Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The show...

I had an idea to post.  {It’s gone now}
I began reading some older writing of what I call ‘sporadic thoughts”
{poetry}  I began to cringe.  Times were hard back then.  I was ill-prepared for what I was facing.
I’m back, looking at this blank page {it’s not blank anymore … snicker}

I’ve got nothing.  I say that a lot lately…  It usually then generates some type of quirky,  not thought out, random post.

So with keeping up with tradition here’s another glimpse into dinner-time with the easily distracted.

We were all at the table eating a ridiculously large amount of incredibly unhealthy food when suddenly we all noticed this square of sunlight on the wall.  It looked like an old movie film strip.  I quickly pushed a cup into the shadow so it looked like some sort of snap-shot.  Then Busy and Hanna started taking their forks and fighting with each other in the lil ‘scene’ we were building.  THEN...I grabbed the camera.

Here’s the show.
 Hey look, it's a fork.
Wonder what  we can do with this fork?  Shh...I think someone is coming ...

 Hello Mr..okay Mrs... hand puppet thingy-do... I'm thinking the fork is not happy.

 Just a guess....

 Ohmygosh..close your eyes young children!

 Oh...didn't see that one coming...

 Hey...we're making shadows on the wall.  It was only a matter of time before someone stuck their tongue out.  I mean...we all do it...right?  Right?

 And it was only a matter of time before Lil Man 'needed' to stick his head in the scene.

 Now it's complete...fork...tongue out...Lil Man's head. 

 We were so proud, he's not anywhere near the straw.  Yah, we like to challenge our creativity.

He's not anywhere near the fork either...we went above and beyond on this one.

More junk food...caught in the sweet moment of one sister attempting to snatch the other's pizza.

 Got 'em...

the end.

Don't worry...this most likely won't be continued.  
{Most likely being the operative phrase in the sentence}




  1. This is awesome!!! You got some talent, your family should make a film. :) Thanks for sharing this is so fun.

  2. You {actually all of you} know how to make fun out of any situation...can we live with you NOW!?!

  3. I love the way you guys entertain yourselves!


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