Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not a fan...

So I’m sitting here thinkin’ chickee, you really haven’t blogged.  So, I think to myself what should I blog about?  Randomness always comes to mind.
{It seems to work for me.  wink}

So then I go to open a document and realize aww crap I’m on “Open office” now aka “Closed brain”  I’m not a fan of change.  I am strangely adaptable and extremely prone to sucking it up and moving forward. 
“Pidg, you need to do what you’ve been doing for 6 months the same way except for backwards.”  Umm…okey dokey.
See, that’s me.  Change is about growth and learning and progression and gaining wisdom from trial and error.
{I’m just not a fan.  smirk}
But I really don’t like it when they mess with my writing.  The reason I’ve {been forced} to make the change is Po got me a new computer.  {finally}  Yay for me!  But I transferred all of my Word docs over and now they stare at me strangely and everything is different and all of the lil doo-dads at the top don’t look familiar. 
See, I’m a fan of
Buttons not touch screen
Phones that aren’t smarter than me
Reading and zero TV {was TB…incidentally I’m not a fan of that either.  snicker}

I like to know that when I come home my blankie {yes I have one} is on my bed and my cup is on the dresser and soda is in the fridge and dinner is …yah right you know it’s up to me to make it.  Haha!

But what I’m getting at is don’t mess with my stuff.  This fancy I do everything is really jacking with my mind.  I don’t have my cutsie fonts {yet} and I can’t find the buttons fast enough and it’s light blue everywhere…not a fan of light blue. 

But on the good side, I have all of the keys on my keyboard, my buttons don’t stick and the kids don’t know the password.  Hang on, I’m reveling in that last one for a minute…
{moment of silence…slight grin on my face basking in the moment}

Okay, I’m back…no wait…another smile….okay for reals, I’m good.  {wink}
But I guess there’s usually a good and not so good side to change.  So, I’m learning, meanwhile my blogs are boring and without fonts that make me giggle.  Pshh… I wasn’t going to write about this.  This whole easily distracted thing is just getting ridiculous.  Someone really should stop me.  Problem is, I don’t really even remember what I was going to write about in the first place.

Well, I’m off to read my book and attempt to pick up somewhere and allow the writing to flow.  I need to publish.  But until then, I’m just content in being my biggest fan.  The characters are real and they’ve chosen me to write their story…Hey, maybe one of them knows this Open Office crud.
{Just a thought… wink}

{Hello ultra-lame signature…sigh}

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday Funnies .5

So, I was sitting here trying to  think of something to blog about.  I had this great idea the other day in the shower; well let’s be honest, the shower was the great idea and it was so great I forgot what other idea came into light when I realized how bad I needed said shower.
{Let’s just say I was a step away from dreads…Haha!  No really…}

So I forgot.  I imagine it wasn’t profound.  It will come back eventually…maybe I should shower more often.  That’s profound.  {wink}

I guess I will just share two things that would be on my Friday funnies post if I still had the luxury of collecting them.

We were all sitting at the table a few weeks ago and Ethan was talking about someone he learned about in school that day.  I love how kids can ramble and say something ridiculously out of sorts and yet somehow one of their siblings immediately understands them.  Case in point below.

Ethan:  “Yah, I think he died of velvet cancer.”
Me:  cricket….cricket….
Hanna:  {looks up from her book} “Oh you mean scarlet fever?”
Ethan:  “Yah…”
Me:  cricket….cricket…

I love my children.  I’m glad I was home for that one.  We all just fell over laughing.  I secretly hope when I die it’s of velvet cancer…it sounds like a classy death.  {wink}

Now this is a story of a boy named Lil Man.  I got home last week and there he was with Busy digging {with one of my kitchen serving spoons} a tiny …fine not so tiny hole in the mud.  I get out of the car {the rental I now don’t have…whine} and walk over to the two.  They were huddled up in deep concentration debating about something as they collected more mud into their jar.

