has applied for early college.  It’s a program out here where she will go to school at the local community college for High School
{which she starts next year…yes I’m in denial.}
after she graduates High School she will have also completed two years of college.
{Yes still in denial}

Her interview was today.  I love that kid, she’s turned into such a go-getter.  Okay, fine she was brought into this world that way.  I asked her how the interview went and she told me about it saying she felt pretty confident.  She paused and said, “well, except this one part.  We were in groups of three and it was this block project.  I took over and later we found out that it was a project aimed at working together.”  Long pause followed by giggling…. “Oops!”

My goodness that kid cracks me up.  She never let’s them keep her down.  I hate the thought of her not being in High School with Moi…but my thoughts as a mom can’t hold her back from being amazing on her own.  Although I am a big fan of kids going to college locally as we all know.  {wink}  I’ll keep you posted on her.

Alright I’m off to work on my books.  I’m re-inspired and I’m using the rest of my night to read a lil bit.  Must …. Publish…. Some….how….

Night all!




  1. so good to here about the little family ;)
    miss you
    Riah is getting funnier by the day here...

  2. I miss you and all your life stories. Always entertaining. xoxo :)

  3. I wish I was a publisher! Love "velvet cancer" and you are such a sweet frog mom. I think I would have done the same after I got over freaking out about the icky frog. Sometimes a boy mom needs to suck it up for the boy ;-)

  4. I think you might have to fire your editor. She's awful and full of excuses. Sigh.

  5. Thanks for the family stories. They're always the best kind.


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