Friday, March 23, 2012


To blog or not to blog…

Maybe just a lil…

Today was my first day on the job where it was total crud.
{Well, maybe not the first day} but things were rough all around.
Ehh…it is what it is.  We’ll fix it all.
{eventually…hopefully soon or I might snatch myself bald}

BUT, going home today felt amazing.  It was like a breath of fresh air after being in a mine all day.  {No, I don’t mine real often; or ‘mind’ for that matter.  wink}  It’s so funny, all day I had my professional, I’ve got this attitude on.  I wore my serious look most of the day and my brain was cracking like fireworks.
I dealt with confrontation, delegation, a stupid mistake on my part and on and on and a fax machine that had it out for me.  {yes, really.}
Then at the end of this day I was walking back to my department and there it was, this familiar {beautiful} face; my husband.  My goodness, suddenly I felt all gushy like some woman with {or without} her hormone meds.  I wanted to cry with relief just seeing him there.

It was nice.  It was comforting.  It was home.

It still shakes my head like rice in a maraca that one individual can evoke such emotion and warmth in another.

I like it.  I like him a lot too.

He asked if I was clocked out {yes} then wrapped his arm around me and led me outside.
{I’m pretty sure the sun came out; in my world anyway}

Inventory is Tuesday and I have 12 mods to be set by Monday.  This might be the last you hear from me.


{giggle}  or at least for a few days.  I miss this venting and collecting random shooting thoughts.  Why do I always think I can push any type of writing to the wayside?  It’s funny how some of us always learn things the hard way and then realize we didn’t learn anything we’re just simply doing it the hard way.  {smirk}

Over and out… P.S. I love Po!  Just in case you didn’t get that.  {wink}




  1. I'm so sorry you had an awful day! I know exactly what you mean when you felt at home. I always feel like my husband can make everything better. Like they are some sort of super hero or something. Hang in there, xoxo

  2. You deserve to have your toes curl and butterflies in your stomach for a man who loves you like that! So glad he's in your life! Miss you like crazy!

  3. i hope work is going well for you!


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