Friday, March 9, 2012

Monkey see monkey do...

When Bailey was here we did a lot of goofy things.  I don’t know what it is about that child but we play a lot when she’s here.
{Huh?  Yah, 19 is still a child…so is 34 and 68 as long as she’s mine…she’s ‘my’ child}

So anywho…

{no I don’t normally say anywho, but for some reason I’m giggling about it now}
I ran across a few more pics of her visit just before Thanksgiving.  It’s funny how that seems like years ago now.  But back to that playful child… when she was home we dyed our hair like it was going out of style
{She still does we’ve gotten boring; I mean natural. 
Natural sounds like it’s deliberate.}

We danced and we sang out loud.  We were a more boisterous bunch {if you can even imagine} and we honestly, I think, were more productive as a unit.  We were on the move more and always thinking of new and creative ways to do absolutely nothing.

It’s funny how in a family you each have an individual role.  Bailey’s was activities director.  We miss her terribly.  I’m sorry, I’m still not a fan of college outside a 20 mile radius.  I’m just not convinced yet.  {sniff}

So back to when she was here…this is what happened.  Hanna ran outside.  She likes to do that when she’s mad or in trouble.  I think it’s some type of ‘free bird’ syndrome  So, I walked out to follow, which means Po and the pidglets followed me.
{We’re like geese…it’s a good thing there are no bridges to jump off of out here.  Wouldn’t that be a terrible theory to prove… snicker}

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story…
 {There are a lot of can scroll fast... wink}

 There she is... my lil free spirit.  She's always done this by the way; climbed trees.

 That's me fussing at Po to fuss at her and come down.  It's just not appropriate behavior.
{Even though I did the same thing when I was a kid.  Our trees just weren't as tall.}

 Oh come on Po...what are you doing?  Sure climb that tree....I don't know why he's doing it.  Maybe he's just showing off, or being macho..or maybe because I'm taunting him that he can't climb a tree 'cuz he's a pansy muffin.  maybe... giggle

 And maybe 'cuz the girls started in on him too.  I really have no idea.

 Hey, that's my man in the tree...and my baby.... I'm still taunting him from the bottom.  Like I said everyone has their roll in this family.

Then as Busy tried to calculate how her lanky sister navigated that first branch Po walked casually away and told me he'd like to see me try.

Wait what?!  Are you kidding me?  Oh please Mr....I've been ascending trees since like...forever!
{Uh Po, can you help me get to the first branch?  Please}

 Which he did.  
{This is one of those pictures that makes me cringe...I think there is a baby seal in my jeans...and I'm not even concerned with my 80's hair 'cuz that's totally rad.  Right?}
And then there were three...

 And another!  My goodness that first branch is a rough one.  I'm sad to say my large butt was the only one that needed help to get on top of it.  Hey, I gave birth to all of the kids in the tree, on the ground and in the house.  It's my reason for every athletic ability I've lost.  I just go with it. smirk.

 Tree hugger... you saw it coming right?  wink.

 It looks like my Bai is on the ground but she's on that first branch that almost killed me.  Po is actually standing below her on the ground but we couldn't get everyone in the picture.

 Here's our lil photographer who is desperately afraid of heights.  She was very brave because she actually can't stand to see people climbing trees or sitting on railings.  But she was tough for us; to document our attempts to be one with nature...and because someone had to be on the ground to call 911 if her Mama couldn't get down from the tree...or broke a branch and knocked the rest of them out of the tree...and of course to identify the bodies.

 And the dismount....Yes that child is in socks....sigh

 Just so we're clear... my dismount was way coordinated and attractive to boot.  They didn't even take pictures of it because they were all in awe...I'm certain.
I think Po wants to go back up.  But I imagine he was pretty intimidated after seeing my skill.  I might just have made him look bad...or maybe not.

Here's to being playful.  I miss you Baby Girl...





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