Me:  “Uhh guys, whatcha doin?”
Lil man:  “I have a frog.”
Me:  “A frog?  Like a real one?”
Busy:  “Yah, we’re making him a home.  He can keep him right?”
Me:  “Oh, you should let him go…I’ve told you about catching things in the yard it never works out they need to be in their own home.” 
Lil Man:  “I didn’t catch him, I traded for him.”
Me:  “Traded what?”
Lil Man:  “My necklace.”

See I made this skull bottle cap necklace for Lil Man like 100 years ago that he loves.  He calls it his lucky necklace because every time he loses it {like 52 times} he ends up finding it.  Wouldn’t that be his un-lucky necklace because he keeps losing it?  I like that he has a positive spin.

Me:  “Wait…you traded for him at school?”
Lil Man nods yes, “On the playground.”
Me:  “How’d you get him home?”
Lil Man in nonchalance:  “In my backpack.”
Me: gasp!
Busy:  giggling….

My thoughts are:  Holy cow that amazing toad survived from the playground into a child’s grimy hands into a backpack of death as the remainder of the school day exhausted itself.  Lil Frog then rode home in said treacherous backpack of a child that most likely crushed it against the bus seat on the long ride home.  This frog deserves a home.  He’s a survivor…yes, we went immediately off to the pet store for a small home.

So the kids have been catching flies and Lil
Frog has been gulping them up.  Today I went and bought a better home for him, one without a handle.  I did this for two reasons.

a.    Because Lil Man uses the handle to cart him everywhere and sloshes him around habitat and all.


b.     Because today I found the frogs dwelling under Lil Man’s bed.  {Mental note: glow in the dark pond…much too tempting}

Now Lil Frog has a more stationary home that {hopefully} stays on the bookcase and we bought him small crickets.
{That live in a small critter carrier that live in a shoebox Ethan made to look like a wildlife habitat.  I think they think they are pets as well.}

It was pretty exciting to watch Lil Frog eat the crickets.  They were there…and then they were gone.

On another kid note…Hanna has applied for early college.  It’s a program out here where she will go to school at the local community college for High School
{which she starts next year…yes I’m in denial.}
after she graduates High School she will have also completed two years of college.
{Yes still in denial}

Her interview was today.  I love that kid, she’s turned into such a go-getter.  Okay, fine she was brought into this world that way.  I asked her how the interview went and she told me about it saying she felt pretty confident.  She paused and said, “well, except this one part.  We were in groups of three and it was this block project.  I took over and later we found out that it was a project aimed at working together.”  Long pause followed by giggling…. “Oops!”

My goodness that kid cracks me up.  She never let’s them keep her down.  I hate the thought of her not being in High School with Moi…but my thoughts as a mom can’t hold her back from being amazing on her own.  Although I am a big fan of kids going to college locally as we all know.  {wink}  I’ll keep you posted on her.

Alright I’m off to work on my books.  I’m re-inspired and I’m using the rest of my night to read a lil bit.  Must …. Publish…. Some….how….

Night all!



Thursday, May 3, 2012

I blog...

I have read several blogs in which they all express an extreme dislike of the same common factor in their bloggy world.

I have then scrolled down to the comments left for them and there I find a universal thread of agreement and understanding with the above mentioned common factor.

I didn’t understand it.

Now I do.

Please allow me to make my intentions clear.  The following post is to explain why I blog
 {if I even know} and what I do not expect from the reader.

You can sense it coming huh?  The tension is mounted and my forked tongue is about to unleash…I am not happy.
Okay fine I’m really irritated and my feelers are hurt but I never really go crazy ninja extreme on my blog.  I save that for cherished moments I have in person with people who don’t approve of me.  Ya know, for the expression on their face...
Hey, who said that?  I am of a very delicate nature…okay fine maybe you’re right.  {smirk}

Coming to the bloggy world I was and still am a bit na├»ve.  I didn’t understand why people didn’t want their family and friends reading their blogs.  I thought it kind of sad really.  But it seems every time I post I get not a comment but an actual call to question why I wrote what I wrote.

