Monday, March 5, 2012

I have a few questions....

Moi just told me tonight that she always reads my blog.  She thought she was being slick.
{Okay fine, she was slick.  I had no idea.} 
But I'm throwing this picture in just in case.  I should be able to hear her giggling or screaming from school when she sees this. {wink} 

There are things I wonder about in this world; earth shattering thoughts to be pondered.  Questions often burn in my mind that must be answered with a quick and decisive answer.  I need these queries addressed to make my world whole and complete.

Here are just a few…

First and foremost, why the heck are the word verifications getting so freakin’ long and harder to read?  Nay and I can’t keep adding to our dictionary of word verification if they keep giving me ones that are 17 letters and two ‘words’ long.  It’s like they’ve sucked all of the fun out.

Why do men {and sometimes women} wear hair pieces that look so un-natural?  I mean if I can spot it across the parking lot, hey buddy, it’s not working for ya.  I mean does he really look in the mirror each morning and see that shiny black helmet-like yak hair and say… “lookin’ good…snaps right into place.”
{It’s important.  I thought about it on and off the remainder of my day}

Why do you always need a vacation after your vacation?
{I don’t take vacations but I always need a day off after my day off}

Did the person who wrote the song “The freaks come out at night” work at Wal-mart?
{Wait…I shop at Wal-mart at night…another thought to ponder… smirk}

Do intelligent people really enjoy my company or do they enjoy my company because I make them feel intelligent?

Okay, Granny Goozelthorp over here…{yes that has been a long standing name from my friend Allison when we were teens} must go to bed.  I’m not really certain why.  People tell me I should sleep and get rest but really I go to bed and listen to Po sleep and wonder what it must be like to sleep and rest.
{Then I sneaky sneak out of bed and write or do absolutely nothing.  wink}

Will the rebelliousness ever stop?

Okay, I’m off…to wish I had a laptop that allowed me to type capital letters and exclamation points with ease.  {my eye is twitching again}




  1. Hiya! I thought it was just me with the capcha and wondering if it was growing. Lately I have to turn my head sideways to get it right on the third attempt. Okay I'm back from doing your - I have to turn my head left AND right...

  2. Haha! Love the picture! Why is it that other people can pull that stuff off and I can't? I would just look ridiculous! :)

    Sadly I don't have any answers for you but I too shop at Walmart and wonder myself if others look at me and group me with the freaks. Hope not.

    I HATE word verification! I mean, how many times do people actually go along with it till they give up because they can't even read the words? I do really wonder about this. :)

    I miss your random posts. Love it!

  3. Hey mamalicious {like my "not a WV word" word?},
    Yes, writing this dictionary is hard stuff, but I've figured we can create our own wv words from the new wv words...hmmmm. Sounds like a lot of work. Never mind:)
    Um, my question that makes me go hmmmmm:
    Why do fortune cookies always have whack fortunes? They can be cruel sometimes - jeesh! I need to email you the one my girlfriend got the other day...lmbo

  4. I can't remember what I had to enter a word verification for (maybe it was leaving a comment here?) yesterday, but I got it wrong twice! I totally couldn't read the "words", let alone spell them. lol. Anyway, I LOVED this post! :)

  5. I heard that potassium helps twitching so go eat some bananas ;)

  6. Ok, so to add to your list of questions, why do we assume that capital letters are like yelling? just cause they are bigger? do big people yell alot? ;)
    I think someday we all need to go to a blog friend party, and meet up, and have a really fun weekend. (oh, and take the day after off duty to recoup!)

  7. Ha! These are great questions! I KNOW - what is up with the Google Capcha?? Me no likey. And I'm with you on the sleep thing. I mean, I sleep, but feeling RESTED? It's been a while.:) Have a great rest of the week! :) xo, Reannah


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