Wait, why can’t I?  I haven’t even written anything wrong.  I’ve addressed things that weigh on me and feelings I have as a girl, mama, wife and dreamer.  Why then is this individual busy finding something wrong with a post that others comment kindly on?

With a spark in my grin…this my friends is why I choose to blog.

I blog to release my mind’s ache and the voice I keep inside.  I litter these pages with my random scrawlings of sporadic thoughts.

I blog in hopes that sometimes, someone or someones understands, relates or is even possibly comforted by the fact that they are not the only dorkwad out there.

I blog for the love of writing.  I blog to feel my fingers on the keys and to hear the clicking of the keyboard.
{I started thinking about the clicking too much and started misspelling everything  just now.
Of course I had to tell you.  grin}

I blog in hopes that one day I will be somebody and we can giggle together in knowing that a few of us have traveled this blog road together from the get-go.

I blog for no reason.
{That is quite possibly my favorite reason…I’m sure you knew that.}

I blog because in this world of unjust sometimes venting is all you’ve got.

I blog to share things that matter to me.

I blog to record a journal of sorts that my kids, friends, and family can get to know me.

EEERRRRRTTTT…… the car just stopped.

I have learned along the way that certain un-named persons don’t want to know the real me.  I’m not certain how it comes about but my views, vexes, imaginings, my opinions and rants and vomiting words are exactly what they do NOT want to hear.
So in the spirit of curiosity and not anger…

Why read my blog?

I’m rough around the edges.  Fine, I’m rough on the inside too.  I’m un-planned and quirky, spontaneous yet strangely well thought out.  I hurt in my guts but smile when I look to the world.  I’m optimistic and terribly surrounded by negativity.  I beat the odds and shout from the mountain I will not be defeated!

My blog.  My thoughts.  My character.  Just me.

My blog is a place where I don’t have to be politically correct all the time.  I don’t even have to use punctuations.  {Oh the horror!}
 I can say what I want about anything.
{Neat right?}

{Cue hyper-active theme song.  wink}

Please keep in mind you are the visitors here.  And I truly love all of the visits.  There are so many of you that comment or don’t or email or text that I appreciate oh so very much.  But that’s because you peoples don’t judge me.  I love so very much all of the encouragement and ‘I miss yous’ and ‘you go girls’ and the ‘I’m so sorry and I’m praying for yous’

Strength and support


I blog for that as well.

It’s that camaraderie it’s the love.

Person I’m referring to with the negativity and judgment.  Join the fun, get on the wagon or step back off the bus and wait for the next train. 
{That’s about all of the vehicle analogies I have…whew}

Be proud I have a voice.  Don’t investigate my words as something that might embarrass me or you or whatever.  They’re mine…only mine and I own them.

Hey, I imagine that several of you don’t always like my posts or agree with what I’ve said.  Difference in opinion is what spins the world people.  Diversity is how we learn. 

I think I am back.  Slowly but surely in such a short space of time it’s the majority of you I never knew until I blogged that I now need so very much.

Thank you crazies out there that comment and email and find ways of communicating all of the good in the world to my doorstep.

I love run-on sentences.

And I love you all back.  Even the punk-meister who I dedicate this post to.  It has been said you wished you were as strong as me.  Then let me be me…or next time I’ll mention your name.

Just Trickin’

Over and out…



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is this thing on?

Hey...is this thing on?

So…I’m not gonna say I’m back, and I’m certainly not about to say is anyone still out there?
{Hi Nay!}


What I will say is ohmygoodness the upheaval is at it again.  No, no, don’t gasp, it’s all good.  People say that in uncertain situations to comfort those around them that aren’t going through what they’re going through.  It helps the person going through it feel like they’re in control of something…anything. 
{Right?  Smirk}
Well that’s my take on it anyways.

Want the nutshell?  Should I barf it out on this here page?  I know you’re grinning…I’m gonna ramble, just for ole’ times sake  

Okay.  So the last time we talked it was inventory…blahh…I got super sick and was attacked by severe allergies that truly sought to take my life.  {Yes, truly}  After being sick and working for 2 weeks  and coughing and not sleeping even more…or is it less?  I finally felt better just in time to feel depressed about not blogging or crafting, or being home to do anything productive, or being here and being a mom and a wife and a lover of all that is good.
{Yah, I know, that last one really doesn’t sound like me.  grin}

Meanwhile remember Po’s great job?  Well, now I can spill my ‘real’ thoughts.  See when he got it I was so discombobbled because my prayers kept telling me lil whispers of him being placed somewhere else…somewhere where they don’t pay very well at the beginning but you have room for growth and a place where his lovely wife works.  But, I figured I was being a pansy muffin because I miss working with him in the same store and it must have been me just being weepy.

Back to the Meanwhile…he has been sorely mistreated.  I’m pretty certain his boss and assistant boss are both man-haters.  They are degrading and awful and spiteful and yes perhaps I did go visit him at lunch once and give one of them a look that made her actually turn away in fear.  I love that moment where you lock eyes with someone who thinks they are Alpha dog and they realize by your look that you are capable of killing them with your bare hands and then their expression falls because they are pretty certain that is exactly what you’re about to do.  Then, they turn to look behind them to grasp that last straw that you might possibly be sniping someone behind them but they realize there is only a wall and they turn back quickly to the realization that you are Alpha dog and they are not even Bravo dog but perhaps Zulu dog and their life flashes before their eyes and then your bark is only affirmed by a nasty , fang-baring, grin that says, yes, in fact I am crazy.
{Huh?  Oh, maybe that’s just me.}

So basically, he hates it.  I hate it.  It’s affecting all that is me and Po.  He has made ridiculous strides, profit and decreased their department’s loss by an almost unbelievable percentage.
{Ohmygoodness I wish I could tell you the actual numbers you would choke on your own spit!  But I also realize that’s not professional so just take my word that it’s really, really and totally good}

Professional = blah

Child support court came and went…an entire day in court with guess who sitting next to me, none other than Mr. B.  {My bff…  I think I just triggered my gag reflex}  It turned out so much better than I thought.  Power of prayer, end of discussion.  But I came out to a random voice mail for an interview for a job I applied for 6 months ago.  I called, I interviewed, I got it.  I now have 2 jobs.  I don’t understand it really and I don’t have the energy lately for one job but I know that Heavenly Father placed it strategically in my path so I’m taking the opportunity.
I start tomorrow.

Here’s where we’re at now.  A few days ago I was reminded by more than one person if you can imagine, that I hadn’t blogged in a month.  I knew this to be true because inventory time was back again.  After 13.5 hours on inventory day of complete crapola…and an argument with an undisclosed person that is not related to me in anyway…I went home, thinking only of, well…food.  I was at the light waiting to turn.  Light green, me turning, car coming straight…really, really fast.  I wasn’t hit and thankfully no one else was in the car with me. 
 {deep breath}   
We all walked away but my car is totaled.

And here’s the kicker, Po has an interview tomorrow with above mentioned preferred job of his lovely wife.  {snicker…she really is lovely…I’m certain.  smirk}

Weird right?  Whoda thunk it?  I mean let’s just spin the wheel I’m strapped to and start huckin’ the knives…I’m feeling kinda lucky!  {Wait, there’s that gag reflex again}

In short will I really look back on the roller coaster as it sits there aging and wish I could ride again?  Will I miss this up and down struggle for financial stability mingled with self-worth and integrity?  Or will the coaster ever stop running at all?  Life is funny…but in all of the change and turbulence of trial and choice, I think we’re made of pretty good stock.  I mean the edges are still rough and the splinters still catch sometimes but all in all it’s not so bad when you’ve got someone(s) worth going through it with.  We’re still smiling…even if it’s because we just don’t know any better.  {wink}

I miss these lil talks with you guys.  I really hope it finds you all well in your corners of the world.  We really should do this again soon.